Friday, August 12, 2011

Melanie and Diane Provoke Steve to Fight

By Steve

My name is Steve. You've probably already read the story my ex-wife, Linda, wrote about the fight she got me into with her ex-boyfriend, Rob. Its published here under short stories as "Linda's Tale."

Candy was so turned on by Linda's story that she has asked me to recount in writing a somewhat similar experience I had back in 2001, well after my divorce from Linda.

I'm considered a decent looking guy. I've never had trouble getting dates since I was 14, and several times per year have had women come on to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm no male model or anything. Just cute and quite fit at 5'10 and 175 lbs. My naturally wide lats that angle to my small waist have always been an attraction to women. It was a blessing from God, and not the result of any hard work, although I do work out regularly to stay toned and aerobically fit.

I met Melanie one Tuesday night at a trendy Boston bar as I was on my nightly walk home from work. We had a lot of common interests in music, art, science and leisure activities. She is a very attractive blonde, with long, silky and shining hair, piercing blue eyes, nordic nose and an oval-shaped cupie-doll face. She's 5'7 and 125 Lbs., and while not terribly curvaceous, she has those ample femininely features, like a nice ass and B+ breasts, that all tell a man she is a sexy woman.

As the happy-hour drinks and conversation flowed, our initial meeting turned into a spontaneous dinner date. Each of us probed to learn more about the other and, amazingly, we each liked what we were learning. As the night drew to a close, Melanie handed me a strip of paper with her telephone number on it and encouraged me to call her. She had beaten me to the punch, but I just took that as a sign that she rarely made such a genuine connection as we seemed to have made.

The following Thursday, I called her to say hello and to feel out her openess to joining me on a real first date. I was thrilled that our conversation flowed as easily on the phone as it did on the night we met. I was also thrilled that she was very much into us going out together. She asked me whether Friday or Saturday worked better for me. In Boston, Friday is casual date night, where you get to know each other, and Saturday is sexy date night, where more intimate experiences are somewhat expected. Her openess to a Saturday night date was a very good sign that we were making a hot connection. I asked her to go out with me that Saturday for dinner and some live music. She readily accepted.

When Saturday came, I met her at her place and we got on the T (a public train/trolley transportation system that runs throughout Boston) to take us to the restaurant for dinner. Although the car was crowded, we conversed like no one else was around us. I discussed my job and she told me about the classes she was taking in school. We finally arrived at our stop and had a wonderful dinner at a Carribean-style restaurant, after which we took a long walk toward the part of town where the rock clubs are.

During the period when we were at the bar of the rock club, drinking and waiting for the first act to hit the stage, Melanie probed me further about my interests. Suddenly, a girl bumped into Melanie as she sat in her barstool. The girl said nothing to her and just wandered on. Melanie began talking about how rude the girl was and that she had a good mind to go over and kick the girl's ass. I told her that I thought that would be kinda sexy. Surprisingly, she liked my comment very much. She investigated my interest in catfights further, and indicated in her womanly, subtle ways, that she was generally-speaking into violence. Then, the band hit the stage and we caught the show, followed by a cab ride back to her place.

When we got back to her place, we sat together for several hours just talking, followed by a very hot make out session. It was now 4 A.M., and our date ended. I excused myself, trying to be a gentleman on this first date, and walked home. But of course, we planned to get together for our second date before I left.

We exchanged e-mails and phone calls for several days during the week, many of them containing innuendos about violence and fighting. Melanie was provocative at one point and then coy at another. All of the discourse seemed to be teasingly intended to keep the conversation going on the subject of violence and fighting, without her revealing to me her interests just yet. She sent me an e-mail attachment of two stick-figure men fighting each other and told me that she loved it. She then told me about an open-air concert that she would love to go to, and asked me if I would take her the following Sunday. Of course, I agreed.

That Sunday morning, I picked Melanie up at her place and drove us to a parking garage about 3 blocks away from the site of the concert. We then walked over to the concert site, beside the Charles River, and spent the next 6 hours jamming and dancing to the tunes of some of our favorite bands. It rained during most of the concert, and we were both soaked, hungry and exhausted when we left the concert field. We walked over to a local upscale bar I knew in the same area as the concert for a late lunch and some drinks. A former friend with benefits of mine was tending bar there, and I knew we'd get a warm reception since my friend had since married another guy. My friend, Diane, was also a lovely blue-eyed blonde, but with fair, milky skin, a generous C+ rack, tiny/curvy waist and a cherry ass. Diane is a very petite lady at 5'2 and 100 lbs.

Diane welcomed Melanie and I at the bar as I had expected. She took extraordinary care of us, buying us drinks and suggesting the freshest appetizers available. She also conversed with us and complained about a couple of guys who were sitting over by the front window of the bar. Melanie asked me about my relationship with Diane, and naturally, I told her the truth about her being a former friend with benefits who had since married. Despite my explanation, Melanie acted possessive and threatened by my former relationship with Diane. She said she wanted to fight Diane, but that Diane was too small to fight her. I agreed that she was too small, hoping to avoid a scene, but at the same time, a bit turned on by her willingness to resort to violence like that.

