Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Before the execution!

By New Michelle

It would be cool to just sit back and watch a private execution that has been arranged just for me, and just because I ordered it!

But I would also like to go to the condemned cells and strut around while selecting which one I wanted to have some fun with before they were executed, or even execute him while having our fun! Maybe bring some of my super rich girlfriends along to take part!

I (or we!) would, of course, be dressed in the most expensive and sexy outfits, and there would be plenty of expensive champagne for us to sip while we carried out our wicked antics. We could have one chained to the wall while we whipped him, each taking turns. Or secured to the floor, face up, while we walked over his entire body, giggling all the while.

My favourite would be to have him tied & on his knees, then I would offer a reward to the girl who could kick him the hardest. Just so long as I had the ultimate pleasure of finishing the job with my boots. I get soo wet fantasizing about this kind of thing!;)

1 comment:

  1. Michelle I love that story.....please tell us more.....I would love you to write another paragraph ot two about making a guy hang himself with piano wire, slowly while you all watched. ...........pleaseeeeeeeee


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