Monday, January 7, 2013

Bully Gets Wimp's Mother - Part Two

By Psiberdreaming

...continued from Part One! 

It was two weeks before Tim was ready to attend school again. During that time, Olivia took a leave of absence at work and tried to work with her son. Trying to lovingly sooth him and find out who attacked him, she became increasingly frustrated by his lack of will and his complete fear of a bully who obviously threatened to hurt him of he did.

Seeing no other choice, she let her son go to school alone, as he needed to learn to help himself. This did not mean that she would not be around, however, as she decided to follow him and see who was threatening her son. Years of experience with bullies would now come in handy as she was now the mother of the kid who was picked on.

Half-way to the school, Tim started walking across the street quickly and Olivia wasn't quite sure why until she saw Pete taking chase. He was a big guy, taller and more muscularly lean than anyone she had ever been with.

Before she saw Pete, she was headed over to save her son, but now she just stood there... watching.

The bully slapped her son hard and he fell to the ground, landing on his broken arm.

"Fucking pussy!" she heard him scream at her son. She felt horrible but her nipples got hard and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. A wetness crept into her cunt as she squeezed her legs closed, tightly.

Biting her lip, she watched the abuse go on for a few more minutes, until Tim gave Pete the money she had given for lunch. Tim was crying and all she could think was that maybe he should go without lunch today.

For now, though, she had to be a protector and stop this from happening again. It was horrible enough to have just let that incident take place in front of her. Although, she could justify her inaction with the idea that she was investigating and did not want to embarrass her son by running in. How to explain her sexual feelings, though, was better left to be explored another time, when she was home and very much alone.

Pete obviously wasn't going to school today as he headed in the opposite direction as Tim. Deciding to follow him and confront him wherever he would end up, Olivia snuck around about thirty feet behind her son's torturer.

Along the way she couldn't help notice his tight and muscular physique, from his ass all the way up to his shoulders.

"This is how a man should be built," she said to herself, under her breath. Casually, he walked not seeming to notice Olivia trailing him. At some point during the walk, however, she lost him.

Jogging up the street to catch up to him, she didn't notice that Pete had ducked into an alleyway and gasped in shock when she was grabbed from behind and dragged back into the shadows.

"Who the fuck are you?" he spat.

"Tim's mother."


"Tim Redmon, the kid you were just bullying."

"You're that shit stain's mother?"

"Yes," she answered, not bothering to dispute the name he called Tim.

He released her and asked, "How is it that you are his mother? You are fucking hot as hell!"

"Thanks, but I want to talk to you about leaving him alone... not my appearance."

"You're a liar," he smirked at her.

"What? I don't appreciate you accusing me of lying," she sprayed back angrily.

"Just shut up. I know you are lying. You don't give a shit about him and... you want me."

"Oh my God! I can't believe that you would even think that!" she gasped.

"It's true, I know it is. Otherwise why would you watch me beat the shit out of him and take the little bitch's lunch money? You didn't think I saw you, across the street, looking on...getting hot? Biting that lower lip and hugging yourself while you got wet watching? It turned me on to know that some bitch liked what I was doing, so I did it harder. Who knew it was his mother," he sneered, "and do you know what? I think you liked seeing that pussy get put down and shown his place and that now you want to fuck me far more than you ever wanted that piece of shit's father. It's true, isn't it?"

"I have absolutely no intention of ever cheating on my husband," she explained in a tense and controlled way as she accented every word by poking him in his hard pectoral muscle, "and if I ever were going to, it sure as hell wouldn't be with a kid like you!"

Faster than she could see, Pete grabbed her arm, pulled her toward him, and kissed her hard and passionately. His tongue snaked into her mouth as, automatically, she started fighting back, wrestling with him, and eventually shoving him off of her.

"Get the fuck away from me, asshole. I didn't ask for that! Leave me and my son alone!"

Pete grabbed her back forcefully, spinning her around so that her back was pressed to his front, and began kneading her tits.

"Your nipples are hard, bitch. They get this hard with your hubby, hm? The hubby you'll never cheat on?"

She struggled, trying to get out of the bully's grip, but no matter how strong she was, he was stronger. Gasping, Olivia intensified her struggles as she felt his hand cup her snatch.

"You like this, don't ya bitch? You like having the guy who is beating up your son playing with your twat don't you?"

Throwing up her skirt, his hand grabbed roughly over her panties and he squeezed hard. Her intake of breath and grabbing of his arm showed him a reaction she could not hide.

Biting down on her lower lip, she fought her arousal, the arousal she had been fighting since Pete threw Tim to the ground, possibly re-fracturing his arm. It was getting out of control and she knew that she would not win the fight if he did not stop.

"Leave me and my son alone," Olivia gasped, her throat amazingly dry and her plea noticeably less convincing this time around.

"I don't think so. I think I am going to keep on beating the shit out of your cunt of a son and you are going to let me, while I fuck you better than anyone has ever fucked you in your life. And you know what? Even knowing that I am tormenting your kid, you'll keep coming back to me, cheating on your husband, ignoring his needs, not to mention your own son's well-being and you will enjoy the shit out of me using you...fucking hard."

As the last two words slithered out of his mouth, he pushed an index finger into her wet groove and began stroking her hard clit through the wet panties.

"You walk around wet like this all the time?" he taunted. Rubbing faster, he noticed her changing attitude as she was no longer pushing on his arm but instead was grabbing it.

"Tell me you like it."

She moaned long and breathy as he demanded again,

"Tell me you like it, if you want me to keep going."

His words drifted in to her thoughts followed by the realization that she did not wish him to stop, she was too close to cumming.

Besides, she couldn't very well finish herself off in an alleyway. If they were caught now, he would go to jail but if she were alone, she would have to complete her masturbation until she reached climax and then she might go to jail...and she didn't even start this whole thing.

Tim's mother felt that she had no choice but to tell him, "yes, I like it, damn you!"

"Tell me you like to see Tim get his ass kicked by me."

She moaned but wouldn't respond. She couldn't, it would be a betrayal to the son she gave life to. If she could just keep quiet and he would just keep playing another couple of seconds. 'God, why am I soooo turned on right now?' she thought as she squirmed.

"Tell me, or I quit right now."

He stopped his hand's movement and she gasped, looking back at his face, frustrated.

"Tell me, bitch. Tell me that me beating your cunt of a son turns you on, or I fucking walk away right now."

She was so close. She had to say something, she needed him to finish, more than anything she had ever needed in her life, she needed him to finish.

"You beating Tim up, turns me on," she blurted out, "now finish me goddamnit!"

Squeezing her hand over his and forcing it back onto her pussy, she realized that she actually felt a freedom announcing her desire. And it truly was her desire, not just something he was forcing her into. She got hot watching the bully apply his trade on her son and she wanted nothing more than to cum right now.

"Beat the fuck out of him, I don't care, just make me cum!"

It was this admission that allowed the release of her juices into his hand and seemed to make her orgasm rise in intensification. She never remembered cumming so hard in her entire life, as she grunted -- trying not to scream in a public alley -- where anyone could hear.

Finally, she slumped in his arms and he released her, letting her fall to her knees, skinning them. He wrote something on a piece of paper and stuck it in her hand.

"That's my address. My parents will be out tomorrow after nine in the morning. Come to me then and prove me right and I'll make you feel like you never have."

Staring at him as he cockily walked away, her mouth hung open. Looking at the address in her hand she realized her panties were soaked as her pussy was far wetter than she could remember it being in a very long time. be continued!


  1. I sure hope he is hung like a horse and fucks her hard and deep...

  2. good story so far.


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