Friday, June 3, 2011

Lyndsey was Gleaming with Delight!

By genga2005

The only experience I have had with this fetish is when I was in High School and the hottest girl in the year, Lyndsey, sat on my lap and started grinding me. Then she stood up and told me to stand, which I did and I had a semi hard-on. Everyone was laughing - even this dweeb, Owen.

Obviously, I knew he was a pussy and he always got bullied, so I took this opportunity to hurt him. Everyone told me to leave him alone, but not Lyndsey! She had a grin on her face! I gripped his hair and kneed him straight in the face, broke his nose!

Everyone walked off, except Lyndsey, who stayed to watch. Owen was on his knees crying, so I kicked him straight in the face. He was nearly knocked out, lying on the ground. Lyndsey was all flushed and I could tell she was enjoying it!

Next, I pulled Owen up by his hair and there was blood covering his face, so I smashed his face into a pebbled dash wall. Then I looked up at Lyndsey. She was gleaming with delight! I asked her if I should stop and she said "No, rub his face up and down the wall!"

I smiled and said how fantastic she was, and then I did what she said! Owen's skin ripped off and he was screaming in agony. She was laughing so much that I threw him on the floor and stomped on his face until he was unconscious. Lyndsey loved it!

Then we went behind the bike shed and she gave me a blowjob! Best head ever!


  1. Very hot darling. You did the right thing to show her what she expected asquint! Was she delighted by your cocksize too, dear?

  2. would u ever laugh at the guy getting stomped Anna?

  3. I am so alike to Lyndsey. Just luv this story and would like to know that guy more ! He's acting was so brutally hot ! Luv him, Kisses


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