Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Fan Base

I was up late checking my e-mail the other night. You should see the e-mails I get. I got yet another e-mail from Donald asking me what I would think if he was wearing diapers when he died, an e-mail from some Arabian prince wondering if I would marry him, a bunch of e-mails from guys telling me what losers they are and how small their penises are and would I please say something humiliating to them... on and on it goes. Then I got this e-mail from someone calling himself "KillerStud:"

Candace, I LOVE your blog! I have been jerking off to it constantly since I discovered it, you are one sadistic lady! I LOVE that you get off on violence, I think that's so hot, you have no idea! Please see the attached video I made for you, I think you'll like it!

Indeed, there was an attachment. I was sure it would just be him playing with himself, but I opened it anyway.

What I saw was a man tied to a chair, naked. His face was covered in bruises and his hair was matted with blood. My breath caught as I watched him sitting there.

Then another man walked into view. He was a large man, very muscular, very toned. He was wearing a black hood over his head, like an executioner.

"Hi, Candace!" he said. "I want you to know that I'm making this little video for you. I hope you enjoy it!" He then proceeded to crack the man in the chair over the head, sending him to the floor.

Again, my breath caught. Wow! This was exciting! I watched as the large man kicked the smaller man again and again. He was screaming out in pain, begging him to stop. But the large man did not stop. No, he kept going.

I started to giggle, I couldn't help it! I bounced up and down and applauded, as the bones crunched and the blood flowed.

"Do you want to see more, Candace? Skype with me, and I'll do much more, I promise!"

With that, the video ended. I immediately sent my reply.

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