Friday, February 15, 2013

Rob's Handicap Match

By Rob

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is a SPECIAL HANDICAPPED match! First, weighing in at 235 pounds, making his way to the ring is Rob!" The audience cheered madly as the muscle stud entered the ring and posed. They loved this muscle man!

"His opponents weigh in at a combined weight of 511 pounds! They are Ryan and Kale!"

The guys and the other wrestler's cheered loudly as two of the heavy weight heels made their way to the ring. 

"According to the signed contract, tag team rules do not apply. All three wrestlers will be allowed in the ring at the same time. This is a two-on-one match! In order for Rob to win, he must either pin both Kale and Ryan or secure their submissions. In order for Kale and Ryan to win, they must each pin Rob or secure his submissions. Ladies and Gentlemen, this match could become brutal! This match is NHB. And there will be no referee until such time as a pinning combination or a submission hold is secured!" 

Several people in the audience noticed that for the first time, a look of apprehension appeared on Rob's face, like he knew he was going to get the living shit beat out of him.

The referee and the announcer stepped from the ring. The bell sounded and Kale and Ryan flanked the musclestud.

Rob was ready. "Come on, assholes! I’ll whip you both!" Rob dropped and rolled to the other side of the ring, then stood and made ‘come-on’ motions.

Ryan moved forward and locked up collar and elbow with Rob. Ryan was again shocked by the stud's strength. Rob started to power Ryan back to the corner. Kale moved in from behind and locked Rob in a full nelson.  Ryan started throwing hard fists to Rob's ripped eight pack abdominals. The punches had no affect on the muscleboy!

Ryan reared back to deliver an axe handle blow and Rob slammed his foot into Ryan's groin. Ryan dropped to the mat in agony. Rob slammed a hard kick to Ryan's head.  With Ryan dazed, Rob was free to struggle against Kale's powerful biceps. Rob flexed his 19" guns and started to power out of Kale's full nelson.

As Kale's grip slipped, Rob reached back and grasped Kale's arms and flipped the big muscled teen over his head and to the mat. As Kale hit the mat, Rob dropped down and drove a hard fist to his sternum. Kale gasped for breath as Rob's power punch sank in. Ryan was back on his feet and ready to tie up again.

Ryan tapped Rob in the shoulder. As Rob turned Ryan delivered a brutal European uppercut to his chin.  Rob was caught off guard and stumbled back to the ropes. Ryan charged striking Rob with a clothesline. The blow was so powerful Rob flipped over the ropes and to the floor.

Kale and Ryan slipped through the ropes. They lifted Rob up and double gutbusted him over their extended knees. Rob's abs took the blow. Kale pointed to the steel guard rail. They lifted the muscle stud and walked him to the rail. Once there, they lifted Rob high in the air and powered him down over the rail gut first. Even Rob's ripped eight pack abs could not absorb that kind of abuse. He gasped for breath and fell to the floor.

Young, pretty Ashley was in the audience and loving this! She yelled for Kale and Ryan to give it to the PUNK again!

Kale and Ryan again lifted Rob high in the air and slammed him over the rail with authority. Rob coughed as his powerful abs started to break down. They dragged the winded muscleboy back to the ring.  Once there, they rolled the stud under the ropes. Rob was gasping for breath.

Ryan climbed to the top rope as Kale held Rob spread-eagle in the center of the ring. Ryan leapt in the air and his 271 pounds came crashing down across Rob's chest.

Rob was sucking wind. Kale and Ryan then stomped Rob's abs repeatedly. Rob struggled to breathe and tried to roll away from the brutal beating. Kale finally dropped straight down and landed a power punch to Rob's navel. Rob had never been hit that hard in his unflexed gut.

Kale again gripped Rob's legs. He locked on a figure four submission leg lock. As he cinched it in, Ryan double stomped Rob's stomach. Rob yelled out in pain. He had NEVER been beaten up like this in his life! The audience was cheering madly as the two heavy weight heels beat the shit out of the musclestud.

Ryan stood from Rob's gut and hit the ring ropes. Ryan drove his elbow deep into Rob's gut. Rob gasped, but still refused to submit to the brutal beating. Ryan dropped down on Rob's chest and schoolboy pinned him to the mat. Ryan leaned forward and humiliated the muscleboy. As he did, Kale cranked on the figure four leg lock. The heavy weight heels were reasserting themselves.

When Rob refused to submit, Kale broke the leg lock. Ryan stood from Rob and dragged him to his feet. Ryan slammed a hard uppercut to Rob's belly. Rob gasped and stumbled back to the corner. As he did, his legs buckled. Kale moved in on Rob. He whipped the stud to the ropes.

Kale caught Rob on the rebound and dropped him over Ryan's upraised knees. Rob whished out his air as his once mighty abdominals broke down. Once again, Kale whipped Rob to the ropes. He and Ryan met him coming off and double back body dropped him to the canvas.

Rob arched up and took a stomp from each heel. He was in total agony as he realized he was doomed. Ryan whipped Rob to the ropes, caught him and power slammed him to the mat.

As Ryan power slammed him, he hooked his legs and went for the first pin. The ref moved into position and counted. Rob tried but could not budge Ryan's bulky frame. The ref's hand hit the mat for the three count. Ryan stood up and slapped a high five with Kale.

"That's one," Ryan said as he dragged Rob to his feet.

The audience could plainly see Rob was beaten. Kale and Ryan decided to be merciful and end the second fall quickly and painfully. They whipped Rob to the ropes and met him with double knees to the gut. As Rob doubled over, Kale bull-dogged him to the mat.

Ryan and Kale then picked the destroyed Super Stud up and set him for a double pile driver.  The audience heard Rob's gasp as his head was driven hard into the mat. They watched as Rob fell to the canvas, unconscious. Kale set his foot on the muscleboy's chest as the ref counted again to three.

The audience cheered madly as the Muscleboy lay defeated and unconscious in the center of the ring. Ryan and Kale exited the ring and headed back to the locker room. Ashley met them.

"Well done, boys!" she said with a huge grin on her face.  She leaned over and kissed both of the sweaty wrestlers and immediately pushed her hands down the fronts of their shorts. She was in her glory as she had watched Rob's destruction, all the blood, the pain! The audience had gotten their money’s worth tonight. They had finally seen Super Rob, squashed!

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