Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kate Del Castillo Had Sexy Addiction to Mexican Boxer

Mexican "C" actress, Kate del Castillo, of telenovela fame (La Reina del Sur), is currently prominent in the news for her connection to the once-escaped Sinaloa drug lord called "El Chapo," and at least seemingly being "drug cartel" associated. In fact, She's had a long-time connection with the cartel, with her often claiming that this is the result of her own disaffection with a corrupt Mexican government.  One does not justify the other.

Despite her weak acting and bad choices in association, as you can see from the picture on the left, she is nevertheless a real hottie. Now age 43, standing a petite 5'4, weighing in around 115 lbs., with a robust 35C-24-34 frame, Kate is without doubt an eye-catching beauty.

Thankfully, we also know that she has a special sexual attraction for men who fight other men.  We say this because Kate has made no objections in the past to open speculation about her fascination (obsession) with a certain Mexican boxer, pictured below.

Lovely Kate, it seems, gets her juices flowing when she watches this young man, named Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez mixing it up in the boxing ring.  She has followed him to many boxing matches, sitting in the front row, and has openly acknowledged that she wants be at all of his fights.  She has not denied rumors of some past romance between herself and the fighter.  And given that Alvarez has had a long string of victories, one can imagine that this pair has done an awful lot of celebrating together.

Kate has not been alone at some of Alvarez's fights.  She has sometimes been joined by "movie director" friends that seem to share a love for the sweet science of boxing.  And other celebrities have attended as well, including Mark Anthony and his beautiful woman, Miss Shannon De Lima.

But back to the sexy subject of Kate's obsession with a pro boxer.  Both Alvarez and del Castillo have exchanged provocative Twitter messages in the past, amounting to public displays of sexual attraction. Alvarez has made comments about being happily sacrificed for one of her kisses.  While Kate has donned something similar to Saul's boxing robe, and little else, for a lovely "selfie" Twitter picture, shown below.

There is no doubt that Kate is taken with this fighting man.  The extent to which his fighting profession, and watching him fight other men, drives her open and intense sexual attraction is a question that is still to be answered by her.  From outward appearances, this babe is all about watching her man fight in the ring and then fucking him hard, with the same level of passion as the fight itself.

Every person has multiple elements to them.  The mix of elements makes us unique and interesting.  And so we at GGBV put aside the controversial elements of Kate's persona, and simply appreciate her for being a beautiful, sexy, animalistic, passionate human being. We love her fascination with men who fight, and honor that sentiment by showcasing her here.  We trust you'll like her more, now that you know something about her inner desires.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Sometimes life just sets you up for situations that you never, ever expected.  And when that happens, I am the kind of girl that just likes to go with the moment.  I think you can miss out on so much by over-thinking things and only doing what is expected.  So, this unexpected thing happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. It was nothing I had planned, but I went ahead and did it, and I liked it.  I hope it happens again!!

I have this really great boyfriend, Greg, and we’ve been exclusive for just over a year (as long as you don’t count that one-time messy blowjob I gave a DJ at a club a couple months ago). Greg treats me very well, and we have a fantastic sex life.  I think we are probably pretty usual for a mid-twenties couple that live together.  We do it pretty much every day, and like to mix it up occasionally with a toy and maybe some on-line porn.   When we do, it's always pretty tame couple’s porn.  

Greg and I are both MMA fans, so we went to a Southern California Championship fight at an Indian Reservation a few hours away.  The fight was Saturday, but decided to make a weekend out of it, and stayed at a hotel about 20 minutes from the fight sight.  We got to the hotel pretty late Friday evening, and were both a bit horny, but wanted to get to it fast, so we flipped on the hotel TV and went to the adult menu.  Greg picked out a video and we laid back to watch it.  Well, Greg must not have been paying close attention, as he picked an interracial video, which is something neither of us has ever expressed any interest in.  There were 4 clips in the video, and we watched all four, although we pretty much sucked and fucked during the second clip.  Let’s just say those black guys were swinging some big bats!!!   I was a bit surprised that Greg picked that particular video, as these guys were twice as big as he is.  He certainly got very uncomfortable when I made comments on how big the guys in the video were.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. Just the usual hotel lounging, with the fight scheduled to begin at 7. We showered, dressed and made it over to the fight arena at around 6:30 PM.

