Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More About Viva Bianca As Ilithyia

Ilithyia, Viva Bianca's character, truly yearns inside to see one man kill another man.  Nothing, other than watching one man taking another man's life before her very eyes, can give her the sexual thrill her amazing sadistic body seems to crave.

It is the occasion of the birthday of a young boy born to nobility in Rome.  The nobles decide to hold a birthday party for the boy, and part of the festivities will be a demonstration of gladiators fighting in the foyer of the nobleman's house.  Naturally, Ilithya being amongst the noble class, is invited to come join in the party for the boy and watch the gladiator demonstration.

Since this is a lighthearted occasion, the gladiators and everyone else are seemingly expecting that the competition will be for gentle entertainment and that there would be no major blood spilled on this day.

Ilithyia, however, knows that the birthday boy will be given the honor of giving the thumbs up or thumbs down at his own birthday party.  And Ilithyia most desperately wants to watch one man die at the hands of another man.  So she exposes as much of her breasts as she can without being accused of inappropriateness, pulls her robe as tight to her waist as she can, exposing her extreme feminine curves, and seductively goes to the young boy as he awaits the formalities of the party in his bath. There, Ilithyia convinces the boy to give the thumbs down signal when the time comes for the losing gladiator to either live or die.

The gladiators perform a perfunctory fight.  The nobles, and particularly the women, seem to deeply enjoy watching the men tussle. 

Spartacus wins over his blonde, curly-haired, muscular and well-hung friend.  The sword is pointed and the signal is sought, and shockingly, at least as far as the gladiators are concerned, the boy gives the thumbs down signal.  Tears well up in Spartacus' eyes as he is forced to thrust the sword into the shoulder and chest of his friend, Varro, for the mere entertainment at a birthday party.  

Nevertheless, the nobles seem to love the murderous action. The ladies bust out in glee as they watch the kill being made.  Ilithyia stands, somewhat stoic, her mildly satisfied face is the sign of her internal fight to hide the fact that she is having an Earth-shattering orgasm.  At the end, we see that Ilithyia is quite content with the results of her manipulative handy work.  Ilithyia is extraordinarily sadistic and by far, the sexiest of all women.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gorgeous Actresses Playing Interesting Sadistic Roles in TV and Movies - Part 1

The concept of women enjoying conflict between men, and the pain men endure during conflict, is a timeless tradition extending back to the origins of our species.  

Art is one of the societal tools through which we discover the history of the behavior of our ancestors. Art, often unearthed through archeology, speaks to us across the ages and enlightens us to the thoughts and actions of our predecessors.  From pictures scratched into cave walls, to berry juice stains scrawled upon papyrus, to more formal paintings, sculptures, plays and writings, and finally, to acting recorded on film, tape or digitally, our thoughts, dreams, fantasies, fears and fetishes are stored for posterity, and for review by future generations.

Our more modern art forms of television and movies also serve as a collection of stories that portray the thoughts, customs and practices of our society.  And pervasive throughout these multi-media art forms are stories that sync well with the role of women as sadistic spectators, enjoying the spectacle of male on male violence.

As we saw, in movies like "Gladiator" and "300," beautiful women played a central role in the plots, schemes and motivations for male vs. male conflict.  Above, we see the lovely Lucilla, played by the gorgeous Danish actress, Connie Nielsen, in the movie, Gladiator.  Lucilla is seen taking in the violent action at the gladiatorial games held in the Colosseum with the odious Commodus.  Below, we see the stunning Eva Green and Lena Heady, both of whom played roles in the violent ancient war movie, "300: Rise of an Empire."

Period pieces, as well as movies concerning ancient Greek civilization featured beautiful women who more than passively watched men compete and fight to the death in front of them.