After we finished our second drink and first appetizer, Melanie turned to me and said, "go over there and start some shit with those two guys." I asked her why I should do that. Melanie replied, "because I want to watch you fight them." I said to Melanie, "both of them?" She said, "yes!" Diane then leaned in to chat with us just as I asked Melanie, "do you want to see me get my ass kicked?" In unison, both Melanie and Diane whispered "yes!," as they both looked at me with a somewhat ashamed, but turned on, wide-eyed grin. Melanie told me that watching me fight would turn her on. Diane, to my deep surprise, agreed. Diane even admitted to having played with herself while imagining me fighting against other guys in the past. Both Melanie and Diane encouraged me to take these two guys outside and fight them in the alley next to the bar. Melanie tried to entice me further by telling me that her panties were already getting wet and that I was in for wild sex with her if I fought them. I was shocked.

As I took in everything that was suddenly coming at me from these two evidently bloodthirsty women, I told them that I would do it if they started the fight between us. Diane went over to the guys at the window and complained about their behavior and told them if they didn't stop, that I was going to come over and throw them out. When they looked over, Melanie egged it on. She pointed at me and said, "him, he's gonna kick both of your asses." As I stood up, the bigger of the two guys came over and got in my face. Melanie and Diane gathered next to us and watched as the big guy asked, "is that right?" I moved forward, looking him in the eyes, and said, "yeah, if you can't behave like human beings you and your buddy are gonna get taught a lesson." I could hear the girls gasp with excitement as we exchanged words and cold stares. Diane then chirped up and said, "why don't you boys take this to the alley?" Melanie quickly seconded the motion, saying, "yeah, go fight each other in the alley." We agreed to head to the alley and we did so. Diane got the night manager to cover the bar for her, saying it was time for her break. The big guy, his smaller friend, Diane and Melanie all headed out the front door of the bar ahead of me, and stopped about 15 feet down a grimey, rat infested alley next to the bar.

I faced the bigger guy, who I estimated to be about 6'1 and maybe 200 lbs., and we once again did the death stare at each other as he yapped about having been threatened by me. Both Melanie and Diane were watching intently, and yelled "FIGHT!" as well as "hit him!" while we started to circle each other a little. I shoved the big guy away from me and the fight was on. Both of the girls squealed with excitement.

As the big guy rushed at me, I side-stepped his attack and landed a glancing blow to the side of his face as he went by me. He turned and relaunched his attack on me, trying to grab my head and wrestle me down. Again I was able to avoid his lunge and whacked him in the back of the head with a punch. The girls were cheering at this point, but I couldn't make out what they were saying, as the adrenaline rushing through me was drowing them out. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw that the smaller guy was right on top of me and he launched a massive kick into my balls. I felt his shin pound against my groin, then a violent force exploded up into my guts. I bent over, sick to my stomach, and grabbed myself. That's when I heard Diane yell, "Yeah, kick him again!" I was in shock that Diane was actually rooting against me. The small guy complied with her request and wailed me in the nuts a second time, which had me fully bent over and backing up.

The bigger guy gathered himself and came at me, slamming a fist into my mouth and knocking me back against a wall. I ignored the pain in my groin and mouth and returned the favor, catching the big guy in the throat. He gasped, grabbed his throat and sank to one knee. I stepped forward and kicked him in the face, but as he fell over, I felt an explosion against the left side of my face that half-way turned me around. I heard Melanie screaming, "go, hit him, fuck him up!" As I turned back toward the small guy, he kicked me in my knee and smashed another punch into my bleeding mouth, followed quickly by a shot straight to my nose. Blood was running down my face at an alarming rate, I was woozy from the pounding and hobbled by my hyperextended knee. Although the big guy was still on the ground, the small guy was stepping forward to continue his attack on me, and the girls were yelling encouragement for him to do so. It was at this point that real fear of grievous injury entered my mind.

The small guy hit me several times in the stomach and had me winded. He shoved me against the brick outer wall of the restaurant and lifted his knee up into my groin again. I groaned and started to slide down the wall, unable to any longer weather the onslaught. The small guy began kicking me in the chest and face with the sole of his shoe. I could hear and see the girls going crazy with excitement and encouraging the violence to continue. Diane was screaming, "kill him!, finish him off!" at the top of her lungs, while Melanie was slightly more sedate, as she just yelled loudly for him to keep kicking me.