The fights were fantastic, and they always get me in a really sexy mood.  The fights got over by about 11, and by the time we got back to our hotel, the only place still open to eat was the bar.  We sat down at the bar and got a couple of drinks and some terribly unhealthy bar food. Just as we were finishing, this guy sat down next to me, and starting aggressively hitting on me.  I would have ended it myself, but Greg jumped in.

“Get lost, shithead,”  Greg snarled.  “She’s taken.”

“Shut the fuck up,”  the guy snarled back.  “I don’t hear her saying no.”

And without waiting for Greg’s response, he turned back to me.  “I’m Tyler,” he said kindly.  “If you’ve not been with a black stud, I’d be honored to be your first.”

“Get the fuck out of here,”  Greg snapped.  “She get’s all she wants from me.”

“Well,  we know that ain’t true,” Tyler said, looking at me.  “Look at the way she’s blushing.  From the looks of things, I’d say she wants to go black.”

I was so surprised by what was going on ... especially in my head and body.  I should have been repulsed by this overly-aggressive guy, seemingly trying to force himself into an obvious situation between a committed couple, but my brain kept flashing back to the last night’s video.  You know, the one with the "big bats" getting swung.  And I had to admit that the warm feeling on my face, as well as the growing tingling feeling in my groin, were unmistakable.  

“I'm gonna beat the crap out of you,” Greg threatened.  “Right here.  Right now.”

“Too late,” Tyler said with a devilish smile.  “I can see it in her eyes.  She’s already fantasizing about my big black cock.”

Tyler persisted, asking " What’s your name baby?  I want to be able to call it out when you make me cum."

Greg desperately looked at me, hoping I would jump in to set Tyler straight.  And part of me wanted to.  But I now had this super-intense tingling going on.  Greg just looked at me with this kinda weird, "sad and shocked" look.  

“Would my kicking his ass put an end to this?” Greg asked me seriously.  “”I don’t want you thinking “black” in bed later with me.”

I barely nodded my head affirmatively.

“Let’s do this, Tyler,” Greg said, glaring at the aggressive black man.  “This should be easy and quick, so we can do it in our suite.”

“Sure,”  Tyler said confidently.  “And the winner gets to fuck the girl.”

“My name is Amy,” I found myself saying.  Tyler smiled and I could feel Greg’s glare on the back of my head.

Greg quickly looked at me, apparently hoping I would protest about being the “prize.”  I did nothing to discourage the men from fighting.

“Yes,” Greg snapped back. “And the loser has to watch.”

“Let’s go,” Tyler said softly as he stood up.  “First, I will pound you into the floor.  Then I’ll pound Amy, your sexy little white girlfriend.”

I felt really bad.  Greg clearly saw that I had smiled at  Tyler's confident pronouncement.  He could tell that I was both amused and intrigued by hearing Tyler threatening him.

Our room was on the ground floor, and a corner room no less. We still needed to control the noise that was to be made, as it was already past midnight.  The men moved the sofa and loveseat to get some room in the middle of the living room, and I readied the bed for the “after-fight celebration.”  I was so horny already, and I just knew it was about to get way more intense.

By the time I had the bed opened up and ready, the guys had already stripped down to just their underwear, and both looked to be ready to go at it. Greg is in pretty good shape, as he works out alot.  But, OMG, Tyler was completely buffed out!  He was at least 3 inches taller than Greg, had at least 4 of his “six pack rows” showing, and his back and thighs rippled with  taut muscles. And then there was the underwear.  I had always assumed that the “size” story of blacks was just a myth, although the clips from a few nights ago were really impressive.  But, it was SOOOOOO apparent that Tyler was packing a whopper.  It pushed the light fabric of his boxers well away from his body, and I could see the head slipping back and forth way down his boxer’s  left leg.  I always thought Greg was pretty well hung, but looking at Greg's package in comparison, even with the benefit of his tight briefs, I could tell he was WAAAAAYYYYY smaller and shorter.  Tyler caught me looking, and pinched around his shaft to show off its thickness.  Damn.  The tingle between my legs turned into an all-out shiver.

To keep the noise down, the boys had a rule where they each had to keep a washcloth gripped in their mouth while fighting. Dropping the washcloth would be the same as a knock out.  Otherwise the fight would go until submission, three knockdowns, or a knock out.

“I want to see what I’m fighting for,”  Tyler said matter-of-factly, looking over at me.  

