Friday, March 8, 2013

Betrayed by Cheerleaders!

By Nicholas

I would first like to thank this site and all the people on it for exposing a fetish that a lot of people are into but are too afraid to admit. I have a true short story - one of several - this being my first encounter with a now ex girlfriend of mine.

My junior year of high school I had a freshman girlfriend who was a varsity cheerleader, and I was a running back on the varsity team.

We sucked. We were 1-8 going into our final game which was to be against an undefeated opponent with their monstrous black freshman running back who was destined for a full college scholarship.

We learned just how monstrous he was once the game began and we had five guys in on a tackle - including me - and he just drove right past, knocking us on our asses and going for a 70 yard touchdown run. He was so good that by halftime he had 5 touchdowns and - not to mention - on defense he was helping his team keep us scoreless and landing brutal tackles to the point where I was afraid of carrying the football.

Once halftime came, I headed to the locker room where on the way I always had a brief conversation and make-out session with my girlfriend, who loved me all sweaty and tough-looking in my football uniform.

This time was different.

She looked more angry than I had ever seen her and also had a hint of embarrassment in her eyes. She actually slapped me across the face. "What the fuck are you doing, letting that AJ make you look like a little pussy bitch?"

I was offended. "How the hell do you know his name, Katie?"

"He was in my class until he moved, halfway through eighth grade. I used to cheer for our football team when he was a running back!" She then spit in my face and grabbed my cup protecting my manhood. "I want you to take this off when you go into that locker room, you got me?"

"What the fuck is your problem?"

"You're my boyfriend! The cool, older football player who can protect me and make other girls jealous! Do you know the other cheerleaders are making fun of me over there because you're playing like a twelve year-old girl? Girls don't need cups! You better not have that on, and believe me, I'll know! Those pants are so tight it'll show your small bulge!" She went back with her fellow cheerleaders, including my best friend Heather who gave Katie a high-five and smiled at me wickedly.

I took my cup off in the locker room and ran out to the field, determined to redeem myself and make my girlfriend proud. She was right. You could see my package swaying around. I felt exposed.

I set up for the first play on offense and looked over to Katie who was just stunning in her uniform at 5'1'', 110 pounds, blonde hair hanging to her C-cup breasts, and an ass that would drive any man wild. I knew at that moment I had to earn her. She deserved a tough man.

All amped up, I received the hand-off and broke to the outside, knocking down several tacklers running down the sideline. I could see Katie cheering me on as I ran towards the sideline. I ran forty yards down the line and finally get pushed out of bounds right where Katie was cheering. I gave AJ a snide remark and returned to the huddle.

Same play. I was running right at Katie on the sideline, ready to break another great run. Then I saw AJ hurdling towards me with fire in his eyes. It was just him and me. I put my shoulder down to deliver the blow. We collided. He sent me five yards airborne to where our cheerleaders and Katie were standing.

On the ground, I looked up through pained tears in my eyes at Katie who is looking from my eyes to my bulge, shaking her head and giving the most demeaning smile I've ever seen. Then I saw AJ above me. He grabbed what I thought was his cup and extra padding running down his leg that turned out to be the biggest cock I've honestly ever seen and shook it around as Katie watched, in awe of his enormous manhood.

"You my bitch, why don't you suck it?" he said to me.

Katie laughed and said, "Great tackle AJ!"

Heather, who saw all this happen, looked at Katie and said, "I can't believe Nick let him mock him like that right in front of you!"

Katie laughed and said, "Well, what the fuck is he going to do about it?"

This hit me deep. After we lost the game, instead of waiting for me, I saw Katie and Heather talking by the bleachers. I went into the locker room in fury. After a shower, I headed outside and saw them talking to AJ. He had his shirt off, and you could tell Heather and Katie were turned on, the way they smiled and gently touched his shoulder.

I walked over and Katie completely ignored me while AJ goes to shake my hand. "Good game!"

Heather and Katie just laughed. I looked at AJ and noticed Katie's hand moving towards his cock. What could I do? I threw a punch right at his jaw!

Katie and Heather can't believe it. He just looked at me and smiled. Then before I know it, his head came forward, contacting mine, sending my ass to the ground.

Katie kissed him and grabbed for his thick cock. "Kick his fucking ass!" she told him.

I tried to get up, and received a foot across my face!

He got on top of me, holding me down, head-butting me a few times. Then he started swinging punch after punch until my nose snapped.

I could actually feel his manhood pressing against me. I saw the girls enjoying it, and mumbled: "Please... make him stop..!"

They both looked at each other and said to AJ, "Kill him!"

He threw another hard punch. Blood leaked down my face. I thought he really was going to kill me! I was motionless, but not quite knocked-out, when he got up, pulled down his shorts and slapped me with his cock. It was so massive it left a bruise on my face for weeks. Then, with sweat dripping off his massive pecs and sculptured six pack, he kissed Katie and grabbed Heather's ass and said, "Let's go, girls!"

It's at this point, I realized Heather had video-taped the whole thing on her cell phone. My best friend Heather!

They walked away and while they passed me, Katie spit on my face and then kicked my already-broken nose.

Heather laughed and then kicked my stomach and balls while saying, "Good fight, Nick. You almost won!" and then walked off laughing with Katie and AJ.

I know later that night, AJ fucked both of them. Heather sent me the video of AJ pounding her. Then she posted the video of our fight on facebook. After that - and a hospital visit - I never talked to either of them again.

Sometimes I'd see them in the halls and they'd just shake their head and smirk demeaning me. I lost all masculinity at the school. So people who don't think this is actually a very popular fetish, you're wrong. This really happened to me. Before this I had no idea girls want a strong powerful man to protect them.

Now I do.


  1. Great story Nicholas. As a freashman Katie must have been only thirteen or fourteen at the time, but she sounds so mature for her age. Was Katie always so aggressive and dominant? Did she like having older guys drooling over her?

    My daughter Britney sounds exactly like Katie. She is fourteen, a freshman in high school and a varsity cheerleader. In fact she was elected the captain of the squad. She is drop dead gorgeous with a body that is amazing. I would love to talk to you more about Katie or Britney if you want so please email me.

  2. Candy,

    Do you think it's wrong for a man to have sex with his super hot, ultra sexy fourteen year old daughter?

    Bad Dad

  3. of course it is bad you dick

    1. Sue m, do u have a boyfriend? I bet u would love to see him kick my a 33 yr old wimpy man who got beat up last week by my 15 yr old neighbor...kind of got me arroused though, had a date over and she watched...she left and laughed...had to masterbate after because i loved the humiliation


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