Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Big Game - Part Three

By Ragnar

It was an outright celebration of male on male violence. Everybody in the stadium – men and women, young and old – loved it! It was like the old time Roman gladiatorial games. It was survival of the fittest and may the toughest men win.

The first half of the game was brutal and by half time, both teams had lost players. Most of them had been sent off for breaking rules – which usually meant they had broken somebody else’s head! But at least up to now it had been a game... of sorts!

There had been so much resentment building up between both teams during the first half that when the second half started all attempts at playing by the rules were tossed away. This was no longer a game of football – this was war, pure and simple. It was pure legalised “murder!" Going after the ball now was simply an excuse for bringing the other man down and beating the living crap out of him! This was no problem for the two teams however as both loved violence and fighting.

Jack especially loved it. He loved crashing into guys and bashing the shit out of them. It was a way of expressing the “primeval caveman” in himself... and not get arrested for it! 

The crowd seemed to like feeling those primal passions as well. They were shouting their heads off. During the second half most of them were on their feet and cheering on the mayhem like crazy.

The cheerleaders loved every bone-crunching moment of it! They attempted to spur on the violence by chanting the most bloodthirsty chants they could: 





Not exactly poetry, but the message was clear enough!

Jack and his lovely daughter Emmy were lucky enough to be sitting in the front row so they had a grandstand view. 

Emmy stared – eyes and mouth wide open. This was easily the most violent and brutal game she had ever seen in her young life.

“WOW!” she gasped.

Her Dad leaned over – worried that it might too horrifying for her. He needn’t have worried. When he asked her what she thought of the “game” so far, she turned to him saying, “Its marvelous, Dad! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”

As for the cheerleaders they were going into “overdrive!"

They were swept up with the male testosterone flooding the stadium – they could almost smell it – it oozed into their pores and aroused the primal “cock teasing female” that all women hide within them. Without the need to consult each other, the girls found themselves performing their most outrageously provocative moves. They bent continuously over at their hips - sticking out their gorgeous asses – their skirts so short that their panties were easily visible.

Then they would straighten up and thrust out their boobs which were trying to bust out of  their T-shirts. They would then bring their legs right up – showing their thighs glistening with sweat. The lucky guys on the front row – Jack included – sure got a good show!

The man sitting next to Jack was his nextdoor neighbour, Steve – a blue collar worker now retired. Amidst the noise he leaned over to Jack and said: 

“How do you like my grand-daughter Jilly?” 

Jack gave him a blank uncomprehending look.

“Your grannd-daughter?” he asked “Where?”

Steve laughed. “Why there – the one right in front of you!” he said.

In fact, Jack could hardly miss seeing her as she was just about the bustiest cheerleader in the line up!  And she was no more than six feet in front of him! Jack found himself looking her and down like she was a prize turkey he had just won in the lottery – in fact he found himself wishing he had won her! He would love to wrap her up and take her home… right now… into his bedroom!

Then he remembered that this was the girl that his son was dating - Jilly! He suddenly felt an anger towards his son! It wasn’t fair – just because he was in his late 40s and his son was in his teens he still didn’t see why his son should have all this lovely female flesh. Despite his age, he knew he was just as much a man as his son was. In fact, more so!

He found himself fantasising fighting his own son to win her! He quickly shook himself out of the fantasy – he couldn’t quite believe his own thoughts and desires! It seemed that all this violence, sex and testosterone swirling round the stadium was bringing out the atavistic “caveman” in him as well! Maybe in the all the men there!

Jack turned to look at Steve again. The old man was giving him an odd unsettling look – as if he were looking right into his mind! Jack sure hoped not!

For something to say, he spluttered out, “Yer Steve she sure has grown up!” He instantly realised as soon as he said it that that was not the best thing to say at that moment – it made him sound really horny! Which of course he was but he sure didn’t want Steven to know that!

Fortunately, Steve looked away – back at his grand daughter strutting and dancing in front of them.

“Well,” the old man said. “As long as some guy doesn’t try to put his paws on her – I’d cut his bollocks off if any guy tried to do that to my little angel.”

At that moment Steve’s “little angel” was shoving her ample tits in their direction.

On the field the game was rapidly reaching its bloody climax. With a few minutes to go Jack really wanted to find Pizza-face before the end of the game. He got his chance. He found himself racing behind him as the thug  tried to reach touchdown. Jack aimed himself at his legs and brought him down in a bone jarring tackle. Pizza-face rolled onto his back and started to get up when Jack jumped onto his chest. Then with the man struggling helplessly beneath Jack  – with almost methodical  precision – began smashing  his fist into his face. Within a few minutes he turned it into a bloody jigsaw puzzle.

 “How do you like that f*ckface?!” Jack  panted “this should improve your looks a lot!”

At that moment the whistle sounded – end of game. What a crying shame thought Jack. But just for laughs Jack smashed his knee up into the man’s groin… as hard as possible. Not once – not twice – not thrice but four times! On the fourth blow he felt something squelch beneath his knee. Then he got up leaving his opponent screaming and rolling around in agony and  clutching his busted crotch. When Jack and his mates started walking back the cheerleaders came rushing onto the field to meet them. Leading them was Jilly – on her face a broad smile of triumph that her man had just trashed the enemy! 

Jilly threw herself off the ground so Jack had to catch completely or she would have fallen into the man. Then she was kissing madly as possible like someone possessed. Jack had never seen her this aroused after a game. 

From the seats his father looked on angrily at his son’s good fortune. Watching all that warm desirable female flesh wriggling delightfully around in his son’s arms filled with lust and sexual frustration.

Meanwhile, ambulances were coming to a halt beside the “field of battle”  and men in white coats coming out with stretchers. For a moment the jocks and cheerleaders stopped their kissing and cuddling to look at the spectacle. The entire field was littered with men rolling round in helpless pain – all of them were fortunately from the boot camp! Most of them seemed to have groin injuries! When they ambulances tried to lift them onto the stretchers they would start howling even more. Some of them were even calling out for their mothers! 

They got little sympathy from anybody! The crowd were still applauding and cheering the spectacle while the jocks and cheerleaders thought the sight was great fun! 

An hour or so later in the changing room the coach gave Jack and his team mates the “casualty report”. Apart from a sprained wrist and ankle nobody on their side was really hurt. But on the other side it sounded like a “slaughterhouse!"

Four broken collar bones!

Two broken arms!

Two  broken legs!

Three twisted ankles!

Seven twisted wrists!

Five broken noses!

Four broken jaws and… last but not least… seven damaged testicles!!

“In fact,” said the coach with a wicked smile. “One guy was smashed in the ball-bag so hard, it looks like his nuts have been ruptured!" 

The coach looked over at Jack when he said this. “I guess that last little item is courtesy of our friend Jack here.” 

At that, everybody erupted into laughter and applause. Everybody came up to congratulate  him  – not least being Jilly who unabashedly kissed him full on the lips and whispered in his ear, “My hero!"

All the guys burst out in wolf whistles at that. That night Jack had the best sex of his life with Jilly. In fact she almost proved to be insatiable! She called upon him to “mount” her so often during the night that come morning his “bollocks” were totally drained and almost aching.
That pain soon passed however and later as he stood looking at himself in the bathroom mirror he reaffirmed the truth of what he realised when he turned 14 years of age – and that was that sex and violence were the bedrock of life. There no better pleasure in life than to bash another man into bloody pulp and then make love to a beautiful girl. Nothing beat those experiences – and nothing ever would. That was the way Nature meant things to be – from the days of cavemen clubbing each other over the head to win the favours of the female to footballers kicking the living shit out of each other so they could bed the cheerleaders! 


The End

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