Thursday, December 20, 2012

High School Memories...

By cvcfhp
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On so many occasions as I read through the things written about on this blog they strike a very strong cord with me and remind me of occasions when I have had similar experiences. The schooldays content  particularly resonates with me - girls enjoying and relishing fights between young lads takes me right back to the playground to the groups of girls standing enjoying/provoking the fights at my own school in the 1970s. Hot stuff.
Strangely enough, whilst recently browsing ‘my year’ on FriendsReunited, to my utter delight I saw that one of my classmates had posted a picture of another girl Julie D. who was a big favourite of mine at the time for her girlish cruel streak. A pretty, smallish, beautifully delicate girl, she hung around with a 5-6 strong group of pals led by Deborah V.
When I/we were 13, a fight between two boys broke out suddenly in the playground. I happened to be standing close enough to hear her coo breathlessly (and obvious to me even then, in a sexually excited fashion) to another of her ‘gang’ “oooh, I love to see chaps fight”. I watched her closely then, and henceforth she (and her like minded group) always got something ‘extra’ from seeing the lads ‘have a go’. I always contrived to stand near them in the ring of screaming people that would inevitably form around the two scrapping lads. It aroused me, for reasons I didn't then understand, to witness this attitude to violence in members of what we were taught then to regard as very much 'The Gentle Sex'. Sugar and spice and all thing nice.
The cruel side of Deborahs group didn’t stop at enjoying fights between boys either. Later that same year I witnessed something that has never left me and still arouses me now when I think of it. I alone was sat eating my lunch and occasionally chatting to Deborah, Julie and the others in one of the cloakrooms (bench seats with built in hangers above in an alcove – you know the type of thing) when in walked Simon H. Simon was a very bookish lad who sticks in my mind as it was ages before his mother put him in long trousers (he was in fact the last to make the transition from shorts!). Dressed in these shorts he sat down by the girls and began his lunch. I dont recall how it started but these girls, who had come/were going to needlework class, began, at Deborahs instigation, to playfully tousle and torment Simon,some holding him whilst others pinched him, squeezed and hurt him while he was restrained. Then it happened. As I sat and watched fascinated, Julie suddenly had a needle from her basket in her fingers and began to stick it in Si’s arm. The more he squealed the more the girls laughed and, as I watched, you could see the playfulness go out of these girls and be replaced in all of them by something more dark. Their grip on him tightened, the handling of him became much rougher, a hand over his mouth to stiffle his cries for help. Deborah, the leader, then said (quietly and with that same breathless, urgent, sexual tone that I had heard Julie use at the fight) “stick it in his dick."
On hearing this Si’s struggles reached a crescendo but were more than matched by the girls holding him. At this point I should have, but could not, intervene, fascinated and aroused (by now i was completely hard) as I was. I wanted to see what they would do to him - how cruel they would be. Those girls removed that boys shorts and pulled down his pants and Julie proceeded to prick his cock and balls repeatedly with that needle, all the while being egged and cheered on eagerly by the others. Eventually they released him and he ran off crying and no more was ever heard of the matter (bullying was not an issue in those days at our school).
It was blatantly obvious to me, by then 14, that these girls were getting an intense sexual kick from seeing a boys genitals injured and when I read the numerous stories on this blog where femine enjoyment of seeing men fight naked is touched upon this again strikes a very strong cord with me. I am convinced that women, if they had the chance, would go berserk for that kind of entertainment, especially if it were ‘no holds barred. I watch the audience at boxing matches and the women inevitably shout, smile, and giggle with delight if a fighter is ‘winded’ by a low blow to the genitals. Just imagine what they would be like if the fighters were naked, their manhoods bobbing around as they fought, exposed and vulnerable. The ladies, able to see the damage being done would want it done and scream and yell their lungs out to encourage that damage to be inflicted I am certain. It is soo bloody sexy in them and is no doubt rooted in their gender in a 'survival of the fittest', natural selection kind of way. A natural and sub-conscious desire to secure the strongest and best sire for their offspring. And long may it continue...

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