Without waiting for Greg’s response, I began taking off my clothes.  Off came the shoes, skirt, and stockings, and my silk top.  Both guys just kept staring at me, and I could see movement going on within both mens' underwear. 

I loved the way both Tyler and Greg looked at me.  They were totally consumed with lust, and for a moment, forgetting they were about to fight each other.  I turned around slowly, letting them enjoy my whole body.  I am 5-4, 110 pounds, and in great shape.  My firm 32C’s have cute perky nipples that seem to always be hard, but it’s my butt that gets the most attention.  Of course, I am fully shaved, but at this point, I still had my panties on.

I took off my black lacey bra and held it out straight in front of me.

I softly announced, "When my bra hits the floor, It's time for you boys to fight.”

My body was so aroused.  I was now tingling from head to toe in excitement, and I could feel the wetness dripping out of me.  I shivered with anticipation as I looked at these two beautiful boys.  Both wanting me.  And willing to risk their bodies to have an evening with me.  Fuck, this was great.

I dropped the bra, and the boys took their fighting stance.  I wish I could say that I hoped Greg would win, but I can’t.

Greg got the first punch in, smashing his fist low into Tyler’s stomach.  The SMACK reverberated in the room, and Tyler let out a deep grunt as he bent forward at the waist.  Greg then kneed him in the chin, and with a SNAP, Tyler’s head shot up.  Greg landed another blow to the side of Tyler’s head, which landed with a THUD, and Tyler was already looking to be a little dazed.  Tyler backed away and set himself in a boxer’s stance, hoping to put space between himself and Greg; to give him some time to catch his breath.  

Foolishly, Greg allowed Tyler some space and time.  Within moments, Tyler seemed to be recovered from the initial onslaught.  Tyler then lunged like a cat at Greg, and caught him off guard with an uppercut CRUNCH to the jaw.  Greg’s head snapped back, and Tyler moved in and began to rapid fire gut punches into my boyfriend.  I had never seen anyone's fists move that fast, and the impact of his right fist made a lower and sharper sound than the impact from the left hand.  BOOM, BAM, BOOM, BAM ……like a pro boxer wading hard into a heavy bag.  Greg was trying to double over, but Tyler had Greg’s legs backed against the couch, and Tyler’s shoulders forced Greg to remain mostly upright.  Greg was completely out of air, and now made just the slightest choking sounds in time with the rapid punches.   Tyler stepped back, and let Greg double over at the waist.  Tyler turned and smiled at me, and then returned the favor and kneed Greg in the jaw.  Greg’s head flew back up, and Tyler moved in with even faster and harder punches to his gut.  Greg was defenseless and out of air.  Greg looked pathetically at me, his eyes dead with pain.  I just shrugged my shoulders, and Greg let his washcloth drop to the floor.  

“I’m going to fuck your girl, Amy, now,” Tyler half-snarled, half-laughed, as he stopped punching.  “And you’re gonna watch her enjoy every inch of a real man.”  

Greg fell to his knees, still bent over, and still gasping for air.  Tyler walked over to me, ripping off his boxers as he did, and gave me a deep kiss.  He lifted me into his massive arms, and carried me over to the bed.  He gently tossed me onto the ssoft surface, then pulled the chair from the desk and set it alongside the bed.  

Tyler dragged Greg from the floor and pushed him roughly  into the chair.  Greg was still making puking sounds as Tyler used his belt to secure Greg to the chair, and then used my stockings to bind his hands together.  

I took off my panties, and Tyler put them under Greg's nose for several breaths, and then shoved them under Greg's balls.  

Tyler had me sit on Greg’s lap and then stood in front of me.  With all the activity, I had not really paid much attention to Tyler’s penis.  But I was certainly now going to be!!  I gasped as it hardened for me.  It had a thick deep brown shaft with a shiny purplish-pink-brown head.  It was so much thicker than Greg's, and way longer, too.  There was no way all of this was going in my mouth.  

But that didn’t stop Tyler from trying.  Tyler grabbed the sides of my head, and positioned my lips at his head.  I opened as he lowered me toward him, and I was shocked at how big it felt, but also on how wide my mouth could open.  He moved me back and forth over the head of his penis, and when my lips got around his shaft, I started to gag., Tyler then let me pull off. I grabbed his dick, and held it up as I gently licked and sucked his balls.  

