Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sadistic April on the School Bus!

By J.J.

April was one of the hottest, most provocatively-dressed freshman girls at Miller High School in New Haven, with blue eyes and long blonde, wavy hair.

It was little wonder that the bus monitor, Jim, had a perverted thing for her. Jim was a good looking 32 year-old guy that was assigned to her bus to keep the kids in line.

On a balmy, October night, Bus 72 was loaded with kids coming back from a football game across town. April was on board, wearing her favorite skintight, faded, pocketless jeans, along with red, soft, shiny leather thigh-high boots that her parents didn't approve of,  and a skintight red tank top that showed of her firm tits.

"Hi, Jim!" She sat down next to the bus monitor with a bounce.

"Oh, uh, hey there, April. Nice boots."

"Thanks. My mom hates them!"

Jim had developed a hard-on fast in his jeans, hearing the leather crackle sounds of her boots and the vibration from the seat as she scooted her ass to get more comfortable. The tip of her boot lightly brushed against Jim's leg, teasing him.

April bit her lower lip and twirled her blonde hair. "Do you like little girls, Jim?"

Jim felt a lump in his throat and his dick twitch in his jeans. "I... I do, actually, b-b-but I could lose my job."

"Oh, don't worry about that, silly!" April crossed her legs over farther and placed one leg over his leg and rubbing her leather thigh high boot against his crotch. "Mmm... nice bulge!" she said with a wink.

"Oh my God! I-I've been fantasizing about you forever!"

"Aw, that's so sweet!" April was quite enjoying the attention from an older man. She continued rubbing her boots in his crotch, smiling big and puckering her lips. She leaned in and whispered: "Bet I could make you cum in your pants, Jimmy!"

Jim was shaking and feeling totally out of control. "Oh, hell, yeah!"

Suddenly, the bus pulled off into a fast food parking lot because the driver had to use the restroom. That left Jim to monitor the crowded bus full of rowdy kids.

No sooner had the driver left when something outside the bus started to occur. Two guys were arguing with another, smaller guy in the parking lot. The kids on the bus stopped everything and crowded the windows to watch.

"Ooooh... a fight!" April had a wide-eyed look on her face as she got on her knees and leaned out the window. Her boots rested on Jim's lap, and her tight jean heart-shaped ass was literally in his face. "Beat his ass!" she screamed, rocking her hips from side to side. She threw her hair back and looked back at Jim. "I never saw a two-on-one fight before!" she giggled.

It was clear it was a mugging. The two big guys had taken the smaller man's wallet from him, and he was yelling at them to give it back.

April gasped as the two thieves harassed and taunted their victim.Finally, one of them punched the man in the face.

"Oh yeah!!" April smiled and giggled. "I don't know him so I don't care if he gets hurt!"

"Fucking punks!" the bleeding man yelled.

"What did you say, motherfucker?" yelled the assailant. "We'll fuck you up worse!"

"Whoohoo!" April reached back and grabbed Jim's cock, unzipping it out of his pants and rubbing it against the backside of her leather boot. "Mm, you like that, huh, Jim?" she asked, as she licked her lips and smiled more.

"Oh my God, you're so evil, April!"

"Ha ha, I know! Mmm, you like the feel of my leather boot, huh?" Then she rubbed his cock along her inner-thigh. All the meanwhile, she continued to cheer the brutal street assault from the comfort of her window. She rolled her head back, laughing and screaming,"Yes! Beat his ass, guys!"

Other students watched out windows and some were freaked out but most were actually cheering the incident on. Then the two guys threw their victim against the bus and took turns punching him in the face, the side of his head, kneeing him in the stomach. Blood poured out his nose and mouth.

"Ahhhh, fuck yeah! Whooo! Whooo! Whooo!" April screamed at the sight of the blood.

Jim reached around and grabbed her crotch, feeling the moist spot through her skintight jeans.

"Ahhh! Yes! Keep rubbing my pussy! Fuck yeah!"

The two strong criminals then threw their victim down on the sidewalk. They took his watch and also ripped his shirt off. Then they yanked his pants off of him.

April laughed uncontrollably along with a few other hot, young teenage girls. "Hahahaha!! Humiliate him, guys!" they all called out, taking pictures with their phones.

Jim was shivering in excitement and April looked back laughing, saying that he should cum on her boots. As the two assailants started kicking the man in his stomach and face, April went nuts. "Fuck, yeah! This is fucking exciting! I never seen such a beatdown before! Kick him in the face! Whooo!!!!!"

Jim shot cum all over backside of her leather thigh-high boot and some even splattered on her tight jeans ass.

"Ooooooh yeah! Nice job! Hahaha! You couldn't handle it, huh, Jim?"

The bad guys ran off, leaving their victim laying on the sidewalk almost naked and bleeding badly with head trauma wounds and a busted jawbone and nose and other cuts and bruises. April let out a roar of excitement, screeching and clapping her hands along with some other teenage girls excited by the awful beating. "Hahahaha! You got punked, loser!"

When the bus driver finally returned to the bus, he was shocked to see the kids laughing and cheering on the awful scene. He asked Jim why he hadn't stopped it or done anything. Jim just didn't know what to say and finally told the driver that it happened so fast he couldn't.

The kids finally quieted down, but continued to giggle and titter softly. The bus driver went to the front to radio for help. Jim sat back down and April just smiled and rubbed her crotch while rubbing his crotch and secretly enjoys the wet feeling of Jim's hot spunk on her jean clad ass soaking it.

"That was pretty fun, wouldn't you say, Jim?" she asked with a wink. "We should do it again, sometime!"


  1. Fantastic short story. I love everything about April. She is young, super sexy and so incredibly self confident. I hope there is more to come about this wicked and evil little girl.

    Bad Dad (

    1. How's Britney these days?

    2. She is absolutely AMAZING. The things I do for god...she is truly a GODDESS is every sense of the word. And to think that this year is her first year in high school!!!

      Bad Dad

    3. If anyone's interested:


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