Friday, February 8, 2013

Face Stomping whilst Love Making!

By New Michelle

My steady boyfriend of a few years surprised me the other night when we were making love. I had been to a party with some girlfriends ( a "ladies night" sort of thing), and when I got home we went to bed and made love. He started asking me how the night had been and kind of shocked me a little by asking if I had attracted any attention from any guys. I told him that there was nothing to mention of any real interest in that area when he got very turned on and started saying stuff that made me feel really wicked!

He said - while we were doing it - that he imagined some dirty old man watching me as I danced... and that I was aware of this and started to move closer to dance near to him. He said, "I bet that it turned you on, dancing close to him, shaking your bottom near to his face!" his voice now a little unsteady with excitement!

This kind of talk really got me imagining the scene of me dancing in the tight shiny leggings and knee-high high-heeled leather boots that I wore that night... I imagined moving closer to the dirty old man's face as I swayed while dancing. I said to my boyfriend, "Yeah, that sounds like real fun," as he thrust into me.

Then he said, "Just imagine, you getting him on the floor and punishing him for watching you and getting turned on by you dancing close to him..."

I felt like I was going to explode inside as I imagined this dirty old man on his back on the floor as I danced around him! I asked my boyfriend, "How should I punish him, honey?" as I pulled him deeper into me.

"Hmm, I bet you would love to get on his face and grind your bottom all over his face."

I gasped with pleasure as I imagined this going on while my girlfriends cheered me on!

"Ooh yeah!, I could really punish him like that!"

He humped me wildly  as he talked about this "punishment." "Go on honey, torture him with your beautiful tight bottom! Ride all over his face real hard! Show no mercy!"
I was overcome with pleasure and excitement as he gave it to me hard as, all the while I was imagining really grinding down hard on this dirty old man's face! I felt wicked and cruel thoughts with intensity that I had seldom felt before.

"Ignore his pleas for mercy, honey! Your pleasure is all that matters!" he gasped. "He is nothing and just something that you can use as you wish!"

I got on top of my boyfriend and started to hump him (I love being on top, "Girl power!") "Oooh, yeah!" I purred in his ear as he thrust into me. "I am really riding him now honey... I am grinding my bottom hard all over his face and I don't care that it's hurting him! He is begging and pleading me to get off but I am enjoying this torture too much! It feels just too good! This will teach him to look at my bottom and get hot while I dance!!"

While I was on top of my boyfriend with his huge rod inside of me, he pushed his finger right into my bottom (I just love that while having sex), and he asked me how I could punish the dirty old man even more.

Hm, you got any ideas?"

"Well honey, you could use your sexy high heeled boots, I guess."

This really drove me wild! "Ooh, yeah, honey! Should I kick him a little with my boots?"

"Would you like that baby?"

I thrust my tongue into his ear and whispered, "I really want to, honey."

"Then do it, honey! Go on, kick his face in with your boots!"

I felt we were both about to climax as I described the scene of me pacing around this dirty old man... kicking his face time after time and seeing the blood pouring from his face. My boot heels clicking on the wood dance floor as I aimed another swing of my boot into his face. The dirty old man pleading with me. My girlfriends cheered me on, shouting, "Stomp him, Michelle! Use your heels!"

I kicked and kicked him even more until his face resembled nothing that was human, then I used the stiletto heels of my boots to stomp hard into his face. His teeth shattered all over the floor. I stomped hard again with my heel, missing his teeth but hitting his chin, making his whole jaw go kind of crooked. All the while I was describing this to my boyfriend, how I was stomping his face time and time again... the dirty old man's blood splattering my white stiletto platform boots as my boyfriend thrust into me, his finger probing my bottom until we both were about to climax!

Just before we both reached orgasm my boyfriend said, "Go on, honey! Stomp those sexy high heeled boots into his face! Don't stop! Keep doing it! Keep doing it!"

I gasped, "I am, honey! I am stomping and stomping him hard into his face.... My God!! I love it!"

We made love several times that night and all the while I was thinking of this. Soooo damn hot!!!


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  2. very sexy i would watch that

  3. yes it sound great what she should of done was pissed on him after she was done stomping and kicking him

  4. I think she'd enjoy the thrill of killing him and then climaxing!!

  5. at last she and her girl friend should have spiked his eyes out with their heels.

  6. how many girls in here would love to do that to a guy i wonder? eh?

  7. hi! my name is michelle also, and everyday I fantasize about cuckolding my lil dick bf, and having him beaten while I watch and rub my creamie wet pussy ......... giggle

  8. I am a 30 yr old woman who everysince i stamped my step brother out in stockings with.2 of my girlfriends i have loved it.
    we hospitalized him and i even.kicked him in the gut tl he peed himself and puked after he was unconscious from 3 17 year old girls stamped him out on nothing bit our stockings.

    1. Wanna do it again? With some sexy high heels on? Join and find me... user name Michael Dean :)

  9. Too much silly fantasy here you anonymous guys!! How about something more sexy? :-) ? not imagination?

  10. WOW! what a vicious and sexy woman you are Michelle and what a dirty old man with a serious boot trample fetish I am. Where do you and your friends dance so I can drool over you and get kicked and stomped unconscious???

  11. Dirty old man......... trying to get trampled and kicked like this!
    Is there any Girl power that will?

  12. Love the stories Michelle. If this is really a turn on for you, you should join and find me under user MichaelDean and then tell me more about it ;)

  13. You and your girlfriends. Can face stomp me. Take my eyes don't stop. Until my brains are mush.


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