Monday, January 28, 2013

Nerd Boy in the Girl's Locker Room

In high school, my big crush was on a really stuck-up cheerleader named Julia.

I was in gym class with her and a few of her friends, when she walked up to me and asked if I could talk with her during her cheerleading practice. I asked her if this was a joke and she giggled, "No!" with a smile.

She told me to wait by the exit at the girl's locker room. She assured me that no one would spot me there. It was hard to believe but, being the nerdy little loser boy I was, I went anyway.

When she opened the door, she grabbed me and pulled me in so quick my skinny arm almost broke. She was wearing a pair of really short gym shorts where her panty lines were visible, I remember, and a blue cut-off work-out shirt with the number 12 on it. It made me spin. She told me that she was planning on breaking up with her asshole boyfriend because he was unfaithful. Not only that, but that she was looking for someone more like me to fill in the void after being hurt so many times by the big jocks she usually dates! She said that guys like me appreciate what they have, or something like that.

Then she told me that she thought I had a cute bottom! She had seen it before when her boyfriend pantsed me in the library once.

She took off her top and threw it at me and then tuned around and pulled down her gym shorts. God, she looked amazing! She pulled her head to the side and kicked off her shorts in my direction. I was so hot, she was wearing a silky purple string bikini and I was getting flustered! She wanted me to remove my shorts, so I did and knew I looked ridiculous in my whitey tighty underpants. I could feel my tiny, penis erect and was so embarrassed. She took a look at it and said, ''Ooh, kinky!''

She then told me to crawl over to her with her back to me. After pretending I didn't want to, I submitted to her demand, of course, all the while thinking this was just playful, kinky behavior from one of the popular people. As I crawled playfully over to her, I tried to inconspicuously take a sniff of her gym shorts on the ground and that's when I heard the laughter and the footsteps.

I looked up real quick and she had a sadistic smile across her face with a giant "L" shape on her forehead made from her unattainable fingers and belted out loudly, "Ha-ha, nerd boy! As if I would ever leave my hot boyfriend for you!"

Then the crowd of cheerleaders and their jock boyfriends all ran out from hiding! They grabbed my underwear and pulled them down to my knees, then began to swat and spank my bottom with gym towels and pom-poms, with loud chants of, "Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!" The girls took pictures while I cringed and whimpered almost to the point of crying and wetting myself.

Then some of the jocks picked me up and dragged me over to the stalls where they proceeded to give me upside-down swirlies, while the all of the girls laughed at my humiliation and egged their big boyfriends to humiliate me even more!

When they finished dunking my head in the toilet, the girls walked over and pulled off my underwear and slapped my face with them, all the while pointing and laughing. Julia then grabbed a pair of her dirty underwear out of her locker and put them on my head and told her boyfriend to slap me around some more. This made the girls horny and some of them were even making out with each other while I was being spanked, slapped and made to sniff dirty panties.

It turned them on to see the the weak being tormented by the alpha males of my highschool.

I finally did cry, and of course everyone took joy from my degradation. But in the end, they still had no mercy for me; stripped totally naked and full of shame, they picked me up once again and carried me out of the girls locker room and into the football field where even more people saw me. Once they threw me down I ran off crying but forever learned my place in the presence of superior beings like football players and cheerleaders.


  1. so hot...WOW! I wish I was that little nerd being tormented by alpha studs and sexy cheerleaders. I worship the ground alphas walk on and would do anything to be humiliated for it...I'm such loser dweeb.

  2. Please more high school humiliation at the hands of jocks and cheerleaders. I masturbate to thought of being towel whipped, spanked, forced to sniff superior underwear, laughed at, stripped naked and degraded by popular boys and girls they are so superior and nerds deserve to be humiliated by them. Please more stories like this one.

  3. So hot, I love nerd humiliation by stuck up bitches. I would do anything to be degraded by alphas.

  4. Oh yeah, nerd loser gets humiliated by the popular and beautiful people of the school...sounds about right!

  5. I love all kinds of girl shapes now, but in puberty, I mostly went for substantially thick boned,
    "corn-fed" amazon types. I remember in coed volleyball, I was right across the net from

    (not her name, her appearance) SHIT!!!....the SEED I welled up on those afternoons!!! The longing
    to breed with her stays with me to this day! If male desire had a smell, the board of health
    would have shut the school down that spring!....Just DEMOLISH, FUMIGATE, REBUILD!!!!!!

  6. I was walking home from school and I had to cut through the woods and all these jocks came from the blue and surrounded me . They teased me "hey jess where you going dressed like that tututut " I froze where I was scared but shouted "just let me past guys" a few of the boys slapped my butt and then all of a sudden two guys pinned me down while my clothes were ripped from me and I was left in bra and panties . I begged them to give them back so one of the leaders said "naughty girls need to be punished" so an hour straight I was spanked and chased home


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