Monday, January 21, 2013

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother - Part Eight

By Psiberdreaming

...continued from Part Seven!

Dr. Phillips dismissed his receptionist for the day and assured Olivia that the building was empty except for the two of them. She picked up her cell phone and rang Pete, letting him know everything was safe. It was only about fifteen minutes later when a knock at the door announced the bully's arrival.

"Come in," Phillips welcomed Pete as he opened the door for him. He walked into the office for the first time and looked around at decorations and baubles that held no surprise for him. He had already checked the doctor out thoroughly. He knew everything about him...including the fact that once he began talking to a patient, he became more guarded and that meant that now was the time to...

As the door shut and the doctor walked back to his desk, Pete ran quickly up to him, grabbed him the back of his neck and slammed him, face-first, into the top of his desk. Blood splattered out as Phillips nose broke and Olivia screamed out.

"Pete, stop it!" she yelled at him.

"You really don't want me to do that, do you, Olivia? We both know what you want and if you just sit back and enjoy this, I will get you so fucking wet," Pete sneered at her.

Olivia clamped her mouth tightly shut and sat down silently, turned on by the evil stare that Pete had given her. A jolt went through her as he punched the doctor in the head and threw him to the ground.

"Quick, Mrs. Redmon, call 911," Phillips cried out as Pete slowly approached him.

"Yeah, great fucking idea! Hey Olivia, call 911 and then hand me the phone, I'll tell the sheriff myself!" Pete replied quickly, almost too spontaneously.

She looked at him strangely, unsure what to do.

"Really, Olivia, call 911 and ask for the sheriff and then give me the phone, I'll turn myself in."

She slowly picked up the phone and listened for a dial tone, suspecting that Pete had shut the phones down, but everything sounded normal. The operator came on the line asking what her emergency was and she replied that she needed to speak directly with the sheriff, "It's an emergency!" After being placed on hold, Olivia handed the phone to Pete and he happily took it. Ramming it into the top of the doctor's skull twice, he then placed the phone against his ear and listened.

"Hey Dad! I was just calling to tell you that I am beating the crap out of that doctor I told you about," Pete smugly said into the phone.

Olivia's mouth dropped open as she stared I shock, while the doctor began to whimper.

"Oh, yeah, don't worry I'll cover all my bases...yeah, I'll make sure he keeps his fucking mouth shut...what? Oh, ok, I'll ask. Hey, Doctor Pussy, you still want to talk to the cops?"

Phillips sobbed loudly, crouched on all fours on the floor, blood smeared and running down his face. Pete kicked him in the stomach, hard enough to lift him off of the ground. Screaming, Pete grabbed Phillips by his tie and yanked him up. "I asked if you wanted to speak to my father, you CUNT!"

"No, no, oh god no!" he cried out to the bully.

"No, Dad, he says he's good, Pete said, winking at Olivia, "Talk to you tonight, bye."

Hanging up the phone, he threw it at the doctor's head and laughed when it bounced off and into the air.

"Now, you fuck, now we get down to business," the bully hissed at the injured man.

Picking the doctor up by his wrinkled tie, he grabbed his face in his hand and slammed his head into the mahogany desktop and then tossed him like a paper doll over it and into the bookcase, causing pictures to scatter and the crucifix to fall off of the wall and hit Phillips face, leaving a large gash along his cheek.

Pete left the psychologist lying on the ground and walked over to Olivia. Looking her up and down, he couldn't help noticing her heaving chest, moving with breathy excitement and her hard, extended nipples, sticking up, forming spikes in her t-shirt. Her face was flushed and eyes wild, while her hands trembled.

Pete grabbed the back of her head by her hair and pulled her face to his, his mouth covering hers. Automatically, her mouth opened under his as she accepted his thick tongue, worming her own around his as her hands wrapped his head, pulling his wavy, shoulder-length hair hard.

He released her, the two of them connected by their own heavy breathing, the excitement in their eyes, and a string of saliva – hanging between their mouths.

"Oh God," Olivia whispered.

"Yeah. You wet?" he replied.

She nodded, with an evil smirk on her face.

"You wanna really fuck this guy over?"

She looked at the doctor, who was struggling to get up on his knees and then back at the bully... her bully! "It's so wrong; he was supposed to be helping me to get better!"

"Better? You call taking you away from who you truly are, better? You aren't meant to be living your entire life raising some piece of shit and laying back, making love to a pussy son-of-a-bitch. You get off on hurting people, just like I do. It's a natural thing to do what is inside of you. My father taught me that...he was the nastiest bully of all and his life is so much better because he embraces who he is. He took over from his father as Sheriff and when my Daddy's ready to retire, he will hand it over to me. My family has always been bullies and we control this county and we do it because it is the way things are meant to be, just like you are meant to fuck me, fuck your husband over, and fuck up people like your son and this cunt." He pointed at the doctor.