As I finally fell to the disgusting floor of the alley and curled over on my side, the small guy kept kicking me in my ribs and face. I was starting to lose consciousness when I heard Melanie yell for the small guy to "pants" me. He wasted no time in grabbing my shoes and tossing them, followed by yanking off my trousers from the ankles. Stripped below the waist, it was embarassingly revealed that I was wearing a tiny white g-string in anticpation of having a sexy night with Melanie. The small guy and the girls all laughed at the sight of me wearing such skimpy underattire. The small guy said aloud, "you thought you were gonna get fucked, but instead, you got fucked up!" Melanie yelled to the small guy, "kick him there!" The small guy proceeded to pound his shod foot into my bulge, the sharp edge of his heel slicing my g-string and causing a gash in my shaft. My g-string turned burgundy, as the girls squealed with delight. Diane continued to call to the small guy for him to kill me. He was banging my head against the corner of the floor and the wall in attempts to do so when Melanie yanked him off of me by his hair. I passed out for about a minute after that.

As I awoke, a world of pain came over me, and I saw Diane on her knees, giving the small guy a blowjob. The big guy was sitting on his ass, trying to clear the cobwebs from his head and rubbing his injured neck. Melanie helped me up, helped me get my pants and shoes back on and half-carried me out of the alley. She retrieved my car from the garage and drove us back to her place. Melanie removed all my clothes, cleaned me up with a sponge and laid me down on her bed. As she laid beside me, she touched and caressed all of my cuts and bruises. She started to gently play with herself as she told me how much watching the fight turned her on. I asked her why she was rooting against me during the fight, and Melanie told me that it turned her on to see her man get hurt and humiliated by another man. That she loved to inspect her man's injuries. That she wanted to lick me everywhere the small guy had kicked me. Melanie grabbed my injured but semi-hard cock and kissed me deeply. Despite the pain I was in, Melanie and I proceeded to have a wonderful, extremely passionate lovemaking session. She kept telling me, "he hit you here," as she touched the spot. "He kicked you here." Melanie's big blue piercing eyes stared daggers into mine from mere inches away as she whispered, "I watched him beat you up and I loved it." In a very weird way, her fascination with my injuries, her arousal by the violence committed upon me and her willingness to add to my humiliation in a loving and intimate way really turned me on.

My relationship with Melanie grew stronger over the following weeks and lasted for nearly a year. I fought for her pleasure once more before we broke up. She graduated from school and moved to the Midwest, shortly thereafter. We've since lost touch with each other, but the memories of what we had and what we did together certainly do linger.

The next time I saw Diane, I didn't really know what to say. It had been about a month since the fight. To my surprise she was both bold in her words and desires, as well as worried about the result of her actions. She confessed to me that she really wanted the smaller guy to kill me. She was disappointed that Melanie had interfered and that he hadn't killed me. She also begged me not to tell her husband about her having sucked off the winner in the alley. I, of course, promised that I wouldn't. I asked her if she had the small guy's name and she further confessed to having an ongoing affair with him. I definitely thought I needed a rematch with that smaller guy, and Diane was very interested in making that happen. But that's another story all in itself.

Diane thanked me for being the victim in what she said was "the sexiest moment of her life." I thought about what that meant, both in terms of me getting hurt, and about all the sexy moments we had shared in the past. It was just more humiliation piled on to that which I had already suffered. While I casually said to her "You're welcome," deep inside, I was thinking to myself, "UHHHG!"


  1. Candy, I know awhile back you said you were looking for death stories. We're you disappointed this story didn't end in Steve getting killed? And if you were in Melanie's position, would you have pulled the small guy off, or would you have let him kill Steve, if not encourage it?

  2. Well - first off, I loved this story, Seve! Really great. I loved how realistic it sounds. I'm assuming this actually happened. Yes, I'm not so much disappointed in the fact that Seve wasn't actually killed, but I definitely would have preferred his humiliation to have gone on, and for BOTH women to have gone home with the other guy while Seve was left to bleed. If it were me, I wouldn't have stopped it, certainly, and I would NOT have cradled Seve later! I would have at the very least given him a quick kick myself!

    1. I agree totally Candy. Only the winner can get the spoils. Both girls should reward the better man and swapped his cock in their mouths in front of humilliated looser. And if Steve would like to do something to stop that the smaller guy would beat him again for additional pleasure of both women !

  3. nah...i would have wanted her to finish him!

  4. Steve, did the smaller guy beat you up in a rematch again ? Was Diane present at the beating scene second time as well?

  5. Damn STEVE, you're a star in two of the hottest stories I've ever heard! Have you ever
    dated a girl who wanted you to win a fight? I'll bet that if you study your past, you'll find yourself
    one day very well equipped to find some....if that appeals to you. BK26

  6. An amazing and beautiful story...I just reread it ! As I've said before, this kind of honesty from
    a female makes me just fall in love with them in a whole other dimension..this is a favorite of mine.
    I love the pics of both ladys!

  7. Great Story .Has To Be True .Very Well Written


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