Monday, March 25, 2013

So Exciting to Watch

Note: This isn't the most original piece we've posted, but the author is only 13 years old!

I don't know what it is about it. I know I shouldn't like it, but I do... very much. There was one after school this past week. This one guy was really pissed off at the other guy for some reason, and the other guy knew it and was kind of egging him on. So the first dude just charges him swinging wildly, but the second guy kept his cool and landed all the punches, then tripped him down and got on top of him and just started whaling on him. Poor guy... nothing he could do at that point. His face was getting all bruised and bloody, and when he tried to roll over the guy on top somehow locked him up. In a few seconds the guy getting beat up started flailing his legs in obvious pain and yelling "I give! I give!"

The whole time, I was hanging on every move... especially near the end when I wanted to see what the winner would do to him. I still get tingly now just thinking about it.


  1. Then u prob would have enjoyed my humiliation the other 33 and my 15 yr old neighbor beat me up as i had a date over...he threw me down outside, punched my face a few times and shoved my face in the ground...he made me say im a pussy before he date left and just shook her head and every time i see him he just laughs at me

    1. Did she suck the 15 yo pure meat ?

    2. No....she just left laughing , kind of got me hard though..had to beat off after


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