"Only with me can you really feel life and experience who you truly are. Just think about how you cum when you even talk to me. Does your dickless husband ever make you cum like that?"

Olivia shook her head, embarrassed.

"So, are you going to let this fucking head-shrinker brainwash you into being a small town robot wife, acting like you are supposed to, like everyone expects the good wife to act, or are you going to stand up for yourself and be the woman we both know that you are?"

"Your father's really the Sheriff?"

He nodded.

"You're going to take his place, no matter what?"

"We own this county, lock, stock, and barrel," he assured her.

"So you can do whatever you want, no matter what it is?"

"Baby, my uncle's also the County Prosecutor; my older brother is the elected coroner; my cousin is the County Clerk..."

"Really?" she asked – getting more wet and more sexually excited with each increasing proclamation of power and prestige.

"So, do you want to get better, or do you want to help fuck him up?"

"Let's fuck him up... bad," Olivia sneered, feeling a surge of power and sexuality spike within her.

"Good, get over by the couch."

She moved where Pete told her to, while he grabbed Phillips and dragged him over to the couch, throwing him onto it. Looking around for a moment, he spotted a gym bag close by. Approaching it, Pete opened it and sifted through, pulling out a small towel. Walking back over to the couch he threw it into the doctor's face.

"Clean yourself up, asshole."

The towel dropped onto Phillips' lap as he continued to cry.

"NOW!!!!" Pete screamed.

The psychologist jumped, quickly grabbing the towel and wiped his face.

"I asked my father about you. Good, church-going, family man is what you are; but not for long. When he told me that your reputation meant everything to you and that you would do nothing to ever hurt it, I knew that you were the biggest pussy I had ever laid eyes on. What kind of man cares about his reputation above anything else? Hell, you can't even do what you need to do in life if all you care about is your goddamn reputation... just ask my dad."

"Your father's corrupt," the doctor spit out.

"That may very well be, but he gets done what he needs to and doesn't really give a shit what anybody thinks of him and that's a real man," Pete spat and then paused, a sinister smile growing on his face, "He tells me that he used to beat the fuck out you back in school."

"He's a bully!" Phillips cried out.

"Yeah well, me too. And from the moment you met me, your life is going to change in ways you never – ever – thought it would."

"I do- do- do- don't understand," the doctor stuttered.

"Oh, you do-do-do-do-do-don't?"

Olivia laughed, in spite of herself.

"Well, let me tell you, you're about to cheat on your wife and your family, whether you like it or not."

"Huh?" Phillips questioned.

"You tried to mess with my life and with what I wanted. I went three months without seeing my girlfriend here and that pisses me off. You're going to pay for your interference. You know what? You're gonna fuck your patient here, cheating on your wife and breaking your professional code."

"Huh?" Olivia asked, shaking her head in disbelief.

"You heard me, you two are going to fuck, right here, right now!"

"Pete, I don't want him, I want you... I'll fuck you!"

"You'll fuck who I tell you to."

"Wait," Phillips interrupted, "I'm not going to have sex with anybody either."

Pete laid all his strength into a punch straight to the doctor's gut, robbing him of his air.

"I already said that it didn't matter whether you want it or not, now just shut the fuck up, or I'll really hurt you."

"Pete, please," Olivia pleaded.

"Olivia, you said you wanted fuck him up and I talked to my dad about it and this is the only way to make sure that he doesn't start trouble. Think of it as you raping him, fucking him against his will. It'll be awesome."

"But I can't."

"You can if you ever want me," Pete said coldly, flatly.

"You can't mean that!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, I can and I do. Either he gets fucked up and over tonight or you can go back to your boring life, with your boring sex, and your piece-of-shit son. If you do it, though, your life gets so much better from here on out. You get real power and can do anything to anyone you want, with no repercussions, like me. If you do, I will make it so great for you and make sure that you have nothing but thick white creamy orgasms for the rest of your life."


"You can also do whatever you want to him," he shifted his eyes toward the gasping psychologist.

She looked at the doctor, her pussy hungry and her green eyes excited as she licked her sexy lips, but doubt still lingered.

"Tell you what, baby, sit on the cunt's lap for a bit and see how it feels. This could be really good, if you give it a chance," Pete whispered, his voice thick will vile lust.

To top it off, he pulled Phillips' head back and slapped him across his face, hard. Olivia's pussy gushed. She stood and with some hesitation pulled up her skirt. Pete walked over to her, holding his index finger up to her for a moment. Falling to his knees he pushed his nose into her pussy and inhaled deeply. She gasped as he grabbed her panty hose and ripped them, exposing her satin panties. Rubbing her snatch first, he then grasped her pink underwear covering her cunt with both hands and pulled, ripping them open.