The lovely blonde Australian actress, Viva Bianca, is well known for playing the sexily sadistic domina (gladiator owner) named "Ilithyia" in the brutally violent Starz cable series of Spartacus. Viva is 31, stands 5'9, weighs 115 lbs., and has a shapely figure of 34C-26-34.  As Ilithyia, she regularly encourages men to fight to the death and outwardly demonstrates her sexual excitement in watching such violence.  Viva's character is the epitome of the woman that this blog focuses upon, and celebrates as the ultimate sexiest female alive.  Here is just a taste of materials on Viva and her character:



And then there are those gorgeous actresses who, at minimum, agree to take roles in low budget, extremely violent sexual fetish movies, and in some cases, actively author them.  We begin with the vicious German flick entitled Le Petite Mort II.  No less than five beauties participated in the making of this film about the sexual fetish of extreme torture and murder for pleasure.  Wealthy customers hire these ladies to commit gruesome acts on unsuspecting captured victims and mostly remotely watch the results of their bargain via internet feed.  The women bite, cut, burn and rip off parts of their victims, sometimes eating the fruits of their labor.  I would argue it takes a special woman, at the least accepting of the fetish of extreme sadism, to read such a script and say, "yeah, I'll play that role."  Here are the lovely ladies of Le Petite Mort II (Annika Strauss, Gabriela Wirble, Nicole Neukirch, Yvonne Wolke and Michaela Schaefer.

For those interested, a copy of the movie, Le Petite Mort II, can be downloaded here,

Rachel Robbins, a former Playboy Bunny turned B-movie actress, co-authored and co-starred in a murder/torture fetish movie called Scavenger Killers.  The 37 year-old blonde, standing 5'4 and weighing 110 lbs., with a 34C-25-34 figure, played a demented defense attorney who assists her demented judge boyfriend in falsely imprisoning people.  The couple then torture and kill their imprisoned victims, which leads to the couple getting very turned on and having boisterous sex, as they relive the mayhem in dialog.  That this amazingly hot blonde participated in dreaming up some of these sadistic scenes is nothing short of mindblowing.  Here's some visuals of the babe, Rachel Robbins.



As is usually the case, to the victor goes the spoils, and the spoils are often the beautiful woman that the men were fighting over, or in front of.  As the losing man lays dead or dying on the floor, she naturally and intensely desires the winner, and simply can't wait to be with him.  Here, a hot blonde lustily celebrates a gladiator's killing of another man as a brutal victory, in the natural manner.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Truth About Womens' Perception of Men Fighting

The vast majority of women claim to generally be appalled by violence.  As many as 80% of  women respondents say that violence between men is a turn off, leaving just one in five as actually admitting they are turned on by such confrontations.  Yet, non-scientific anonymous polling suggests that the number of women who are actually thrilled or turned on by male on male violence could be as high as 70% of the female population.  So where does the truth lie?

A recent example of behavior that is incongruous with the dainty, "we girls don't like your violence" stance is the release of the song, "Prizefighter," sung by Trisha Yearwood, featuring Kelly Clarkson on vocals (both pictured).  Here's just a sample of the lyrics:

"Here you are face to face, with you greatest test of faith
It lookin’ good but you wouldn’t run even if you could
Cause you know whats on the line, it’s win or lose, do or die
Every swing’s coming fast and the punches knock you back.

When you hit the ground, you find your wings
You go one more round when that bell rings
They say you’re done, but here you come
You’re a hammer hittin’, spittin’ fire, PrizeFighter
When you’re sweating from the fear, you look it the eye
Turn the sound of defeat into your battle cry
Stakes are down, you’re outta luck
Look at you, smiling with a shiner, standing higher

When you see ‘em shake their heads, that’s when you start seein’ red
From your head down to your toes, you find your glory, strength and hope
Come on, come on, comeback kid show ‘em how you never quit
You’re gonna rise from the pain, like a hurricane."

