Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother - Part Nine

By Psiberdreaming

...continued from Part Eight!

Phillips started blubbering as he reached down and started stroking his penis. Olivia grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head against the back of the couch.

"That was so fucking hot, when he just screamed at you, wasn't it? I am sooooo turned on right now!" she gasped, before plastering her mouth over the doctor's again. Her tongue, strong and wet, moved over his, tangling with it, trying to elicit reaction, but when there was none she grabbed his tongue with hers and pulled it into her mouth, sucking on it hard and wild. This was too much for Phillips as his cock hardened and was soon as stiff and big as he had ever been.

Olivia could finally feel it, so she reached down, slapping the doctor's hand out of the way, and pushed it into herself. She could barely feel his small size within her pussy, but it wasn't his cock that was important to her but what they were doing right now that turned her on so much; it was so wrong and dark and powerful for her. Forcing someone into a sexual confrontation and taking them whether they want it or not was incredibly empowering and the power she felt turned her on immensely.

Leaning forward, she started sliding back and forth, a little trick she learned with her husband to bring more friction to her stiff clit when his dick just wasn't quite doing it for her. 

"How's it feel, Doc? Come on, tell me what I want to hear, how's it feel to fuck my hot cunt?" 

"Good, I guess," he mumbled between shuddering gasps, "But I still don't like it or want it!"

"I bet that bitch you married to never made you feel this way, did she?" yelled out Olivia as she ignored the last part of his declaration, as his wants and desires mattered very little to her right now. She sped up her movements, to emphasize how much better she was than his wife.

"She ever do this to you?"

He wouldn't answer her, so she leered at Pete, expecting help, letting him know that she was raping Dr. Shithead for him, so he needed to get involved – all with a look. 

"Answer her, dickless," he instructed as he slapped the back of the doctor's head hard enough to jar it to the side. 

"NO! No, she never did this to me, alright?" 

"Does her pussy feel as good as mine?" 


"Does your wife have a loose flappy cunt? Hmmmmm?" she asked through the effort she was exerting with her sliding thrusts. 

Phillips looked to the side and closed his eyes, beginning to thrust ever so-slightly back, not able to help his body's desires. Pete didn't hear any answer, however, so he slapped his head again. 

"Look at her and answer her questions! Don't close your eyes again and don't make me tell you again!" 

"Yes, okay, yes..." Phillips mumbled out. 

"Yes what?" Olivia questioned her victim, "Tell me!" 

"Tell you what?" 

"Tell me what that cow has, now, tell me now!" 

His sat befuddled for a second, having trouble thinking as a tension in his groin grew tighter, and his ability to keep his orgasm at bay weakening. 

"She has a loose cunt." 

"Oh God!!!" Olivia screamed out as hearing him berate his wife was an even bigger thrust to her sexual ego. Her twat throbbed and pulsated and she was just about to cum. 

"STOP!" Pete yelled out. 

Olivia stopped moving and looked at him in frustrated shock, "What the fuck? Why? I thought you wanted this?" 

"I do, but I don't want his pitiful cum touching any part of you."

Pete bent over and grabbed the doctor's foot and yanked it up and the slid his shoe off. He pulled the lace out and then instructed Olivia to lift up. Wrapping the string tightly around the base of Phillip's dick, he then wrapped it just as tightly around the top of his scrotum. The psychologist could feel it and began to struggle but Olivia grabbed him around his throat and pushed back and down, holding him in place.

He could not loosen her grip and started to choke. Meanwhile Pete tied a pretty intricate knot between the penis and balls - that was very tight – leaving neither the ability to receive or give back the blood that filled them and gave them life. Olivia could notice the change almost immediately as his dick grew in size and firmness. 

"Oh God, what did you do?" she asked, a wild look in her eyes.
"I kind of gave him a cock ring, to keep him both from cumming and from losing his erection, but I also wrapped it around his balls. If we don't finish in time, his cock may just start to split open with too much stored blood while his balls might just die and fall off," Pete told her, laughing at the same time.

"How long would this take, I mean, how long can I fuck him?" 

"As long as you want." 

"This is incredibly hot. Where did you learn this?" 

"My dad. He said that they will do this to child molesters in the jail sometimes, after the sentencing and their lawyers left." 

"Your father's kind of evil." She smiled at Pete as she released the throat of her doctor, leaving him gasping for air as his airway was now free to accept the oxygen – nitrogen mix which kept all breathing creatures alive. 

Sliding again, she almost immediately came, not being able to contain her excitement. The doctor groaned in pain, his dick fat with blood. Olivia licked his face once and started fucking again, slowly but building in speed until she ached in the pain her muscles felt, but it was a good pain. Phillips started screaming, feeling his own pain, which was not so good. 

She came five times that evening, not feeling able to continue. The doctor screamed and cried and moaned and thrust, trying to force an orgasm that was right there but never actually attainable. Each time he built up toward that point, his cock grew bigger and fuller, blood flowing in trickles down his cock as it appeared to be right at its breaking point, while his nuts now hung fairly low.

Phillips never noticed that Pete was recording the entire incident on his phone and would later edit it. In the end, they tied the doctor to a chair, covered his mouth with duct tape and left him sitting in his office for the weekend, until his receptionist found him on Monday. By then, of course, it would be too late to save many things. His marriage was over, as on Saturday morning, Pete delivered a heavily edited version of the video to Mrs. Phillips, which included him telling Olivia that his wife had a loose cunt and that Olivia fucked so much better than she did; Of course, Pete blurred out Olivia's face and distorted her voice.

