Monday, March 25, 2013

Purely Irresistible

Maybe it's because women like me crave real men. The kind who get their hands dirty, who don't look at something heavy and even think for a second that they can't lift it.

It's impossible to look at a strong man and think of anything but "take me to your bed and breed me with your strong, superior seed." At least for me anyway.

There are far too many men out there who don't understand that women still have cravings for men who are protectors. Men who are unquestionably men. Ones who can throw their women over their shoulder, capture their wrists in one hand, and completely overpower them. I miss being introduced to a man who has a firm grip that's a little rough.

Instead of all of these men who just type away all day, and who - I swear! - must keep lotion close to them like us women do. Ick. I wish that all the well-hung alpha males of the world would just kill off the rest of the pansy men! 

I'd gladly be part of a harem to a deserving man. 

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