This song was principally written by two lovely ladies, Jessi Alexander and Sarah Buxton (both pictured).  To be sure, the song is metaphorically about celebration of the never-give-up spirit.  But it just as well romanticizes the concept of the man who gets in the ring to fight another man, and the fortitude to fight the other guy to the last.  These ladies could have chosen other examples through which to celebrate the indomitable spirit they wished to convey, but instead, their choice was a man who is a prizefighter.  Even if it is just in the subconscious realm, women still greatly admire the man who fights in the ring, endures the pain, and faces down his enemy.  The "knight in shining armor" remains a viable and understood concept in the minds of women today, even though that expression harkens back to a much more violent time, some 400 or more years ago.

And what was society's response to this song?  It reached as high as number 33 on the Billboard 200, peaked at 42 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and gave Ms. Yearwood the number 7 country album in the nation, in terms of sales, for the last 3 weeks.  In other words, the American society generally approved of this feminine glorification of the man who is a prizefighter.

According to demographics provided by audience studies, about 35% of all fans of MMA fighting are women.  More than 15% of the fans of boxing, wrestling and hockey are women, as well.  Women make up an astounding percentage of the fan bases for some very violent movies, like Gladiator, 300, Fight Club and Never Back Down, as well as a majority of the audiences for Starz' most gruesome series, Spartacus, and HBO's Game of Thrones.  Untold thousands of women have "liked" extremely violent material on Facebook, including Felony Fights, Bloody Street Fights, The Craziest Fights, etc.  

Certainly, there is a great deal of difference between seeing men fight in real life and watching similar violent activities on TV, a computer monitor or a movie screen.  But those are all inventions of the last 75 years.  Seeing violence from this distant vantage point sanitizes the affair of any real world consequences, making it more "safe" for women to watch.  Before that, many romantic novels consisted of stories where men were brought into conflict over the love of the main female character. And before that, well, you just had to see or hear about a real life fight in order to get your fix.  Given the history of mankind, there was often plenty of violence for them to watch or hear about.

Society has taught since Victorian times that a lady does not countenance such ruffianism. In part, conflict leads to instability and upheaval; something most of us do not want in our lives.  And so, today, many women have been trained out of their natural desire to watch men in conflict with other men, whether in the normative sense or out of fear of chaos.  Many others repress their natural desires on the subject to appear conformist with such norms, and some will sheepishly conceal their desire without repression.  Finally, there is that 20%, one in five, that unabashedly tell the world that they get off on watching men fight.

As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between.  It is significantly more than the 20% who admit it.  It is significantly less than "all."  Judging by external factors that indicate an interest in watching violence, or agreeing in the glorification of violence, it is fair to estimate that anywhere from one-third to one-half of women actually enjoy being a spectator to a genuine "man vs. man" fight.  Factors such as the men involved, the type of fighting, the potential consequences, the reason behind the conflict and more will dictate whether the particular woman finds the experience to be thrilling, or horrifying.  But generally speaking, about half of women will get a thrill out of male on male violence, whether they admit it or not.

You can see Ms. Yearwood perform the song Prizefighter here: 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Comparing Cock Size and Humiliation

The majority of women who I have been with or talked to in my life have expressed the desire for their man to have a moderate sized penis.  Too large, they say, would cause pain.  Too small and it just doesn't get the job done.  But there has always been a contingent of women who were enthralled with the concept of the "well hung" man.  Some of the hottest women I've ever met were particularly interested in finding and seducing guys with extremely large cocks.

While the number of women fixated on the size of their male partner's penis may be only one-third of the female population, the vast majority of women do find concepts like domination and humiliation to be a great turn on.  From that standpoint, most women would at least be turned on by the aspect of one man being deemed dominant and another man being humiliated through loss in a competition. 

And so, in keeping with the theme I mentioned in our previous post, here are some examples of men competing in terms of cock size comparison, in front of a woman referee.

Her look says, "Oh honey, you are the loser.  He's humiliated you.  Put you to shame."

We have a winner in her eyes (and hand).

And to the winner goes the wife, er, I mean, the spoils.

"Oh dear.  Your cock loses, my husband.  He's just so much more of a man than you are."

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