Monday, April 29, 2013

Life's Not Fair - Part Two

"Oh, but it is, Derek," she laughed. "It's very funny."
By Hobrigef

...continued from Part One!

Melissa walked quickly to her car. She couldn't wait to tell James about this!

When you're only 24 and you marry a man twice your age for his money - which is what Melissa had done a couple of years ago - you need to look elsewhere for satisfaction in the bedroom, and James Green, a hunky 21 year old auto mechanic, was the latest of her diversions.

She was on the phone to him as soon as she got in.

"Yeah, can you imagine..? ...I know, poor bastard... ...yeah and James, I told you he's gone and put all his money in my name, didn't I..? ...mmm, some sort of tax scam apparently... ...nah, he hasn't got a medical policy... ...yeah, so now he's totally dependent on me... ...I know, baby, I know! Funny, isn't it? Every Saturday afternoon, yeah, starting tomorrow... ...two till five, then they come pick him up and take him back to the hospital... ...yeah, totally helpless... ...should be fun, sugar, shouldn't it? Yeah, I thought of that too, and a few other things spring to mind... ...well, we can pretty much do what we want, can't we baby? ...Yeah, yeah, stuff like that! What? God, you're an evil bastard, you know that? ...stop it! ...just play it by ear, I guess ... maybe best if you take your lead from me... Ah ha, yeah definitely..! Okay, baby, see you tonight... Ooo, is that a promise? ...well, good, 'cos I'm feeling horny as hell... ...Yeah, we can talk about it some more... mmm, have a bit of a giggle... ...yeah, okay sugar, whenever, see ya!"

Melissa hung up and smiled, thinking about Derek lying paralyzed and helpless in his hospital bed. She'd never loved Derek, of course, not even liked him... it had been all about his money and now she'd got that, courtesy of his oh-so clever tax planning.

The medical news couldn't have been better, as far as Melissa was concerned. She'd wished him dead when she first heard about the accident, but this was kind of better. Definitely more fun, that's for sure! And that thing about his dick still being operational, well that was the icing on the cake, wasn't it? She giggled out loud ...god, it must be so frustrating for a man, getting horny all the time but not able to do a damn thing about it... jeez, the poor sod couldn't even jerk himself off!

She wondered if there were any young, pretty nurses to drive him nuts up there at the hospital, she did hope so!

She would leave him, obviously, before too long, she'd go off and spend all his money, play the field with as many gorgeous young hunks as she could handle, but there were a few Saturday afternoons to be enjoyed first. Poor little Derek, wonder what he was thinking right now?


Melissa would have laughed if she'd known the answer to that. What Derek Campbell was actually thinking about, at that very moment, was her. More precisely, his gorgeous young wife, naked, straddling him, riding them both to a shattering, mutual orgasm. Every Saturday.

Dr. Marlow had told him about his talk with Melissa, how delighted she'd been to hear they could still have sexual relations. Derek's spirits had soared! He'd been a little concerned that Melissa might not be interested, making love to a cripple being just too much of a turn-off, but it looked like his fears were groundless. She must love him very much!

The only slight downer was that she hadn't come to see him today but the doctor said that was because she was very excited about tomorrow and needed to rush home and get everything ready. She'd mentioned fixing up the downstairs bedroom, apparently... the doctor had smiled when he said that and Derek, although a little embarrassed, had smiled shyly back at him.

Yes, Melissa must love him very much indeed, mustn't she? The prospect of life in a wheelchair, as a helplessly paralyzed cripple, didn't now seem quite so terrible. The young nurse who came to feed him that evening certainly noticed a difference from earlier. When she'd brought his breakfast, it'd been almost impossible to feed it to him, what with all the shaking of the head and the awful crying, but dinner was a dream. They even had a chat about this and that, inconsequential but nice, and when they were through, he was lying there grinning from ear to ear... what a brave and lovely man, she thought.


On the dot of 2 pm, Melissa heard a vehicle parking outside. A couple of minutes later, the bell rang, and there he was.

