Friday, January 25, 2013

Candy Bait - Part Two

Home is a little rat’s nest. “I’m gonna get cleaned up and go to bed,” I said. “Come on, baby.”

“Nah, I’m gonna stay up and watch videos!”

She’s young, but I don’t know where she gets her energy. I went in and lay down on the bed, waiting for sleep to take me. I was so exhausted. Every day with her is exhausting. But then I heard that giggling in the next room. Then I heard her laughing hysterically. I knew what she’s watching. My cock started to grow stiffer at the sound of it. Maybe I’ll just jerk myself off, I thought. Yeah. I’ll just jerk myself off and then I’ll go to sleep…

I began to rub myself, but I can’t continue. Just knowing she’s out there.

I came out into the living room. She’d made herself a bowl of popcorn. She was watching a snuff video we bought a while back, some poor asshole being tortured to death with some mad dogs chewing at him, screaming for help. She loved this one. She wanted us to make our own videos, but I told her no way. I never understood how people made snuff films and expected to get away with it. “I try and not leave evidence of my crimes,” I had tried to explain to her. “Not make fucking movies out of them.” I always knew she was disappointed. So she tided herself over with others she ordered online.

“Come on!” she said. “You’re just in time!”

I just watched her, her eyes, the gleam in them, her smile…. She sat on top of me and bounced up and down during the final disembowelment. That’s her favorite part. She let out a delighted sound as she bounced, while on the screen, the poor fuck is getting his guts splattered out across the cement.

Finally on the downward bounce, I grabbed her big tits hard to keep her still and again emptied myself into her.

That night I dreamt about the first time I met her. I had been doing a hit outside of a club. After it was done, I looked up and there was Candace, leaning over her balcony, watching the whole thing. “That was lovely,” she said. “Come on up, killer!”

I was cocky. She was sexy. Sure I went up.

“That was wonderful!” she cooed. “You were amazing!” She undid my pants and sucked my dry for the first time.

“I have another hit later tonight,” I had told her. “You want to come along?”

“Yes!” she squealed. “More than anything!”

Being the bait was her idea, to lure them out. She loved it. She loved flirting with the victim, leading him on, bringing him out. She loved the betrayal, the betrayed look in the victims eyes when he realized what was going on. She liked to blow them a kiss as a final farewell, that became her signature.

Those were good times all right. But now I was bone tired. How long had we been together? Six months? A year? It was hard to say. Finally, she was all done her videos and she came back into the bedroom, nudging me. “Come on,” she moaned. “I want to have sex. Please? Pwetty pwease?”

I pretended I was asleep. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Jesus Christ, a man has his limits!
I could see her through the slits of my eyes, watched her getting dressed, getting ready to go out. If she couldn’t have sex with me, she was going to go out and have sex with the first man she found. Then she’d be back. She always came back to me.

I imagined her with another man, being manhandled by a huge gorilla of a man, the kind she liked. The thought of it turned me on so much that before I knew it, I was jerking myself off. Jesus Christ.

Just as I knew she would, she came back into the apartment in an hour. I could hear voices out in the living room. I peeked through the crack of the bedroom door. Sure enough, she was with a huge black man. I grew hard, watching the way he groped her. I loved seeing her with other men, I can’t explain it.

Then she told him she had to use the bathroom. She came to the bedroom door and whispered at me. “I brought someone home!”

“Yes, I couldn’t help but notice that. It s four in the fucking morning, you know.”

“Listen. I’m going to go back in there and suck his cock,” she continued. “You come behind and slit his throat! But wait until he’s about to cum! I want him to cum in my mouth as he’s dying!” 

“Are you crazy? In our apartment?” 

“It’ll be fun! Come on!” She touched my cock with her fingers. “Please?”

“And then can we sleep?”

“You got it!”

She did what she said. She began sucking on the guy’s enormous cock. I crept from behind with my blade. 

“Oh, it’s so big!” she swooned.

“Yeah, take it all in, bitch!”

She did. He was breathing heavy. Finally, I knew he was coming. I was close to cumming myself. I reached around and slit his throat. He jerked around but she remained fastened to his cock. Finally, he slumped forward.

“Oh, that was wonderful!” She wiped the cum from the corner of her mouth. “Well, ready for sleep?”

“But Candace,” I said. “What are we going to do with him now?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno. That’s your problem. Nighty night!”

She went into the bedroom, wiggling her ass, closed the door behind her.

So it was just me and lumpy here. He was an older guy, like me. Well. I looked at my watch. Sun would be up soon. I wrapped him up and took him to my car. Drove him to the bay and threw him in. I lit a cigarette. I decided to get some grub at my favorite diner. I used to always go there after making hits. It had been a while.

“Hey Mack, how’s your lady?” asked Denny, pouring black coffee from behind the counter.

“Candace?” I shook my head. “I wouldn’t know where to fucking start.”

He laughed. “Women. Can’t live with them, can't kill them! Am I right?”

It was clear. It had been clear for a while now, but I just didn’t want to admit it to myself. I would have to kill her. If I didn’t, she would have me killed. I knew she would. She would meet some new, younger lover, and have them kill me. I could imagine her laughing with glee as she watched it happen. It was unavoidable.

I paid for the coffee, and started in on that day’s business. I didn’t come home until that night..

“Candy, baby?” I said, holding the knife in my pocket. “Baby? You home?”

No answer. The lights were out.


“In here!” I heard her say from the bedroom.

I would make it quick. She wouldn’t feel a thing. That was the least I could do for her. And then I thought, hell, maybe I could just fuck her one more time, why not?

She sat up in bed with her knees to her chest. She had a bowl of freshly popped popcorn steaming before her. She giggled as she munched on it.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just that you’re in for a big surprise!”

I turned quickly. But not quickly enough.

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