Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sadistic Nurse Fantasy

By Candace Apples

This will sound crazy and weirdly specific - but one of the scenarios I imagine is that I'm working the lateshift as a nurse in a hospital in which many old men are convalescing.

Every night I come into their ward to change their bed pans and make sure they're all okay. Of course I'm one sexy as hell nurse and they're all practically cumming in their hospital gowns when I come in. And since I'm so gracious, I've begun giving them each handjobs as I come around and tuck them in.

To spice things up a bit, I decide it would be fun to choose just one man every night to give a hand job to. I do so with a game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe. When I select the winner, its pure heaven for him, and pure hell for everyone else.  I love taunting them like that, I love the power it gives me, I love the look of absolute devestation on their faces when they don't get selected. But after a while, even that gets boring.

There's these two old men who are laid up in beds right next to each other, and they're constantly arguing with each other. They can't stand it being beside each other. I tell them I've decided that I will get completely naked and have sex with one of them.

Up to this point, none of them have ever seen me naked or felt my breasts or anything. They've been the recipients of handjobs and nothing more, even though they've begged me to feel me up, I always say no. But not on this night. I tell the two men that they will have to fight over me.

So, slowly, they both get out of their beds. They're unsteady on their feet. I sit and cross my legs and egg them on.

Finally, one of them gets a good swing in, then the other one does. They begin fighting each other real violently using anything they can get their hands on as weapons. I whoop and holler and cheer with delight! I cheer them both on, equally. Finally, one of them knocks the other one out, and he falls, writhing on the ground in agony. He's bleeding profusely, and it seems like maybe he's having a heart attack, too.

"Help," he says, "Call the doctor...  you've got to stop the bleeding..!"

But I stand up and say, sorry, rules are rules! I then strip down to nothing and get in bed with the winner of the fight, who is in seventh heaven. He calls down to the loser, "Hey, how do you like them apples you old fart!" and I laugh, and say, "Oh, you're so mean!" in a flirtatious way.

But the guy on the floor is really dying. For real. Bleeding to death. But me and the winner are too busy to have sex to notice. He plays with my boobs like he's never played with boobs before. I'm loving it. He starts asking me if he can call me Michelle, which is his granddaughter's name, and I say, Sure! Go right ahead grampa! And he does, calling me Michelle, fucking me, and all the meanwhile the loser is bleeding to death.

When we're finished fucking, I zip up my nurse's blouse and say, Well, I suppose I better get someone in here to take him away. See you later grampa! and I blow the winner a kiss.

What do you think of that?


  1. Very hot! Similar to a fantasy i have. Same scenario as you describe.....a nurse looking after many old guys.

    But i only give them the hand job if i am sitting on their face. The one's who don't want to be sat on are the one's that excite me the most.......all that struggling beneath my bottom gets me going even more..... & if i am feeling particularly sadistic, i would only tease them instead of giving them the relief of a proper hand job.
    The satisfaction & sense of power as i tease them while riding their face hard would be just awesome!

  2. Mmmm...sounds hot... u could smother my face anyday and deny me my handjob

  3. OMG ITS HOT CANDY! But what is with the picture of the nurse holding a baby bottle? where does the baby bottle fit into it all?


  4. I like it Candace ! Some older guys are very sadistic and they have big, smooth cocks as well. Did you blow him ? Kiss



  6. What a way to go!! Hilarious! Well I suppose that's one way of solving the growing age problem from putting too much burden on the health service. What would have been better for the ending is to have the winner die of a frigging heart attack while in mid f*ck - that would punish him for having the hots for his granddaughter!


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