Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nighty night, loser!

In college, I lived in a fraternity house and we went out to meet all the new freshmen girls. A group of them started hanging out with me and a few buddies. We started playing drinking games. Anyways me and two girls start heading down to my bedroom and one of my buddies decided one girl could be for him. I'm a nice guy and he was a scrawny dweeb who people made fun of so I figured, we will see what happens.

So I lay down on the bed and the two girls laid down on each side of me and they turned towards me. My weak little buddy was on the outside with the girl's back to him. The girls started rubbing on my muscular body. The weakling tried to put his hands on the girl and she pushed him off about three times. Then he finally stopped trying.

One girl had really nice big boobs and the other one was better-than-average boobs. It was awesome to grab their boobs and have their hands all over me!

I couldn't see the weakling's face, but I can only imagine how humiliated he was while these girls had their hands on my hard body and on my cock kissing me while my hands are one their boobs and he is getting nothing. They were making fun of him while they were stroking me and telling him I was the only one that could suck their tits!

They were saying he was so little and they didn't like those weak little hands on them. One said she felt his little crayon dick and said he would probably cum if she just brushed her hand by it. Then they said I should make him leave because they wanted to be with just me. They told me how they liked my big arms and strong hands, my muscular chest, my big hard cock... just to humiliate him. They loved humiliating him, I never realized girls were like that.
That's about the time he got up and slowly and sadly walked out of the room with his head down. I think he may have even been crying.

"Hey, little buddy!" I called out, and he turned, a look of anticipation on his eager face.

I picked up a shoe beside the bed and threw it at him hard. It hit him in the face and he went flying back. He called out in pain, grabbing at his bleeding nose, and ran out of there as fast as he could.

The girls loved that! They threw back their heads and laughed so loudly, I thought they were going to pass out!

About half an hour later, after we'd all finished, we left the bedroom and saw him sitting on a couch. His glasses were broken and he was holding a bloody tissue to his face. He looked so angry. One of the girls stuck her tongue out at him and said, "Nighty night, loser!"

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