Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teresita's Story - Part One

I guess I don’t know why other girls like their boyfriends to get into fights, win or lose. I wouldn’t want the guy I like to get hurt, even if he’s got the advantage. All the same, I do get turned on by a certain amount of brutality.

I got a guy now who takes me to boxing and ultimate fighting matches, always close to ringside where we can watch guys we don’t know bashing each other and see the blood up close. We get back to his place as soon as possible so we can get it on and get it off, if you know what I mean. 

I really tried to get word when a fight was gonna happen after school, especially big guys, cause they hit harder, anyways I thought they did. I preferred not knowing them very well.

I think a lot about something a year ago, a real highlight, almost wish it could happen again, though we could get into a lot of trouble. There was this nerdy kid in a couple of my classes, always mouthing off, first to answer teachers’ questions, always correcting the rest of us. This dork was on the chubby side, wore glasses, carried a briefcase, a first-class Mr. Know-it-all.

Well, this really cute and buff guy who seemed to like me said he and his buddy were gonna get nerdy guy but good, and would I like to come and watch. I felt something like a pleasant electric shock and a tingle somewhere down there, if you know what I mean and said, "Yes!"

This sexy guy, Jeff, and his friend Corey, told the nerd that they had found an amazing tree out in the swamps and wondered if he could tell him about the tree.

“Me and Corey wanna take you there.”

Nerd looked over his glasses like a school principal and corrected Jeff: “Corey and I would like to take you there.”

Jeff winced, but then nerd said he’d be glad to help, cause he knows everything about trees. The guys talked to him real nice, like they admired him a lot. Oh yeah, I asked if my sister Melanie could come along, too!

So, anyway, we were in this isolated spot by a big tree, the five of us. Nerd was yapping away about the tree with names in Latin and pioneers who discovered it and crap like that, while the other two guys smiled and nodded and acted really impressed.

Then, all of a sudden Jeff said, “Class dismissed, recess time!”

It was like a signal! The two of them grabbed nerd and pushed him down on the ground after carefully removing his glasses (they were so considerate)! My friend pulled a rope out of his backpack and started tying nerd’s ankles together. That poor jerky dork started half-moaning, half-crying, over and over, “What are you doing?!!”

They told him they were going to give him a closer look at the tree. Me and Melanie started kind of hopping up and down and giggling. The other guy, Corey, said they were gonna take his clothes off, and they did, but Jeff said he was gonna leave his underpants on because he didn’t want to look at some dork’s dick.

The two guys, they were so strong, threw the end of the rope over a branch and actually hoisted nerd up so he was hanging upside-down with his face at the same level as ours. Jeff said they weren’t going to hurt him, not much anyway, just wanted him to see the tree from another angle. But then he raised his voice and yelled, “Look that way, dork!”

At the same time he cocked his muscular arm back and slapped nerd alongside the head, a real smack! Melanie and I stopped jumping and giggling, just watched - kind of horrified, but really, really excited - and I felt something warm between my legs like never before!!! be concluded!

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