Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bare knuckle

By Blackbabe30

I enjoy watching men fight bare-knuckle. I find it very proper and manly. I hate the idea of all the brain damage that follows from the use of boxing gloves. I hate boxing gloves so much. It seem so hypercritical to genteel-ize fighting by making it so dangerous. Yes, I get turned by watching men hit each other.

 That is part of it, but I also like to know that a man has the commitment to fight over me, even if he gets beaten up.


  1. There is more damage from bare knuckle, then there is for boxing gloves.


  2. It's much hotter when guys fight bare knuckle like if they step outside at a club or arrange to fight after school.

    1. Janise, are you new to the blog?

  3. I'm not sure if you are right there Donald - there might be more blood in bareknuckle but as Blackbabe30 says if guys wear boxing gloves with all that padding then they have to bash as hard as possible to make in impact on the other guy's body - hence the constant worry that brain damage can result. Many doctors and medics actually argue that cagefights are often safer for this reason than the traditional 15 round boxing bout.
    Also I agree with you Blackbabe - all men should be prepared to fight over a girl if they are serious about her. Its a woman's right to expect that if a man wishes to savour the divine pleasures of her body he should be prepared to strip down and battle it out with any all and rivals who come along. Thats the way in the animal kingdom and I don't see why it should be any different for humans. We suffer from a surfeit of 'civilised values' these days!

  4. you could be right

    - D

  5. Street fights should always. Go until one is not moving no mercy. Then its up to the girl if the loser lives or dies. Fucked kill the loser


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