Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The World of Audrey - Breaking Up is Fun to Do!

 By Audrey
I  think it was only  about a week or two after my first time having sex and I simply lost interest in him. There was another boy who I found interesting and of course I wasn't  going to dump him until I had someone to replace him with. I  felt that if I broke it off with him I might look like the loser and he could claim he dumped me.

The boy I found interesting was easy enough to get. He was interested in me, so just a little flirting was all I needed. But to make sure that I was dumping the first boy, I arranged a rather public confrontation on  the school grounds.

It was easy enough to simply put on a display with the new boy, holding his hand, putting his arm around my shoulder as we walked past the first boy. The boy was obviously bothered and I made a point of putting on the display where he could see it several times.

It didn't take long for him to confront me with my new boyfriend. He ignored the new boy and talked directly to me.

I told him I was breaking up with him and he looked like he was going to cry. I was very cold about it and he put his hand on my arm as if to pull me away.

I said  "Ouch," and  something like  "You're  hurting me!" and slapped him pretty hard. I wasn't hurt, of course, but needed to put on a show and it worked.

My new boyfriend jumped in and they started shoving each other like boys always do. But I wanted to make sure my new guy could win so I distracted the first boy so my new one could tackle him to the ground.

It worked out almost perfectly. The first boy was down and my new boy was on top of him on his back and punching his head and shoulders while he was face down. He managed to roll over onto his back, but the new guy was still on top and the first boy was right at my feet.

The new guy hopped forward onto his chest, pinned his arms under his legs and punched his face a few times. The first boy was helpless in that position and said something like, "I give!" The new boy was about to get off but I told him to stay there and keep sitting on him for a minute.

He smiled and did what I asked, just sat there and folded his arms looking very satisfied. I was standing only a few inches above the losers face and his nose was bleeding. A lot of other kids were watching and most were laughing and making jokes about him. Some suggested doing things to hurt him more.

I squatted down next to his face and grabbed his hair. I told him he was a loser and he better not bother me anymore and that I didn't like him anymore.

Then I stood up and told my new boyfriend to give him a black eye.

He scooted up higher on his chest, trapping his face between his knees and punched his left eye two or three times. Then I let him just sit there while I enjoyed the scene.

He was still on the ground when we walked away.

I was sort-of disappointed when I saw him the next day because his eye wasn't really blackened the way I was hoping. Just bruised a little and red, like it was blood shot.

Some of the other girls who had been watching the fight said they really enjoyed it and wanted to be told if I ever had him beaten up again.


  1. Yes the schoolyard is often the place where boys learn to be boys and girls learn to be girls. Its a sort of testing ground to sort out the jocks from the wimps. Its interesting to note that the "pecking order" in the playground usually carries over into later life. The jocks become highly successful alpha males with plenty or girls while the wimps end up as ..........well just wimps who usually end up endlessly w*nking over pin ups and girlie videos because no real girl wants to be seen dead with them! Harsh maybe but thats what life is about.

  2. Simple, straight-forward and realistic. A good, quick read.


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