Saturday, September 3, 2011

Daisy Gets Husbands to Fight While Wives Watch!

As requested by Julie:

Daisy, the 35 year-old married nurse who is also a pantyhose footjob fetish model, is at it once again.

She did at least a pair of audio recordings in the Summer of 2007, vocally playing out her own sexual fantasy concerning watching men fight. This is the second such recording. In order to make the audio file uploadable to this board, I have had to convert it to a movie file, which is nothing but a static picture, together with full joint stereo of her recording.

In this recording, which is slightly over 17 minutes long, Daisy fantasizes about arranging her husband to fight her sister's husband in front of both Daisy and her sister, Demi. Both women initially consider having their husbands fight to the death with weapons, but think better of it, not because one man would kill the other, but because they fear for the spectators, and instead, settle upon a mere fistfight to a knockout.

Demi, Daisy and her female friends all watch and enjoy the violence as the two husbands battle each other in Daisy's back yard.


Click here for all Daisy videos!


  1. I want to fight the winner.


  2. Wow Daisy this is something cool. That virtual reality just got me on!!! I cant just help taking my eyes off it girl!!! cool one.

    How would these 2 beautiful lassies watch me wrestle in shorts with another dude?


    John Rock

  3. Fistfight is better for sure! It reflects pure man's power with all the brutality and sexyness, lust for the ladies who watch and humiliation of the weaker man...

  4. You should of had your husband continue until. You said stop. No mercy for the loser

  5. Any female who wants a guy to fight for her honor has no honor. She's only a cheap gutter slut.

  6. I have been setup. By a few dates to get me into some fights. Usually it's a much bigger guy. They want the guy. To really hurt me bad. I had one girl tell. The guy if he kills me. She would fuck him right there. Only problem with their plan. I have a black belt. In 5 different martial arts. Fights never lasted. More than 30 seconds. I did fuck that girl. On the pool table. In front of everyone


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