Friday, February 1, 2013

Conspiracy of women who fancy bad boys

This will give you a laugh. I just goggled the phrase "aroused by bullying" to see what would come up, and I found this anonymously written article on a site called h2g2. Check it out if you don't believe me.

Anywhoo, this article really cracked me up.  After I corrected the myriad spelling and grammar mistakes, I knew I had to post it. Does it sound like the author is describing anyone you know?

There is an agenda by women who are sexually aroused by bad boys who rape, murder, bully, and wreck people's lives to have more people who do such things, because they are sexually aroused by them. They also find it entertaining to see other people being abused for their pleasure. Such people should be locked up indefinitely.

The worst thing is they call me scary for saying this, but they don't find it scary when their boyfriend beats people up or abuses people. They don't find it scary to want innocent people to be abused. They don't find it scary that they fancy evil. They're ruthlessly evil, psychopathic people who don't even feel an ounce of guilt of wanting and supporting abuse. They even think they are funny and clever for doing so. As if they expect win an award for being evil. I hate them, I hate them! If they want us to get abused, then why can't we put them in prison and see how they like that? Look at those evil evil women who support and fancy Mike Tyson for being a rapist. I hate them, I hate them! 

They see evil as manly, sexy, they would probably see the holocaust as manly and sexy. They then tell you the abuse is trivial but if something bad happens to them they don't see it as trivial. They then try over and over again to tell the you bullying is trivial. No matter how much depression, suicide there is they expect you to believe this. Well it isn't. either is rape, or other forms of abuse. I am fed up with abusers expecting their victims to say, "Oh yes, I am a trivial piece of scum, it doesn't matter if I get abused!" How psychopathic can abusers and people who fancy abuser possibly get.

If they get punished, they don't see that as trivial but if we get abused they see that as trivial. They expect other people to have their lives wrecked just because they have decided to find bad boys sexy. They want to have children who inherit that ability to be ruthlessly evil, so they find ruthlessly evil people sexy. They see evil as a positive advantage to be passed down to their children so they love evil men. I saw this at university and school of women sexually aroused by bullies and abusers cheering on evil men to abuse people like me. This conspiracy takes the form of trivialising evil men's actions of supporting them rewarding them loving them making them win, trying to attack their victims using very many sophisticated methods in every day life by bullying, and the media to do this, and above all to justify their own evil attraction to such evil men as a legitimate freedom. Most of these people are bullies themselves who hate victims of bullying or see victims of bullying as dehumanised scum.

There are lots of pro bullying people who support, encourage, reward bullying, rape, abuse just because they want more abuse, more bullying and more rape because they are sexually aroused by men who commit evil. They are Nietzscheism people who think other people should suffer misery, depression, suicide, just because they get sexually aroused by evil men. They are horrifically dehumanising towards vulnerable people and deeply loving towards men who bully and abuse because they support men who abuse and love the idea of men who have the power to abuse. They have total support for evil bullies in ruthless evil measures often writing columns, literature, films specifically to put forward the case for more bullying men to justify bullying men to put down victims of bullying. They occur in many different spectra of society, just like bullies. While the actual male and female bullies are themselves important in the subject of bullying, the people sexually aroused by bullies are even more important in the ideological battles in terms of bullying, as they are more able to put on a false image of being altruistic when they support bullies or rapists, or other serious abusers. 

As part of the conspiracy, the media present an image of expecting people to either feel sorry for people who fancy bad boys or to think of them as really sophisticated clever people. The latter tends to be more true in that they are ruthless nasty horrible people, who are almost always bullies themselves who gain pleasure from abusing people, or from knowing their partner abuses people, and want children to inherit the evil person's ability to be evil. They think other people should be raped, bullied, abused so they can get turned on thinking what a bad boy their partner is. They should be locked up. 

I know a small minority of people who fancy bad boys are ill people who I do feel sorry for, but most are just evil pro abuse thugs who are clever enough to know what they're doing, the later are the ones who I see as evil.

Does it sound like he's describing someone you know?
They regard men who abuse as cute. Sexy, funny, exciting, and the good men as empty, trivial nothings scum to be abused. Well I hate them back, why on earth you expect me to have any other emotion towards them I don't understand. Before you say I'm scary let me just remind you of why you support the abusers and why you don't support good people. I'm not scary, you are! You abuse and you support abuse! Full stop. So stop trying to con victims of abuse that they're scary you psychopath. It doesn't work on me anymore. You abuse, you support abuse, you're the scary one! No matter how much you try and brainwash people to believe otherwise. I am not falling for the rubbish any more. People who fancy bad boys are evil full stop. I am not the one who will hurt or abuse. You are. So get it into your head, you're the one who supports abuse, not me.

One of the next things they do when you finally point out they are horrible people is tell you there isn't such a group of people. When you point out the number of women who fancy rapists, bullies, serial killers, thugs, the school bully, the work place bully, they act like you're describing something trivial.

What women who fancy bad boys do is this list of argument back They always use the same evil arguments.

1. They shout abuse at you telling you are pathetic or scum that doesn't matter.

2. Tell you you're scary, or mad for hating people who fancy abusers, even though they don't fear bullies and thugs.

3. Tell you such people don't exist when of course they do I would say an incredible amount of women passionately support evil men and we should tell such women they are evil evil evil people and lock them up. Tied in with this is trivialising abuse. They tell you the abuse is trivial as they see the victim as trivial scum.

4. Tell you they don't matter. When they do They make evil men win and they get more men to do the abuse and they regard good men as scum and tell them thought. Which causes good men to suffer depression.

5. Laugh and ignore or insult.

They do exist, they do matter, they do make a sever difference, they should be locked up. 

Haha! Loser, loser, loser! Have fun jerking yourself off!


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  2. Hey Candy are you implying i am the wimp i the article? lol


  3. whimps should be killed off by women not pittied!!

  4. what a load of poor gramma and rambling waffle though!!!

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