Monday, January 14, 2013

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother - Part Seven

By Psiberdreaming

...continued from Part Six!

It had been three months and the visits with the doctor – as well as her complete lack of communication - had resulted in the ability for Olivia to relax a bit. She had to explain to her husband that she had been receiving crank phone calls and that in the end a new cell plan would give the entire family new phones and a cheaper plan.

She still had her moments, as Pete's violence on Tim had increased after she cut off communications with the bully. Keeping her hands away from Tim, she discussed her feelings with the doctor and found her need to masturbate to her son's pain waning. It didn't mean that it didn't turn her on. For instance, now when she fucked her husband she would close her eyes and picture Pete beating her son to a pulp. Make no mistake either; what she did with her husband now was fucking, straight out. She received no gratification from making love any longer and what she shared with her unknowing husband was now rough and violent; clawing, biting, thrusting, grunting, pounding, and slamming. Bruises and bite-marks and bleeding scratches were evident on both of their bodies and sex took place now more frequently than at any other time in their marriage.

Jim, her husband, had noticed the change and loved this new wild side of his wife but was too stupid or ambivalent to her motives to care why it happened. After all, how many 42 year olds walked into work every day with their dicks worn out and marks of violent sex all over them? This was his dream come true, no matter what brought it about.

This naiveté about his very own family was also what allowed Olivia to be able to cover up the beatings that Tim took from Pete. She may want to stay away from the bully, but by the doctor's suggestion it was best to let him continue with his interactions with her son, as long as his life was not in jeopardy. This could only happen if Jim remained ignorant and convinced and Olivia knew how to make that state of bliss continue.

It was on the next visit to the doctor that he made a request, which sent her sense of control and propriety spiraling away, faster than the speed of light.

"What do you mean call and invite him?" Olivia asked her mouth agape and her understanding ripped asunder.

"I need to understand why everything that is happening is happening; to do that I really need to eventually meet with all involved parties, while keeping your specifics private to yourself. I am thinking that if we meet with Pete first, that I can help definitively separate him from you."

"Okay, that actually sounds reasonable. I'll ask him," she acquiesced.

"Good. Keep everything on an even keel for a couple of days and give me a call on my private line when you know whether Pete will come or not."

Phillips jotted down that phone number on the back of one of his cards and handed it to Olivia.

"Go ahead and set your next appointment with my receptionist, and we'll get you fixed up."

"Thank you Doctor, I'll call you soon to let you know," she said as she stood and shook Phillips hand and then left.

"Now, if I can get him into counseling, I can push Olivia and Pete toward the conclusion that will benefit the research paper the most," Dr. Phillips whispered to himself, his voice mumbling and under his breath.

What the good doctor was not aware of was that Pete had been following Olivia for weeks and had already figured out what was going on. She was almost his and he wasn't going to let some pussy son-of-a-bitch take that away from him. Watching her from outside the building, he figured that he would wait for the doctor to come out and then put the scare into him.

He jumped a little, his concentration on the front doors of the building broken as the phone he had taken from Tim rang shrilly.

"What?" he snapped into the mouthpiece of the tiny cell phone.

"Pete? It's Olivia. Is it possible that we could meet?"

"You looking for something all of a sudden? Haven't you gotten the messages I sent home with your kid? Why now, out of nowhere?"

"It isn't exactly out of nowhere. I have been seeking help and now I need your help," she requested quietly, almost shyly.

"What kind of help? You didn't need any fucking were already perfect."
 "I'm not perfect, Pete. It's one thing when you are beating up Tim, but I can't be's just wrong."

"And next, you stop me, I bet."

"I haven't done one thing to interfere with you, not one. I have worked really hard to keep my husband's nose out of your business and to keep Tim from going to anyone for help. You are safe and now I need to be safe and I need your help to do that."

"What do you need?" he asked her, suddenly reserved.

"I need you to come to my doctor's appointment next Tuesday at 4pm. The two of us will talk to him together about us."

"Tell me one thing first, and I will go."


"When the piece of shit comes home after I kick his ass, does your pussy still get wet? Do you still rub one out thinking about it?"

"Pete, I don't think..." she started.

"Answer me, now."

"This isn't..."

"NOW!!! He screamed into the phone.

"Yes, ok, I still get turned on," Olivia stated quickly.

He knew that he would still have her, no matter what a doctor might say, but that was okay, he would still fix the doctor, just for shits and giggles.

"I'll go, but only if it is only you, me, and him...everyone else in the building has to be gone before I get there."

"I'll let him know," she replied, "thanks Pete."

"Yeah, whatever." He watched the doctor come out of the building and walk toward the sidewalk, "Look, I gotta look into something, text me his address and I'll be there."

She didn't even get the entire "okay" out of her lips before he hung up on her. It didn't matter though; he had information to gather on the doc if things were to work out the way he wanted them to. Quietly, he followed the psychologist as he walked the six blocks to his house. be continued!


  1. I am expecting he would beat up the doc ! Am I wrong ?

  2. is this going to be a book?

  3. This story is amazing, it's Xmas day and I have not stopped jerking to this all morning. Absolutely beautiful.


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