Phillips' reputation was gone as rumor rapidly spread that he disappeared that weekend to fuck a very troubled patient, this interpretation had some wind beneath its sails due to the Sheriff's office seemingly at the center of the information release.

Finally, his balls were gone and his penis misshapen as the two and half days he sat there, tied, with no one coming to look for his "cheating ass" were enough to completely deprive them of life-giving blood. The receptionist could only spot a withered and dark piece of floppy skin hanging between his legs, while seeing that his penis was bulbous and purple and fat, with dried blood flaking off of it.

When the Sheriff did show up to the call, Phillips was threatened to keep his mouth shut. The entire town was to think that he lost his masculinity in a sexual misadventure and nothing more. The Sheriff then let Phillips know that his only regret was that he didn't do this very same thing to him back in high school, when he used to bully Phillips, however, he would be willing to visit his son and try it out, if the psychologist did decide to ever talk.

"In the future, this might teach your sorry ass to stay out of my boy's business," he whispered to the sobbing doctor, who never did share anything with anyone and eventually moved away, nobody ever hearing a whisper from him about any of it.


  1. This is a creative and well written story. I hope the author will continue to write.

  2. This was the best story I've read on this blog, so well written. Thanks to the author. I hope to read more from you.

  3. I started reading this story and could not stop. I look forward to the next chapters...

  4. This is a truly GREAT SERIES. But, a continuation is now an ABSOLUTE MUST!!

    Need to see Olivia & her bully boy friend, seriously beat up her husband-in
    front of her son. Then go to work on the submissive little tworp!-EATANDBEMERRY

    1. Dude you are the kind of person that is disgusting

  5. The author has contacted me and the next chapter should be completed soon!

  6. Greetings. I must say I derive a fanatical pleasure... Not from the obvious cruelties inflicted here, but getting off on what I would do to them... I think I have an unusual sort of sadism. I don't get off of punishing the weaklings--not normally. I get off of exacting punishments on the wicked and the cruel, the sadists themselves, but in far worse ways than they could ever concoct--so visceral is my imagination... for instance, coating the hapless victim with boiling honey, then loosing an angry bee's nest on their genitals, or setting their hair on fire, if only temporarily... Deliberately infect them with nonlethal diseases to prolong their suffering, force-feed them cockroaches brined in a stew of fecal matter, take a branding iron and singe my initials permanently into my slaves' flesh, glistening with clitoral juices and fresh upwellings of blood. I am a blood-drinker, too, and I relish its heat, its metallic scent as it cascades ever so lusciously down her neck and upon my feverish tongue... I love making those who consider themselves empowered brought down to level of the sniveling cowards they consider themselves above. There is no greater pleasure than exploiting another sadist to the sort of experimentation they wished they'd invented themselves, or had the nerve to try... Better yet, AFTER the torture, bring in their beloveds or enslaved, keep the other sadist helpless as I fuck the shit out of the ones they call their own, and horrify them with how much they LOVE it! Mmmmm... Delicious. If there is anyone here who might find they elicit some feral pleasure from my descriptions, any whose slutty juices are all worked up, you sorry cunts reading explicit fetish stories on the internet because you cannot find action for yourselves in your miserable existence, either trapped in the closet or finding that the world sees you as an abomination if you continue to pursue what your genetics dictate you must... Well. We'll see if we can't arrange something. I might be in a dungeon near you. >;)

    You may contact me via my unofficial email,, if you wish to speak to me. I will then run through with you a few questions to determine if you desperate housewives and sick fucks are worth my time. Continue only if you are damned sure you will enjoy every little kick I can get out of you retromingent cocksuckers, if you want to cum harder than you thought was even possible, if you think you can handle being scarred for life by the Demon King, in our lair of coughing corpses and burning brimstone (I use the royal "We"). If you are brave (and perhaps foolish) enough to pursue this offer, perhaps we'll be seeing each other soon, in Hell. >;)

  7. Easily the hottest story - on a blog with a lot aof hot stories! Can't wait for the conclusion- I have a feeling that Piece of Shit won't like it though...

    1. Hello,

      You are truly amazing! And if there is a Hall of Fame for these type of Special Erotic Fantasy Stories,you deserve to be in it.

      The GREAT PLEASURE that you give to so many women, and the admiration of manymany who would want to inflict the same Deliciouys Pain on those so Deserving, is magnificent.

      As for this story, this cries out for a sequel where Olvia, & her boy friend, beat the shit out of her husband. Humilate him even more before all his friends. Thejn start in on her 18 year old son.-EATANDBEMERRY

  8. I would love. To read about her standing next to pete. Telling him to break her sons legs slowy. So she can hear him scream. Then realy beat the shit out of him. Dont stop until he is nothing but a bloody pulp. Then I want her to walk over to her whimp son. And spit on him then shove her stillettos threw his eyes. Then telling pete finsh him for me. Then my pussy husband.

  9. Hello, is there a site where we can find the rest of the story or something happened and it won't be finished?

  10. I wish the doctor would have had a firearm on him and shot Pete in the fucking head the moment he walked through the door


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