Monday, June 6, 2011

Linda's Tale - Part One

By Linda

My name is Linda and I've always found watching men fight each other to be a big turn on. I had always seen men fight when they spontaneously got into confrontations and had never provoked a fight before. But during one girls' night out, I ran into an old ex-boyfriend of mine, named Rob, who had always charmed me. I explained to him that I was now married to a great guy, named Steve, but Rob was persistent in trying to get with me anyway. With the addition of alcohol and lots of dancing, I was intoxicated in every way, which led me to finally realize one of my wildest fantasies.

My husband, Steve, is a gorgeous guy - some might even say he's "man-candy." He's 5'10 and 175 lbs., with milk chocolate brown eyes and sandy colored hair. He's a brilliant guy and a lawyer. I sometimes get insecure when we go out, because a lot of women give him looks and flirt with him.

He's a very loving and sexy man. He was aware of my excitement at watching men fight because whenever he watches MMA or UFC fights on TV, I join him and get worked up, even wet. Several times, lying in bed, I've told him how much it turns me on and told him that I want to see him fight someone. He's told me that he would fight for me, but the opportunity to do so has never arisen before.

My flirtatious and intoxicating girls' night out had me making out with Rob toward the end of the night. Rob then asked me to go home with him, and I declined. Rob then asked me to give him a blow job in his car. I seriously thought about agreeing to do that, but then an evil idea came over me.

I told Rob that I was faithful to my husband, but if he came home with me and beat up Steve, then I would suck him off. To my surprise, Rob readily agreed. be continued!


  1. LINDA would u let rob stomp steve 2 death? even if it got real bad and robs neck was broke would u b turned on by that?

  2. i mean if rob broke steves neck stomping him would that turn u on?

  3. Your intuition told you you're gone suck Rob after he'll beat badly your hubby for your delight ! Isn't it darling? Love it, kiss!


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