Monday, January 9, 2012

Cuckold Fight Club - Part Four

If only I could meet a real man who could fight for me
AND keep me satisfied!
By Lynda

...continued from Part Three!

The night before the fight, I paid my now routine visit to Kelly.

The more we sex-chatted about how he and Dave would fight, the harder he fucked me! We thought a down-and-out fight to the finish on top of my bed would be appropriate. I no sooner came when I heard Dave come home and rushed through the back door just in time to greet him.

I tried to get him aroused with no luck, as he was nervous about the fight- not getting hurt or even losing, but being embarrassed in front of me. I assured him that would not be the case as long as he put up a good fight (yeah, right). 

Saturday morning came and I was wet as hell with anticipation. We walked to the clearing where there was already a small crowd and Dave’s opponent was already stripped to his speedos and warming up. Several women encouraged Dave to strip, which he hesitantly did. His apprehension soon eased when he received several whistles and catcalls. They looked each other over and sized each other up as they slowly circled each other. The hippie chick yelled out that they fight to the finish, no holds barred!

This sizing up went on for several minutes until several women began yelling, “Fight! Fight!”

Dave’s opponent, Tom, charged and began pounding Dave with a fast flurry of punches to his face, chest and stomach. Dave was overwhelmed and obviously did not expect this intense fight. I was about to have my first orgasm but afraid this fight would end as quickly as it began!

But Dave regained his composure and began punching back and these two bulls pounded away toe-to-toe seemingly forever with no one gaining an advantage. This was such an awesome even-fight!

Tom grabbed Dave’s hair and pulled him into a headlock and wrenched down trying to throw him to the ground. The sun glistened off Tom’s flexed arm muscles as he chocked down on Dave, and off Dave’s mighty thigh muscles as he strained to resist the throw.

As the struggle continued the crowd grew restless until one of the women jumped into the melee and, just as foretold by the hippie chick, Dave’s speedo was ripped off releasing his semi-erect cock and his nice ball sack, much to the delight of the crowd! It was almost humorous, watching his manhood swing during this struggle- like two schoolboys on a playground.

Just to even things up I jumped in and ripped off Tom’s speedos, and much to my delight and surprise a long, skinny fully erect cock sprang out. The hippie chick screamed out, “Now we have a cock fight!”

Dave now began punching Tom in the stomach and nailed him in his balls. Dave was released and began pounding Tom who rammed his head into Dave’s chest and drove him back causing him to lose balance and fall backward. Tom did not hold the advantage long as they rolled on the ground kneeing each other’s balls, punching, chocking and trying various holds. Being soaked with sweat no one was able to grasp a good hold and laying side by side chocking one another Tom spread his legs to propel himself toward Dave who found the opening with his knee and delivered a mighty and final knee thrust into Tom’s balls. Tom’s eyes rolled back in his head as he released Dave, and rolled onto his back.

The hippie chick and several others moved in to separate them as Tom was done. Dave stood over his beaten foe with his proud cock at full erection. The appreciative crowd passed by to congratulate him and taking quick feels of his manhood.

This is why they fight, I thought to myself, as I threw him his shorts and led him home. I cleaned him up, he took a shower, and promptly fell asleep, without even satisfying my animal lust from the fight!

But, then again, Kelly was home...


  1. Wow - that was so hot! What a great story. I was so horny over it I jacked myself silly over it :) Thank you xxx

  2. A good story.... had me hard! I just wish it had been longer and the fight described in more detail. I really wanted Dave to get beaten senseless and then mocked by the women and Tom, to the delight of his wife. The story can't be over, Dave hasn't fought Kelly for the ultimate prize....his wife!

  3. What a great story! Lovely violent imagery. Had me wet from the start and I actually orgasmed by the end of it xx

    1. I love a woman who is into this! It turns me on to wrestle a cuckold and humiliate him into submission in front of his wife, punching and smacking him.

  4. This is EXACTLY my kind of thing.! the fight in the country field pic!

  5. Losing a fight in front of women is the most embarrassing thing on earth. Losing in front of a girlfriend is far worse.

  6. I have been in 25 cockfights my record is 17-8 I love fighting a guy in front of his women or alone in Michigan 586 872 0841


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