Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Giggling Emma and her Stiletto Heel

By Davejb

Hi, Candy! Listen to what happened with me and my girlfriend, Emma.

We were both at a friend's party one night, and there was this guy, Steve, who kept staring at Emma's ass. She got really angry with the guy and told me that she wanted me to teach him a lesson by kicking the complete and utter shit out of him. During the party, Emma flirted with Steve all night, and let him run his hands over the clingy dress that hugged her round feminine ass.

By the end of the night, everyone had left the house except the owner, who was passed out, drunk. I was hiding in the bathroom, and I could hear that Steve was just about to leave. However, Emma got hold of him and started to flirt with him again. She told Steve that I was in the bathroom, being sick - and that we could both disappear outside round the back of the garage for a quick screw.

Steve and Emma quickly went out of the back door of the house, and I discreetly followed them. It was 5am and it was light outside. So, I crept up the side of the garage, only to hear Emma moaning as Steve literally had her dress hitched up around her waist, with her little thong pulled to the side. I could see that Emma's shaven pussy was glistening with her wetness; and that her ass was being massaged by Steve's fingers.

As Steve rubbed her ass, Emma started to draw back from him and told him that she hoped that he could fight. Steve looked confused as I walked around the corner. Emma said: "Right Dave! I want you to kick the shit out of this guy, right now!"

At that point, I grabbed Steve by the hair and pulled him forward. As he leaned over, I repeatedly swung my boot right into his ribs. Steve started to scream in agony; and every time I kicked him, he squealed like a little girl. As I was kicking him, Emma managed to pull his pants and shorts around his ankles. I just kept sticking the boot into Steve, and kept going until Steve actually shit himself.

As soon as Steve shit himself, I stopped kicking him.

Emma laughed at Steve.

As he lay on the ground, I moved him further away from the garage wall and into the lawn where it was a little brighter. I straddled Steve's chest and pinned his arms to his side with my knees.

At that point, I grabbed Emma's stiletto heel and smashed every one of Steve's teeth, right down the back of his throat - and as he lay there with his mouth wide open, I yanked Steve's shorts from around his ankles and used them to pick up his big foot-long pale brown shit, and stuffed it right down to the back of his throat. Emma laughed in his face, and we left him crying in pain and humiliation!

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