Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Big Game - Part Two

By Ragnar

...continued from Part One!

The stadium was packed with people – many of them were entire families – come along to support their college team. Nobody was there, however, to support the “scumbags!" The two teams stood facing each other. The college band was playing the school anthem. Behind Jack and his team the cheerleaders were strutting their stuff.

Jack and his team mates knew that if they played well there was a good chance that they would be “scoring” with some of the girls later that evening. Jack had long wanted to bed Jilly in the cheerleader squad, but unfortunately, she also happened to be the coach’s daughter. And the coach had made it clear that if any guy on the team so much as laid a hand on her he would cut his nuts off... so it was hands off! But Jack knew she fancied him as well, so he was hoping that today was going to be his lucky night, no matter what her father might do!

He was just beginning to feel a familiar tightening in his jockstrap visualising the scene when a voice shouted:

“Eh pussy boy!"

He looked up and saw the guy on the opposing team staring at him – his eyes blazing with hatred and fury... and his face covered with acne and spots. Jack thought that quite apart from anything else, those guys at the boot camp were all as ugly as fuck!

“Yer – I’m talking to you, asshole!” he continued.

“So what do you want, pizzaface?!” Jack shouted back.

His team mates laughed at that. This seemed to annoy the kid even more. His face twisted up.

"I just want to tell all you pussies that we aim to cripple the fucking lot of you – and then we are gonna fuck those girls behind you – they look like they need a good fuckin' and I doubt a load of faggots like you are up to it!"

That brought a lot of cheering from the other guys on his team. Jack looked behind him at the cheerleaders. They were doing high kicks. Jack knew that Jilly and her team always did their raunchiest dance moves immediately before the game started. It was a deliberate strategy – not only to get the men in the crowd horny - but to egg on the players to fight like crazy on the pitch once “battle” commenced.

Even for Jack – familiar as he was at seeing the cheerleaders strut their stuff -the sight of those thigh high short skirts and bulging blouses fit to burst made his cock go hard as a ramrod in his jockstrap. That was painful but he couldn’t control his body’s physical reactions to lust. What’s more he welcomed it as his premature sexual arousal always primed him up for the coming orgy of violence on the field. Now he couldn’t wait for the game to start – especially with Jilly and the other girls watching how he played. He could also pick up vibes from the crowd – he could sense their bloodlust rising. It was like the Roman arena!

He turned his head and looked back at the opposing team... and realised that all of them were staring past him and gazing at the cheerleaders as well. Their expressions would have laughable if they had not looked so stupid. They were all the same – mouths dropped open like morons and eyes staring with drooling lust!

Jack decided to needle them about it. He knew there was always a short period of “psyching” the other team out just before a match. It could put the other team off guard and that could be fatal for them later when the game started. Their coach knew all about this tactic – in fact he called it “foreplay!" Verbal violence as a warm up before the real violence later.
Jack looked pizza-face right in the eye.

“Yer” he said in mock commiseration. “I guess where you animals are corralled together there's a real shortage of girls!"

He saw that remark made the guys on the opposing team really colour up with embarrassment. He knew then he had struck “gold” – he had hit on their weak point. Now he was going to have fun “twisting the knife” in the few remaining minutes before game started. Crouching next to Jack was his best friend Bill. Bill immediately picked up on what Jack was doing and he decided to help out.

“Yer, well if you are locked up in a boot camp” Bill said “like so many like f*cking galley slaves then all you can do is fantasise about girls... and of course you know what that means” And with this he turned to Jack and both of them made the universal symbol for self ejaculation – the hand rolled into a fist and thrust rapidly back and forth. The rest of their team mates burst into applause and laughter.

Needless to say the other team didn’t see the joke! Especially “Pizza face!"

He burst out with a torrent of abuse and expletives – his face red with shame.

Jack needled him some more.

“I guess by the way your face has just gone as red as a tomato you do an awful lot of jacking off in there. Must be sure tough on you guys – what with all that sexual frustration and no girls. Tell me do you use your left hand or your right hand when you have a wank? Somebody told me its better to use the hand you don’t usually use!”

Bill chipped in: “He doesn’t use either – he gets his mate to do it for him!" Everybody on their team burst into laughter again.

“Is that right asshole?” Jack shouted over in mock concern. “Do you get your mate to do wank you off? Sounds pretty disgusting to me!”

“Nah,” said Bill. “I heard that in those places they all strip off after a game and pile into the showers and then they get pervy with each other.”

Jack just shook his head. “That’s really sad... and really disgusting!”

By now, Pizza-face was almost crying with humiliation and rage. He could scarcely get his words out coherently. “You bastards… I’ll kill you, I’ll fucking kill you for that!” Spit and bile was fairly shooting out of his mouth.

At that moment, the whistle went off for the start of the game. Jack just had time to shout out: “Well here’s your chance, wanker!”

Then both teams ran into each other like tanks on the battlefield. The sound of heads cracking against heads and shoulders crashing into shoulders could be heard all over the stadium. A roar of approval went up from the crowd – not least from Jack's father and sister sitting in the front row!

...to be continued!

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