Tyler grabbed me around the waist and picked me up off of Greg’s lap. He laid me flat on my back on the bed and pulled my butt to the edge.  He stood at the edge of the bed, and penetrated me.  He started with deep long strokes, and then slowly made the strokes shorter and faster.  Within 2 minutes I had my first g-spot orgasm.  He went back to slow long strokes, and then to fast, short strokes to get me off.  He repeated this at least 5 times, maybe more.  I was just in a fog. He moved me to the middle of the bed and climbed on top and took me in an aggressive missionary, and then flipped me over and pushed deep in a doggy-style.  All the while I was reaching orgasm every couple of minutes.  Finally, I could tell he was really close, and he rolled me over onto my back, and straddled my face.  He was half fucking my mouth, and half jacking off.  And then he blasted.  Huge strings of cum shot mostly between my lips, and slightly on both my face and hair.  I was tasting and swallowing a large clump of Tyler's sperm.  I was just partially coated with his semen.

Tyler slipped off me,and went back to the living room and came back with Greg’s iphone.  He snuggled up against my face again, letting his still-massive penis rest against my cheek, and took a selfie.  

Tyler messed with Greg’s phone for a minute, then looked up at me with a huge grin.  “I just texted that picture to his entire contact list!” Tyler shuddered as he laughed.  “Everyone knows his girlfriend has gone black.”

“That’s mean,” I said giggling.  “So mean.”  And the whole world knows, I loved it!

** Credit to the beautiful model and her fabulous photographer for these amazing images. The use of these images is purely for illustrative, artistic and educational purposes and in no way is it suggested that anyone associated with these pictures is in any way condoning, or participating in this activity.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some Interesting Material Extracted From YouTube Videos

First, an avid reader noticed something going on in the background of a video showing two men fighting on a beach.  It seems two guys developed a beef with each other in South Beach (Miami) back in 2011, and the cops were called in to stop a brawl.  It further seems that a group of bikini babes showed up to watch the men fight.  Some of them brought cameras and were either taping or photographing the fight for their later consumption - in the privacy of their bedrooms, we presume.

If you look just to the right of the tall African-American guy, dressed in navy blue in the background, you'll notice that one shapely young and two-tone bikini-clad lady has her hand firmly pressed to her vagina.  It would seem that said young lady is outright masturbating in public as she watches these men engage in hand to hand combat.  Take a look-see and let us know what you think is going on here:

Personally, we are thrilled about the prospect that this young lady might be manually getting herself off because it turns her on to watch men fight.  I would venture to bet that several of the other girls watching and capturing the events on camera, might have gone home to do the same thing.

Thanks to our committed friend for contributing this.  He knows who he is.


And then, there is the fine research of Seve, where I have UNCOVERED the hidden truth that sexy women simply don't want us men to know, or just don't want to ever admit.  They all claim that they don't like violence and that liking violence would be "unladylike."  Well, that's nonsense.  That's right.  I caught them hot biotches admitting the truth.  Three of them saying it outloud in a moment of drunken, turned on candor.  Another admitting it flat out, in sort of a creepy way.  Have a listen to the audio clips I have generated below.  Graphics used are merely for illustrative purposes and do not necessarily reflect the actual person(s) involved in creating the audio heard.

I wish women would be more open and honest, in general, about the subject of men fighting.  This "caught you" moment wouldn't feel so special if it were not for the constant denials of nature from you.  The younger women, of high school age, all readily admit that they enjoy watching boys square off in the school yard.  As we discussed a fight that took place in our neighborhood, one hot young lady said to me, "hell yeah, I'd love to watch someone get punched out ,,, who wouldn't? ... it's exciting!"  Another girl in her late teens told me that watching guys fight gave her the chills and got her hyped up.  Finally, an incredibly sexy, thin but curvy hispanic girl in her early 20's told me that she wanted to watch me fight another guy she knew.  Women clearly enjoy violence on TV, in movies, in sports such as MMA, Hockey, Boxing and Wrestling, and for some, in real life.  I don't think there is any need to hide it, even though society has tried to stigmatize such thoughts for centuries.  I say, tell us men the truth.  It might lead to more men fighting over you. And you might very much enjoy that.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Stunning Bella Thorne Loves to Watch Men Fight

We have been waiting for some time to make this post.  Basically, the delay was to ensure that the subject of the post had reached the age of majority.  As of October 8, 2015, that criteria was finally met. And so, we can now say that the lovely Annabella Avery Thorne, age 18, seems to very much enjoy watching men fight. The gorgeous, svelte but curvy strawberry blonde, who stands 5'6", weighs 117 lbs., who measures a delightful 32B-24-32, and has an amazing "inverted heart-shaped" ass, is a budding young actress.  She's had TV roles, such as Entourage, The O.C. and Disney's Cece Jones show, as well as been featured in movies like The Duff, Frenemies and the forthcoming scream flick, Amityville.

