Friday, April 5, 2013

The Milky Murderer

By Candace Apples

 This story doesn't quite fit the theme of the blog, sorry. But I wrote it and its my blog!

Josh Markley was only fifteen years old, and he looked it. Pale and skinny, his face still flush with acne, he was not merely awkward, but he was the cause of awkwardness in others. With the exception of a few online acquaintances with whom he chatted intermittently about science fiction and comic books, he did not have any friends in real life, and certainly not at school. To the contrary, he often felt the whole of his classmates were his adversary. He was picked on, bullied, teased and mocked almost from the moment he stepped foot inside the school building in the morning, until he left in the evening, choking back tears. Girls made fun of him, boys tormented him. Even his teachers seemed to hold him in disdain.

So it was not surprising then when he had finally decided that enough was enough, that it was in his best interest to play hooky. Why did he need to go to school anyway? He already knew more than any of his stupid classmates!

He left his suburban home that morning, gave his mom a goodbye kiss, and walked down the block so that any nosy neighbors who happened to be out on their front porch would not think anything was strange. However, the moment he hit Oak Street, he hung a left and sprinted away from the school building as fast as his skinny legs would take him.

He was free! It was such a delicious feeling!. His heart beat right out of his chest, the perpetual dread replaced by wonderful, wonderful freedom! Where should he go? What should he do?

He only had a few dollars in his pocket. He decided to go get breakfast at the local diner that was just on the other side of the train tracks. He’d never been there before, but why not? This was the beginning of a whole new life for Josh Markley. The rules were off! He would do as he pleased. Besides, he knew the odds were good that he wouldn’t run into anyone there he knew.

He walked into the diner, and immediately gulped. It was a dirty place. It smelled like burned food and was filled with smoke. Every single patron in there was smoking and had a cloud of smoke hanging above them. Most of the people in there were big, barrell-chested men with large arms and long beards.

“…so I told that fucking bitch, shut the fuck up before I pop you in the mouth!” said one of the men as Josh passed.

“…god damn hispanics gonna ruin this whole fucking town less we do somethin’ about it…” was another trail of conversation he overheard on his way to the counter.

He sat down nervously. He still had this excited feeling inside of him. He realized that no one in the diner had even looked at him. It was like he was invisible. If this were school, he would immediately have three guys standing around him, asking about how well his mother puts out, making fun of his glasses. Out here in the grown-up world, he realized, people just behaved naturally and left each other alone. It was a very interesting thought, and he made a mental note of it.

The counter top was covered in ash and spilled grease and ketchup. Flies buzzed around it. He took out a napkin and wiped it down as best he could.

“Whatya have, kid?” asked the waitress, an old woman who looked old enough to be his grandmother.

“Um…” He drummed his fingers on the counter and looked around. “Coffee!” he said suddenly. “I’ll have a coffee!”

“Cream and sugar?”

“Uh… sure.”

This was great! Ten minutes of hooky, and he had already learned more than he had learned in three months of the school year!

“Shouldn’t you be in school?”

He looked nervously to his left, and saw a woman sitting next to him. She also had a cup of coffee in hand and a burning cigarette between her fingers. She looked to be an older woman, perhaps in her early forties. She had lines under her eyes and gave Josh an unsteady grin.
“N-no. School’s out today,” he answered.

“Is it?” She took a long drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke out. “Ain’t that something?”

“Um. I guess.”

“Let me ask you something…” And here the woman turned so that she faced him, and Josh saw that she was wearing a very low-cut shirt and had perhaps the largest breasts he’d ever seen on a woman. They were perfect, large and round. “What’s the matter, kid? Cat got your tongue?”
“Uh… uh… uh…”

“Oh, these?” She snorted. “Gift from my husband. Ex-husband now. Dirty bastard’s in jail now. He bought me these five years ago. Then he left, took everything, but I still got ‘em. Some legacy, huh?” She took another drag on her cigarette and tapped out the ash. “I suppose I shouldn’t complain.”

Josh turned away, embarrassed.

“It’s all right,” she said. “ I don’t mind if you look at them. I realize they hold a special fascination for boys. How old are you, anyway?”
“Eighteen,” he answered quickly.

“And I’m the goddamned Queen of England.”


“Heh. Sixteen. Shit. Go on, get in an eyeful, kid. It’s about all their good for, anyway.”
Oh, did Josh stare, and he found himself growing harder and harder as he did so. A few times in his life he’d snuck glances at pornographic magazines, but now here they were, large and up close.

The woman didn’t seem like she cared either way. She’d lit another cigarette and just smoked it down, drank her black coffee. Then she grinned slowly and leaned in close. “How’d you like to touch them?”

“Really? Sure!” Josh reached out a hand.

“Jesus, not here! I’ll get arrested! C’mon, we can go to the bathroom! You go first, then I’ll come in a couple of minutes.”

“Sure, okay!” Josh quickly stood and went to the bathroom. His heart was beating right out of his chest, he was so excited, his dick was about to launch into space! Finally, she came in.

“Sixteen, you say?”


“I had a son who was sixteen. He played hooky from school, too. You know what happened to him?”

“Uh… no?”

“One day he held up a gas station, shot the owner in the face three times, ran out of there with 80 bucks from the register and a pocket full of candy bars. Can you believe it? He’s in jail now for the rest of his life, most likely getting his ass raped every day and every night.” She blew out some cigarette smoke.

“Uh… maybe I should be going now.”

“You’re gonna break your momma’s heart the way he broke my heart? Is that what you’re gonna do?”

“N-no, ma’am! Please, I just wanna..”

“Shut up!” She threw down the cigarette and stamped it out. “You young boys are all the same! You don’t care about anyone but yourselves!”

It was a small bathroom, but there had to be a way out, if only he could get around her…

Then the woman ripped down her shirt so that her large breasts fell out in their entirety. “You like these, you horny little twit? You wanna touch em? Is that what you wanna do? You wanna touch my breasts?” She then pulled out a small gun and pointed it at him.


She fired at him three times. First two shots were in the stomach, third one was in the head. Josh’s skull exploded and his brains covered the inside of the stall.

The woman put the gun away, laughing wickedly. She then zipped up her breasts, walked back into the diner, sat at the counter, and sipped at her coffee, which was still hot.

She thought of the fear on the young boy's face, and it warmed her, made her breasts fill with milk in a way they hadn't in years. She could even feel the milk trickling from her nipples and spotting the front of her shirt.

She paid for her coffee and left the diner behind her. She had to find a trucker who would give her a lift, which shouldn't be too hard once he saw the dripping milk.

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  1. Wow - shes a cruel mother! The moral of the story seems to be that a boy's lust can get his ass in a lot of trouble!
    The endings a bit grim - probably would have been better if she accused him of attempted rape so that when he came before juvenile court he would be sentenced to some hellhole of a boot camp where he would get his young as*s f*cked over day.


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