Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clubbing with Hot Sadists

Those two ladies go to a club and after sitting together and enticing all the guys for awhile as they study what's  available, they decide the best match-up is a pair of healthy and handsome guys. They seperate to go after each.

A bit of discussion with each establishes that the guys are macho and aggressive (as well as horny) but one has some special training as a fighter.

Since a fair fight isn't what they look for, but a beatdown, this works.

After a ladies room conference, they agree on these targets, and they go out to seal the deal.

It's easy to get the studs hot to do them, and when they each ask if the guys remember the woman she came in with, of course they do, and each tells her target how much she and her friend like three-ways with a guy and how much they want to do him.

The guy is at this point sure he's dreaming or died and went to stud heaven.

Until the girls join up again, and, "Oh, dear!" they each have a guy. They tell the guys that they'll all go back to the house the girls share and they'll decide who to do the three-way with. But the other guy will get some action, too.

They get them home and start really driving the men mad while they get to know them. They also maneuver the studs into competition and with a few careful ego pricks stir up bad feelings between them.

The men, of course, see none of this, or much besides how hot the ladies are, but soon they are feeling very hostile to and competitive with each other.

The girls say, "We like real manly men. Only men who can handle themselves get to handle us!We're both ready and eager for a three-way, but there's one man too many. So are you men?"

Both assert that they are, so the girls sexily walk to the backyard and the men instinctively follow, still convinced that they are the predators here, with no idea that they been wrapped up in the silken web of these smart and sexy ladies.

"The real man gets the two of us, and we'll make you very, very happy. The loser... well, losers don't deserve much. Maybe we'll let him watch."

Each man is just drunk enough and way more than horny enough to be willing to do just about anything for this reward, and they are naturally aggressive, confident, and they have developed a real dislike of each other, so they go for it. They each figure they can handle themselves; it's one of the standard male delusions. But when one man has training and quite a few amateur boxing matchs and an good winning percentage, it's not much of a fight. A couple shots to the ribs of the untrained man and the fight is out of him and he's ready to quit and the other man is ready to get busy, but the ladies are mocking them both as wimps and repeating that only a real man is going to have them.And lest any different ideas get into either of the boxer's heads, a pair of automatic pistols have appeared on the tables next to the lawn chairs of cheering and jeering ladies. So the beatdown continues.

With the one man holding his sore ribs his face is an easy target and soon blood is pouring from his nose and from a cut over his right eye while his left eye is swollen, and when his hands come up to protect his face his ribs get worked hard and from his grunts and the way he turns to try to hide them it's clear a couple ribs on his left side are broken. Any referee would have stopped this long ago, but not the officials of this fight, who a cheering each punch and yelping excitedly with each spurt of blood or moan of pain from the beaten man as they call:

"Kick his ass!"

"Hit him again!"

"Oh, I'm so hot!"

"I love it, I love you, hit him again, hit him, hit him, hit him!"

All accompanied by squeals and moans and gasps that sound familiar to the boxer, though he never heard them during any fight before. The loser is down now and the boxer isn't trained for  ground fighting but the girls squealing to hurt him more.

"Kick him! Kick him!"

"Stomp on him! Stomp that loser!"

The boxer kicks the downed man in the head a few times and as he curls up defensively (though not in the puglist position, as his arms are up around his head) the boxers kicks his ass and stomps his thighs and shoulders; the downed man makes an effort to grab and hold the kicking feet but the boxer leans down and punches his head several times, not hard enough to do much damage - to other head or hand - but enough to loosen the beaten man's grip and the boxer's feet break free and he moves lower and kicks the beaten man in the kidney area and in the balls and when the loser is just laying there bleeding and quivering the boxer literally kicks his ass repeatedly, and turns to the girls and says:

"Now, bitches, let's get it on!"

But the women are already near naked and rubbing against one another on the glider- their pistols now out of reach, so it seems they've no objection to giving the boxer his prize. They move to him and start fondling and kissing him and start moving back inside but they tell him: "Just one more thing, and then we'll love you like you've never been loved before."

And so he picks up the loser and drops him on a piece of canvas the girls pull out and drags him into the bedroom and props him up in a chair which already has a big piece of plastic under it and tie him to the chair, and they all get in bed and girls prove that whatever else they might be, they aren't liars.

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