Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Sympathy

By Nurse Heather

This was about 20 years ago, before I became a nurse. I was in my late 20s and used to ride my bike on some trails through the woods near the high school. So one late afternoon, I'm pedaling along when I hear this pathetic whimpering coming from a secluded area off the trail. When I go to investigate, I find this total mess of a loser curled up in the fetal position lying in the mud. I found out later that he was a tenth grader at the school who was a constant victim of bullies. That day, some cool kids had lured him into the woods where they proceeded to destroy him.

Anyway, he's lying there sobbing and I'm just looking down at him. He obviously had taken at least several hellacious punches to the face because his nose was smashed flat with blood pouring out and one eye was swollen shut and purple. You could see mud prints on his legs and back where he had been stomped. His shirt was shredded and angry welts covered his back. There were several branches lying next to him that had been used to whip him. Ad worst of all (well for him anyway...I didn't give a shit), his pants and underwear were pulled down over his butt and there was blood trickling from his asshole.

I noticed one of the branches next to him was way thicker than the others...too thick to use as a whip...and there was blood on the wide knobby end of it. Not hard to figure out where that stick had been.

You know how they say your sense of smell may be the most acute? That's what I remember most. Even though I can picture him pretty clearly and still hear his whimpering, the smell of piss was overwhelming. After they had beaten him, all the kids (rumors were there were about a dozen, both boys and girls, though nothing was ever proven) had pissed on the loser. I guess I considered getting him help for about two seconds before I unzipped my pants and pissed in his face. The wimp barely reacted at all. So I got back on my bike and rode away.

They found him a few hours later. Everyone was in an uproar for about five minutes and then everything went back to the way it always was. And always will be.

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  1. so you are a man Heather? Also did you tell him what a loser he was and what eventually happened to him?



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