Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marissa's Story

By Marissa

There is nothing more pleasurable and exciting than watching two guys fight, and the sexual high is unbeatable!

Our school use to have an outdoor swimming pool which we sometimes used after school. I remember once when I was sunbathing in my bikini, a boy called Roger slapped my bottom and made a crude remark. I shouted back an equally crude remark and he just laughed. I thought that would be it, when - to my surprise - another boy called Derek strode up to him and said that he shouldn't have treated me with such disrespect.

A shouting match ensued, then shoving, and then the first punch was thrown!

I was a bit surprised that a fight should blow up out of nowhere over little ol' me, but I found it intensely thrilling as well! There were about 20 people there, mostly girls, and everyone gathered round to watch. The boys were well matched, both were strong and they looked splendid in their swimming trunks!

The fight was slow to start as they squared up to one another and exchanged blows, then one of the girls, Jenny, shouted out, "Come on, boys! Let's see some real fighting!!"

There was a murmur of laughter at this and then Derek obliged Jenny by throwing himself at Roger, pummeling him with his fists!

Roger returned with defensive blows into Derek's face! Suddenly, it was Fist-City!

I felt strange. A warm glow flooded through my body and I could feel my heart beating ever so quickly. I was loving it and to such an extent I felt my nipples harden and noticed they were protruding through the flimsy material of my bikini top!

The fight was not going to be quick and was going to go on. It was brutal. Both boys had bruises and were bloodied. The punches were hard and found their mark.... and everyone was delighted!! If you can picture a group of bikini clad 14 - 16 year old girls squealing excitedly as two boys savagely fought, then you can imagine what it was like.

After about 10 minutes, Derek laid out Roger with a punch that sent him hurling into the swimming pool.

Afterwards, all the girls talked excitedly about the fight. Derek was the hero of the day. They had obviously been as delighted and sexually excited by it as I had been!

The following day, I kissed Derek to thank him, and that weekend we fucked!!


  1. Thanks Marissa for your story. I'm afraid outdoor swimming pools can bring out the "beast in man" - especially during the summer when girls aren't wearing much. When I say "beast" I tend to mean the horny kind!
    Unfortunately there tend to be a lot of scumbags hanging round swimming pools - like Roger in your story.
    I've been told - by a retired lifeguard - that lifeguards are around not only to stop people drowning but to protect girls and women from predatory pervs like Roger!
    I'm glad that you had a "knight errant" like Derek to protect you. All girls should be protected all the time anyway - unfortunately the days of chivalry are long in the past.
    It was gratifying to read that Derek beat the cr*p out the creep. Pity I wasn't there as I would not only have beaten him up but pulled his speedos off as well. Theres nothing like humiliation to bring this jerk-offs down the earth!
    Congratulations on giving Derek his reward over the weekend. I'm sure he didn't beat up Roger in the hope that you would make love to him later but it was a wonderful reward to give him. Dang! makes me wish more than ever that I had been Roger!!

  2. I like the descriptive language, and sun glistening on every inch of a chick's skin....maybe a little
    tit and cameltoe showing... if anything could get me hot and bothered, this could. It actually makes me think of starting a fight this way myself! P.S. This probably isn't the place for this, but I thought
    SHAKESPEARE STEP ASIDE was freakin' great! please keep it if you can!


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