Sunday, September 4, 2011

Locker Room Fight!

By Lynda

Ever since I was a girl I loved to watch boys fight. My best friend, Julie, and I always had a knack for getting a good fight started. By the time we reached high school we had this knack honed down to an art. I didn’t know much about sex but I did know the all over warm fuzzy feeling I got when two boys went at it and somehow I knew boys we supposed to fight. It was in my second year of high school that I first noticed that boys got boners when they fought. Whenever we heard of a fight about to happen we would say, “Let’s go see the boners.” As the school cracked down on fighting the fights moved off campus after school. As bus riders we were precluded from the fun.

But just when I thought I’d never see another fight I got an awesome surprise. Coming out of gym class one day we heard quite a racket in the boy’s locker room- much more than the usual ruckus. As we loitered around the door, which we sometimes did trying to catch the sights as the door opened and closed, someone threw open the door and we were whisked into the boy’s locker room like being sucked into a vacuum. There was a room full of boys in various states of undress and we had a clear shot of the showers, but were oblivious to it all. There in front of us were two guys totally going at it. They weren’t just any guys- they were seniors, and not just any seniors, but two of the most awesome studs on campus. The type guys we all wanted to be with. These guys were tall, in shape and well matched, still wet from a shower, and totally nude. The red head, Ted, was tall, thin light skinned, with a thick patch of red pubic hair topping off his skinny dick and small balls. Jake was a bit shorter, stockier, and tanned. He had some sexy chest hair with thick brown pubic hair virtually covering his thick cock and huge balls. 

They were on the outer edge of the lockers standing toe to toe, their fists flying wildly. They moved around like choreographed dancers, with muscular legs straining as they tried to maintain balance. Fists making contact with the face, chest, and stomach made ferocious slapping noises as red bruising began and blood trickled from noses and mouths. Heads popped back and forth and semi erect cocks flicked around between sinewy legs pressing forward. What an awesome fight! Two superbly matched bulls fighting it out after months of build up over a girl. Ironically, she was on the other side of the school and never saw the fight. The wild fistfight rocked on. Blood flowed freer and faces were swollen and red, and tears were streaming from Ted’s eyes. Just as I thought it would never end they slammed into the bank of lockers, now beginning to wrestle each other. Jake fell against an open locker door locked up with Ted. Ted immediately began screaming and fell limp. As they separated Ted fell to the floor grasping his profusely bleeding dick, which obviously was caught in the slammed locker door. Jake appeared stunned but moved in for the kill when the girl’s gym coach stepped in and pushed Jake back. She pushed him back on his chest and as she turned to check on the bleeding loser her hand dropped allowing her fingers to stroke down Jake’s now hard cock and balls. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but as a grown woman, looking back, that was not an accidental feel.

I’ll never forget Jake standing over his defeated opponent with shaking clenched fist and thick erect cock and hard balls. What an indelible image of a winner, who was well rewarded by the girl he fought for, and left me soaking wet.


  1. Very similar to a fight i got into at college. I was only 18 at the time. I just happened to hit on the girl that had the hot, muscled and well endowed boyfriend. He played his cards right. While i just jumped out of the shower he pounced. Kicking my ass, gragging me naked on the wet floor, literally wiping the floor with my ass, before shoving my head in the toilet. Chloe saw all of it and was humiliated for a long time.

  2. Great job with the pictures. Be great to play out for real, but I'd want the winner and the hot woman to celebrate closer to my limp body, where the humiliation could continue.

    1. Opps. This was posted on the wrong story, pics. I'll repost where I meant it to go.

  3. I would want the stud. To realy hurt me. Smach my face in close both eyes broken jaw smached nose. Completley crush my face. Break all my limbs. Show me no mercy. Dont stop break every bone in my body. Then when you fuck my wife have her shove her heals threw my eyes. While you fuck her. Then grap me by the neck. Let my wife spit in my face. Then take me tie me up and hit me with a slege hammer. Let my wife use it. Tell her go head crush his skull. Dont let her stop. Until my brains are on the ground. Then smash it.


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