Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother - Part Five

By Psiberdreaming

...continued from Part Four!

Sweat rolled off of her body as she gasped and stared at the phone, shaking, cum oozing from her pussy.

"Quick, take a picture of your cunt for me! Hurry!" he urged her.

Still feeling the tremors everywhere, she grabbed the camera and stuck it between her legs, snapping a picture and then sending it to her son's cell phone. 

"Oh my God, that is so hot and nasty! What the fuck is that white stuff?"

"That's my flow. I can have visible cums, kind of like squirting, but it doesn't squirt," she answered back, still gasping.

"Shit, that is so awesome. You ever cum for your husband like that?"

"No," she admitted, not really caring right then if she gave away a secret of her marriage. It somehow seemed right to share it with him, considering everything else she had shared.

"Well, have you ever cum like that before?" He was inquisitive as hell, but she would chalk it up to his youth and relative inexperience with different women.

"Yes, when I was younger," she replied.

"When you were with bullies?"

They both got very quiet. He wanted to hear the answer and a part of her did not wish to speak it. But she had gone this far already, she reasoned.

"Yes, with bullies."

"You want me to give you a present?" Peter asked quietly.

"What kind of present?"

"The kind you used to ask guys like me for."

She thought long and hard at this point. What the hell was she getting herself into?

"Yes or no?"

This was almost contract bullying and the age difference... she understood that everyone involved was legally adult and she wasn't technically corrupting a minor, but there was an age difference which should result in her being the responsible adult.

"Yes or no?"

Olivia was sure it would be Tim that would be hurt, but could she do it? The turn-on would be so immense...

"Yes or no?"

God, he never gave her time to think... to get her head on straight. She already let him get the advantage today; in fact, she participated fully, even though it was through the safety of the phone... he couldn't touch her physically.

"Yes or no, Olivia Redmon?"

Imagine the power of the orgasm she would have, after seeing the new damage to her son, done just for her..! "Yes! Do it!" she finally exclaimed, letting the words burst forth before she could rethink them, or take them back.

"I need you to do something first."


"Take the phone to the piece of shit's bathroom, but don't do up your pants... and leave your cummy cunt alone, don't even wipe it yet."

She grabbed her cell and waddled upstairs to Tim's bathroom. "What do you want me to do?" she asked, puzzled.

"Grab his toothbrush and put it in your pussy."

"WHAT? Are you nuts? I don't want that piece of shit tasting my pussy!" She had to admit, she kind of got a thrill calling him that... she was just glad that she remembered Peter's request.

"Do it. I'll tell you why tonight."

They were silent and she fidgeted with the brush.

"Trust me. I got a good reason. Besides, picture his face as he is forced to brush with the cum made for me."

She grabbed the brush and pushed it gently up her twat, feeling the scraping and scratching of the bristles. Pulling it back out, she examined it, coated with the secretions from her pussy.

"So what? Just put it back to dry?" she asked.

"Yup...So how did it feel up there?"

"It hurt. Remind me never to fuck a toothbrush."

He laughed and then, finding his laugh infectious, she joined him.

"Now, go into his bedroom and clean up your cunt with the shit stain's pillow case. I want his face lying in the cum you made for me."

"You are sooooo bad," she tittered.

"You like it though, right?"

"God, help me, I do."

Ripping Tim's pillowcase off of his pillow, she carefully - and fully - wiped up her snatch and then replaced it on his pillow.

She reminded him one more time that he should think about giving the phone back since she and her husband pay for it and they each hung up.

Around five, Tim staggered in, with his right eye swollen shut. This was her present!

She couldn't help herself as she literally felt her pussy gush!

"What happened?"

"Nothing. It's my problem, remember? Not yours or Dad's or the Principal's," he spat at her.

"You got that right, Mister. And I better not hear you spout one bad thing about Peter, either... to anyone." She smiled, in an almost sinister way.

"How do you know his..."

"His name? I just do. Come here and let me see that."

Timidly he walked over to her... afraid. She placed her finger gently on his swelling eye socket and then quickly pushed. He screamed in agony.

"Oh, don't be such a whiny little piece of shit! I was just checking for permanent damage and there is none. Now go to your room and stay in there tonight. No dinner tonight since you provoked him when I specifically told you not to!"

"But mom!"

"And you can stop the sniveling, too."

He ran upstairs and slammed the door as she pulled out her cell phone and dialed.

"Hello, Peter."

"You like my present?" he asked.

"Yeah, I do."

"Is he going to report me again?"

"Nope," she reassured him. "I sent him to bed without dinner for provoking you and told him not to say anything bad about you to anyone, or else."

"Really?" he replied in shock.

"Really." She paused. "So how did the toothbrush come into it all?"

"Oh, yeah, I told him to keep his mouth away from my girlfriend's pussy or I'd hurt him even worse."

"Oh my God, really?" she laughed. "That's actually pretty funny!"

"Yeah, I thought so. Now, when he brushes his teeth tonight, I have the right to bust him again."

"Yeah, I guess you would. That is, if I was your girlfriend."

"Oh, you have been since the alleyway... you just haven't accepted it yet," he stated firmly.

"Well, okay." She paused for a second, weighing her options. "I guess if I'm going to be your girlfriend, you should hold on to that phone, instead of giving it back - you will probably need to be able to get a hold of me."

She ended the call with a push of a button and realized that she now had some sexual steam to release. She supposed that her husband would benefit from that tonight and as horny as she was, he wouldn't know what hit him. First, however, she needed to make sure that the piece of shit remembered to brush his teeth. be continued!


  1. Not sure about the stuff with the toothbrush - probably a bit too kinky for me but as for the rest of the story I like it!

  2. This is an incredibly well written story.....and disturbingly, so damn hot!

  3. Very exciting how Mom and the Bully's relationship is building. You can't help rooting for them to do more damage to Tim.-EATANDBEMERRY69

  4. I want to have her. Tell pete to realy kick the shit out of tim. Leave him face down in a ditch. With broken bones. Like both legs and arms. Along with several ribs. Plus a crushed face. Then have her fuck pete over her whimp shit stane son. Then tell pete you want me. Finsh him slowly


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