Standing, Pete waved his arm out toward Phillips, introducing predator to prey and then moved out of Olivia's path. Biting her lower lip, she sat on the doctor's lap, facing him. She couldn't feel any form of bulge at all and wondered if he would get hard. The fact that he had a chance to fuck her, someone evidently better than him or the cow of a wife that he cherished so fucking much, and that he couldn't even manage a hard-on infuriated her to no end. She slapped his face so hard that her hand stung.

"Please, Olivia, don't do this," he begged her, as if the slap woke him up, "You have been struggling with the darkness within you and winning. Doing this could set you on a fall from a precipice that you can never come back from."

Her hand shot out and covered his face, shoving his head violently back over the rear of the couch, "SHUT UP! I'm trying to think," she said, screaming at first and then eerily calm at the end.

"Pete, are you sure that you want this? You don't want me all for yourself? I don't even have to do anything with my husband anymore... I can be all yours, please," she tried once more, staring him in the eyes.

"This is what I want and what you need to do, for me, then I will do whatever you want me to do form here on out."

"You promise?"


Olivia squeezed Phillips face hard, digging in her nails and lacerating him in four different places. "If you want to get out of this office in one piece, I suggest, Doctor, that you stop thinking about that bitch at your house and think about how lucky you are to fuck someone like me. I am so much better than your wife at everything and believe me, after this you will never even think about her frigid, dry, slit again. However, if you don't start getting some blood in that dick of yours soon, Pete and I will make sure you are very sorry... I don't take to rejection well at all."

"Think about your son, Olivia, think about Tim," the doctor urged one last time.

Olivia answered by releasing his face and planting her mouth over his; thrusting her tongue inside. Phillips began to close his mouth, and in order to protect himself, bit down on her tongue. She felt his teeth, pinch and close in and removed her tongue quickly. Her head snapped back and Olivia looked down at him with fury in her countenance. Raising her arm, she brought down the back of her hand to the side of his face hard and quick, and then slapped the other side as well. The resonating sound of the slaps echoed through the office as the doctor started crying again.

"You fucking bitch!" Olivia screamed and started raining blows down on her psychologist, left and right and left and right, until Pete caught one of her arms in mid-flight.

"Calm down, baby, I need him good enough for pictures or none of this means anything," Pete told her, attempting to calm her down.

"He fucking tried to bite my tongue off!"

"I was just trying to protect was a defense mechanism... it was reflex... I didn't mean it..!" Phillips quickly rattled off.

"Look, Doc, don't do that, because if you try to protect yourself one more time, I will kill you, you got that?"

The psychologist looked fearfully at Pete and nodded his head slowly.

"Good, now relax and fucking enjoy yourself, or I'm gonna have to make you sorry... you got me?"

Phillips nodded, replying the very same way as he did last, shaken by the death threat, knowing pretty well that Pete could probably get away with killing him if he really wanted to.

"Just keep your parts out of his and keep on going," Pete instructed Olivia.

She lifted herself off of the doctor and reached up under her skirt, moving her torn panties out of the way, tucking them inside her torn pantyhose; then she reached down and opened his pants. Yanking them violently down, she sat back on his lap and reached down for his penis, which was still small and flaccid.

"What's the hell's your problem Dr. Shithead?" Olivia sneered, making Pete giggle, in spite of himself. "I know I am a hell of a lot better looking than that cow in your family pictures, why isn't your cock ready?"

"Please Olivia, er... Mrs. Redmon, don't do this. I want to remain faithful to my wife and God," the doctor pleaded, trying once again to calm and defuse the situation. If he could only reach her humanity, the very same humanity that brought her to him, for help in escaping the life that this bully teased her with.

"Fuck you. If you want to leave here with your dick still attached, you better start playing with it or something; whatever it takes to get it hard."

"Y-y-y-you d-d-d-don't mean that," Phillips trembled and sputtered out.

"Oh she means it, alright," Pete reinforced as he pulled a large folding knife out of his back jeans pocket. "I've been looking for an excuse to use my new knife and cutting off your little dick will do just fine if you don't start doing whatever you need to in order to get hard."

"Oh, my God no!" Phillips cried out as he looked down at the floor where his wall-hanging crucifix had fallen.

Pete followed the psychologist's eyes and walked over to the religious symbol.

"You talking to this God?" he asked Phillips mockingly before he picked it up and just as suddenly smashed it across the edge of the desk hard enough to cause an explosion of pieces to fly in every direction.

"GOD'S NOT GOING TO FUCKING HELP YOU OUT HERE, YOU CUNT," Pete screamed at the doctor, spit flying out of his mouth, "NOW GET YOUR FUCKING HAND ON YOUR DICK AND GET IT FUCKING UP, OR I'LL CUT IT THE FUCK OFF!!!" be continued!

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