Friday, February 15, 2013

Aiming To Please

By Bobby

Bobby had been very turned on by Candace, not just by her stunning looks, but by her personality. He knew this very sexy girl got off on seeing guys get hurt - REALLY HURT - badly, and he was all-too-willing to go the limit to turn this hot babe on.

He knew that Old Mr. Peterson, the Math teacher, was drooling over Candace at every chance he had in class, and he could tell it was pissing her off. Being in the same class, and when an argument broke out, he knew that old codger had no reason to single her out and give her detention. But that was just what he took.

So at 4:00, she reported to detention, and Bobby decided here was his chance to make things right and get back at the prick.

He saw her standing at the black board in her micro mini skirt, writing on he board as old Mr Peterson dictated, "I will no longer be a slut in school."

As she wrote this, he was sitting in his chair, playing with his cock in his hand, and making sure she saw him.

"I'll get the basturd," he said. He snuck into the classroom, got behind the teacher, and roughly shoved him against the black board.

"So you like to play with yourself in front of young girls?"

Before Peterson could say a word, Bobby slammed him hard in the stomach, knocking him to his ass, and completely startling him.

"Take that, you fucking pervert!" he yelled, kicking him several times with his steel shoes in the stomach and his ribs.

Bobby could see the excitement in Candace's eyes, so he kicked him a few more times.

"Oh yeah, baby... that's it, hurt him for me!"

"You want me to really hurt him?"

"Oh, yes, Bobby! Please!"

So Bobby grabbed the old 60 year-old teacher, spun him around, and then slammed his face super hard into the blackboard. It busted a couple of his teeth in the process.

"Oh, shit, Bobby! That was really swell!"

"You haven't seen anything yet, sweetie!"

"Please don't hurt me..." the teacher shouted. "I'll give you both money!"

"Shut the fuck up!"

Bobby then hit him with the wooden chair several times, breaking the chair over his body. The teacher tried to get up, and Bobby took a second chair and slammed it hard against his face, knocking him to the floor again.

"Wow, that was sooo great, Bobby!" Candace said with admiration.

"Why don't we have some real naughty fun with him now?" 

With Candace's help, Bobby stripped him of his clothes, and Bobby started to squeeze the old codger's cock, when he screamed out again.

"I told you to shut the fuck up, you moron!" he yelled, slamming his head several times against the board. Then, "Sweetie, you have those nice heels, why don't you be a doll and step on his cock?"

Giggling, and absolutely delighted, Candace drove her spike heels into his cock, as Bobby reached into his knapsack for a tool. He pulled out a pair of pliers, and then proceeded to squeeze the old man's cock real hard, making nice cuts in it.

"Oh, Bobby, you are wonderful! Go on, hurt him some more!"

"Don't you worry sweetie, just you wait."

With Peterson writhing in pain, Bobby then pulled out a 6 inch knife from his knapsack & held it front of the teacher's face.

"Oh yeah, Bobby, cut him honey!" she swooned.

Bobby rammed the knife up his asshole to the hilt, making him double over with pain.

"Oh shit, Bobby! That was fucking great! Do it again, sweetie!"

Bobby slammed the knife in a couple of more times, then wiped the bloody knife off on his face.

Smiling at Candace - who was by now ramming three fingers into her soaked pussy - he started to stab at Peterson's worn-out dick. He butchered it something fierce as Candace shouted with glee.

"Oh, fuck Bobby! That was so fucking great! Don't stop, hurt him some more!"

Bobby slit the old man's arms from the shoulders to the wrists, then took his hammer out of his knapsack.

"Watch this, sweetheart! I think you are really going to enjoy it!"

Bobby then banged at the old guys teeth, knocking several of them out, and made several more cuts in his very bloody cock.

Kissing him on the mouth, Candace said, "I want to to now fuck me, Bobby!"

"Oh yes, baby, time to leave this piece of shit. But first, we'd better shut him up."

He then took his knife, and stuck it down the old guy's throat, puncturing his voice box, and then proceeded to fuck his mouth with the knife, till Candace was overjoyed, seeing all the blood erupt from his mouth.

Then, as a fitting tribute in unison, they both simultaneously pissed all over him as he died.

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