"Darling!" cried Melissa, flinging open the door. "Oh my darling, come on inside!"

"Over to you then, Mrs. Campbell," smiled Phillip, the male nurse. "I'll be back at five to collect him."

"Thanks so much!" she gushed. "And it's Melissa, by the way!"

"So, see you at five, Melissa," he called, walking back to the hospital van.

Melissa waved him off, then closed the door and wheeled Derek into the large lounge. She parked him in the middle of the room and went to stand in front of him.

"You look wonderful, you really do," she said, grinning down at her wheelchair bound husband and thinking how pathetic he looked.

"There's only one person in this room looking wonderful, darling girl, and it's sure not me!" grinned Derek, drinking in the view of his sexy young wife. She was wearing a short denim skirt, bare legs, no shoes, and a flimsy lace top, low cut with spaghetti straps and no bra. She looked delicious enough to eat and Derek felt an immediate stirring in his loins. Thank god he still had that, he told himself, for about the thousandth time since yesterday.

"Why thank you, honey, I did make an effort you know," said Melissa, giving a little twirl,
striking a sexy pose. "I know how you like me in short skirts."

"Come here, honey!" said Derek.

"But you're a sick man, sweetheart," she teased.

"Please, honey!"

Melissa, smiling, came forward and settled herself onto his lap in the wheelchair. She draped an arm around his neck and rested the other on his knee.

"Welcome home, darling," she whispered into his ear, wriggling her bum against his crotch.

"Mmmm, so the doctor was right about that, I see," she said teasingly. "Or, should I say, I feel?"

"You can see too, if you like, darling," grunted Derek. God, he wanted his hot young wife so badly... the feel of her buttocks squirming around in his lap, the smell of her perfume, the way her luscious breasts looked in the skimpy little top, on display right in front of his face... oh god, he wanted her!

To say that Derek Campbell was tingling with anticipation was a contender for understatement of the century. He was looking forward to the rest of the afternoon as much as anything he could remember.

And so was Melissa.

"Really, can I see it?" she purred into his ear.

"Yeah, I want you to," grunted Derek.

Melissa got up and knelt in front of her expectant husband. "Mmm, now let me see," she giggled, and she undid his trousers, slid them out from under his backside, and pulled them down to his ankles. It was a difficult manoeuvre but she managed it without too much trouble. Then she did the same with his boxers so his lower half was completely exposed.

She stood and surveyed her handiwork, fighting to keep a straight face. A middle aged cripple in a wheelchair, naked from the waist down with his trousers round his ankles, erect cock sticking skywards, stupid grin on his face... oh yes, and wearing a small black tee-shirt with "Life's a Beach" on the front in yellow lettering. Could a person look more ridiculous?

"Oooo... is that because of me, darling?" she grinned, looking down at his cock.

"Yeah, baby girl," he groaned. "God I want you, Melissa!"

Melissa moved closer to Derek, reached down and ran a finger teasingly up and down the side of his cock. "Oooo, so hard!" she giggled. The way she was leaning forward, her top had gaped open and her tits were once again tantalising her husband.

She carried on teasing his cock for a while, then she kissed him... a soft, sexy kiss on the lips. She broke away and grinned at him. Derek was very excited now, his face flushed and his eyes roaming lustfully up and down his hot young wife. He clearly wanted, needed, a whole lot more.

"I've got the downstairs bedroom all ready for us, my darling," said Melissa, in a little girl voice, stoking his desire, feeding his anticipation, enjoying the way he was looking at her... kind of like a hungry dog with a juicy bone... a dog that couldn't quite reach the bone, thought Melissa, inwardly giggling... oh what a delicious situation!

"Oh yeah, baby," said Derek, giving her his very best wolfish grin. This beat any of those so-called therapies offered by the hospital. He felt like a proper man again. God, Melissa looked hot in that little skirt! And she was going look even hotter without it, of course!

"But lunch first, I think," Melissa announced. "You must be famished, poor darling."