But of greater interest to us is the fact that sweet Bella seems to very much enjoy watching MMA. She has discussed hosting MMA watching parties at her home.  She has also tweeted about her love of MMA, her obsession for a particular new UFC fighter, and some of the MMA-related gifts she has received from Dana White of the UFC.  Her brother has been training and fighting, in hopes of making the same his profession and, of course, lovely Bella has been rooting him onward.  Below are some examples:

    Bella confirms her interest in MMA.

Bella seems to have "favorited" the aggressive, agile and strong, UFC heavyweight, Travis Browne.
Bella, hosting a UFC 168 viewing party.

   Some autographed used MMA gloves ... a gift to Bella from UFC President, Dana White.

Indeed, beautiful Bella has even publicly lobbied for the expansion of MMA into New York, where it is presently barred by law.  According to Fresh Star News, Bella wrote a note lobbying for passage of a law allowing MMA fights to take place in the State of New York:  "Please help MMA get legalized in NYC," Bella is quoted as saying.

We think you'll agree that the sexy Bella Thorne is a stunning example of a woman who is not afraid to declare her enjoyment of the brutal sport of MMA fighting.  We wish more sexy ladies would openly declare their love of watching violent competitions between men.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Bit More on Cuckholding

As this is one of the more popular subjects, we have collected some different materials, and thought they should be posted, so here it goes:

    Poor defeated husband is forced to watch his conqueror take his sexy, nubile wife "doggy style."

    Her cucked husband isn't even permitted to watch as his wife orally satisfies her dominant bull.

    This sexy blonde wife enjoyed watching her master slap and kick her husband into a sobbing mess.

    A grateful wife rewards her bull for beating and stripping her husband, as she sits on hubby's face.

    This sexy wife is pounded to a raucous orgasm by the man who beat up and humiliated her hubby.

    Oh, you sad cucked bitch, tied up, forced to watch, spat & cummed upon, as wifey humiliates him.

    Another sexy wife has a thunderous orgasm as her black bull gives her his full measure.

    All he can do is susck ass, as he's forced to watch his dominant best friend take his sexy wife.

    The poor bastard is inconsolable, sobbing and hiding his little penis, as wifey rides her black stud.

    Another sad sack cuckold, distraught as his bully and his wife both feel free to fuck in front of him,

    Another sexy blonde wife cums hard, all over her aggressive black bull's massive cock.

    Another defeated and humiliated cuckold, forced to watch his wife have sex with his tormentor.

    The tied up nerd/loser sees his powerful neighbor bring his hot wife to orgasm on their marital bed.

    Another horrified cucked husband watches his sexy Asian wife suck off her sexy black bull.

Friday, August 21, 2015

"What These Women Love is the Sword!"

Full Inspiration and Co-Authorship Credit to Tim Jones

In the Roman Empire, the adoption of gladiatorial fights as state-sanctioned entertainment occurred around 100 B.C.  Prior to then, gladiatorial fights were generally unorganized events that occurred in more private settings.  Some theorize that gladiatorial events began as funeral tradition, intended to honor the dead through a display of bravery and manliness.  Many theorize that the Romans borrowed the gladiatorial games concept from Greek and other more ancient civilizations, none of whom conducted the same on any large scale, or with any degree of widespread appeal.  What we do know for certain is that by roughly 100 B.C., gladiatorial games were large, public, state-sanctioned events, conducted and intended for the entertainment of the masses in Roman society.

The most prolific displays of these gladiator fights took place at the Amphitheater in Pompeii, pictured above.  The Amphitheater there was built circa 80 B.C. by a private citizen who donated the same to the government of Pompeii.  With a capacity of nearly 20,000, the Pompeii Amphitheater held a very rowdy and bloodthirsty crowd, as men sometimes fought wild beasts and always fought each other, all for the pleasure of the crowd.