Disappointment flashed across Derek's face but he quickly adjusted. He was hungry after all, hadn't eaten today and had missed dinner last night in his excitement at this visit... so why not eat first and then get on to the main event? In any case, it would be nice to have his lovely young wife feeding him, instead of some strange nurse.

"Lead the way, honey," he smiled, "But maybe pull my pants up first?"

Melissa giggled. "But I'll only be pulling them down again later, Derek. Better to leave them as they are... don't you think?"

"Um, okay Melissa," he mumbled, feeling a little uncomfortable, but not wanting to argue with her.

Melissa wheeled him into the dining room where the table was laid for two with a delicious looking spread of cold cuts and fresh fruit. There was a bottle of champagne, chilling in an ice bucket. "Wow! Makes a change from hospital food!" exclaimed Derek, impressed and a little moved by the effort his wife had obviously gone to. Maybe it was worth becoming crippled for life if this was the result!

Melissa parked him on one side of the table, then walked around and sat opposite.

"So, why don't you open our champagne, darling? You know I love it when a man deals with that sort of thing for me."

"Er... Melissa darling... have you forgotten?" mumbled Derek, a little embarrassed.

Melissa stared at him, looking confused. Then her expression changed and she looked mortified. "Oh my darling, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, running around the table to give him a hug. "Oh what was I thinking?"

"Don't worry, my darling," smiled Derek, "I just wish I could forget, too."

"My poor, helpless baby," said Melissa. She gave his cock a little squeeze and went back to her place.

Melissa put some chicken, some ham and some salad on a plate and placed it in front of Derek. She selected a peach for herself and started eating it.

"Eat up, darling," she said, smiling sweetly at him. 

"I can't darling, you have to... you know... feed me," he muttered, feeling a little put out that Melissa kept forgetting he was paralysed in a wheelchair.

Melissa just smiled and carried on eating her peach. The fruit was ripe and she ate it carelessly, allowing the juice to trickle down her chin and onto her top. "Oh yuck, look what I've done!" she said, looking down at the spilled juice. "Think I'd better take it off. You don't mind if I take my top off, do you Derek?"

"Course not, baby," he grinned. "Can't wait!" Maybe things were picking up! 

"Wish you could take it off for me, honey," she pouted. 

"Oh god, me too!" 

Melissa sighed and pulled her top off. She was now sitting topless opposite the drooling Derek. 

She let him drool for a while, enjoying the situation... his helplessness, her power. "Not forgetting your lunch, are you?" she teased. "Oh yes, you need my help don't you, sweetie?" she grinned, reaching towards his plate with her fork.

"Chicken or ham first, sweetie?"

"Er... chicken," said Derek. He was, in fact, extremely hungry. 

Melissa got a piece of chicken on her fork and moved it towards his mouth. "What about a please?" she said in a rather mocking tone of voice. 

"Please Melissa, chicken," said Derek, slightly concerned about how his wife was behaving.

"Pretty please?" she giggled, waving the fork around in his face. 

"Okay, pretty please," he pleaded, feeling very ill at ease now. 

"Here, baby," she said, putting the piece of chicken to his lips.

Derek opened his mouth and went for it but Melissa moved it just out of reach.

"C'mon, baby, I slaved all morning with this... eat it!" she snapped. 

Poor Derek craned his head forward to get at the food but Melissa again moved the fork so he couldn't manage it. "Okay, maybe just smell it then," she chuckled and she held the food under his nose, smeared it against his nostrils. He shifted his head around to try to get the food into his mouth but Melissa kept moving it just out of reach. The cruel pantomime continued for a while, Derek getting more and more distressed and Melissa just laughing at him. 

"Please stop Melissa, this is not funny," he implored. 

"Oh but it is, Derek," she laughed, "it's very funny." be continued!


  1. What a boring fucking story, and completely outside blog topic.

  2. Maybe you can write one yourself, instead of bitching.

  3. She is a very beautiful woman. I love women in black lace! ! !


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