The elite and common Roman women of the time would have looked very much like this young lady, depicted above.  The lower the social class assigned to her by birth, the more plain the robes worn would have been.  From the onset, women were generally mixed with the men in the audience for gladiatorial games, according to most historians of Ancient Rome. In fact, Ovid's book, Art of Love (163-176), mentions that the gladitorial Amphitheater is an excellent place for young men to meet pretty girls.  This strongly suggests that there was a less structured, more general seating arrangement at such games that prevailed, until at least a date late in the reign of Augustus.  Overcrowding  at events eventually led Augustus to decree that women would be relegated to the top and back of the amphitheater.

The "mixing" of the sexes went so far as to evoking fights between the members of the public, and having men and women copulating on the stalls - and not only at Circus Maximus. The ultimate play in the arena was a depiction of death, or rather, of the triumph of life over death (except in the sine missio matches, in which the winner was immediately to fight another, and another, until all had died), and that spectacle evoked lust passions of all sorts.

Women, as well as men, found gladiatorial contests, and gladiators, attractive. Some much-quoted epigraphic evidence suggests that this attraction might be sexual: at Pompeii, the retarius Crescens was known as "the netter of girls by night" and "the girls' darling."  Thracians were a favourite symbol of manliness because much of their body was left visible to the audience. This obviously constituted a potential danger to the Roman male's control over his womenfolk. It proved impossible to put a stop to stories about sexual associations between gladiators and women of the elite, even including empresses. The wife of Marcus Aurelius, Faustina, was suspected of having had affairs with gladiators; as "only this could explain why her son Commodus was so interested in the sport." Many women wore hairpins and other jewelry dipped in gladiator blood, and some even mixed gladiator sweat - then considered an aphrodisiac - into facial creams and other cosmetics. Roman anxieties about the sexual attractions of women to gladiators are given expression by the fact that they are classified together with prostitutes in Roman legislation, and that grammatical texts associate the Latin word for the gladiator's trainer (lanista) with that for a pimp (leno).

Lydon (Duncan Regehr) defeats the Roman champion, as a lady of stature looks on, in the movie "Last Days of Pompeii" (1984).

Emotions ran high in the amphitheaters, where spectators are reported as screaming "Kill him!," "Lash him!," and "Brand him!" according to the letters of Seneca (7, 5).  The loser earned a final, "He has it!," as in he has "death" or a "death blow."  The winner was bestowed with accolades, remembrances and prizes, including money. The crowd was given the judging power of life or death over the losing gladiator.  Still, deaths were more rare than often imagined.

The satirist Juvenal (Saturae 6, 110, ff.) recounted the amorous sentiments of a lady named Eppia for a particular heroic gladiator, his massive collection of disfiguring wounds having no dissuading effect on her, for he was after all a warrior.  

Juvenal and his contemporaries noted that the popularity of the gladiators and their violent games had permeated the whole of society.  It was common to find drawings of gladiators on the walls of caves and homes.  Souvenirs and every-day usage items depicting gladiators and gladitorial acts were rampant.  Many statues of the time showed gladiators together with the god of love, or with the god of fertility (Priapus - known for his large, erect phallus).  Rumors were rampant that the wives of elite men, even senators and emperors, possessed and communicated their amorous crushes upon the stars of the arena.  The graffiti of the time shows that the stars of the games were considered extremely sexually attractive, praised as lovers and the objects of the sexual enthusiasm of most girls and women.  So much is this the case that a decidedly distraught Juvenal goes on to admit in his papers that, "What these women love is the sword!"

In other words, scenes like these, both above and below, were very common occurrences in the Roman Empire, as women of all ages, likes and classes fantasized about having sexual relations with these physically powerful gladiators.  

Some, as this queen in blue, would watch the combatants battle in front of her in a private match, and become turned on as she carefully surveyed the damaged body of the dead loser.

The wives of the elite class would invite the well-hung and manly gladiators to their beds, sometimes in spite of or in front of their wealthy and powerful husbands, essentially cuckolding the leaders of Rome.

Although society has fought mightily in the last 2000 years to change our outlook on the concept of fights to the death for the entertainment of the masses, and for the sexual stimulation of women, this primitive concept remains alive in many of us.  Our movies continue to reflect an inner desire for this kind of violence.  The evolution of boxing into MMA is the result of this primitive burning desire to see a more violent form of competition.  The sentiment that built the Coliseum, pictured above, still burns within many of us.

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