Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Former Nurse Encourages Depressed People to Commit Suicide

According to the Times of London, former nurse Jessica Williamson, 24, contacted vulnerable people online and entered suicide pacts with them. She gave them tips on ending their lives, then struck agreements with her victims that "they would hang themselves in front of internet webcams and watch each other die." She'd then renege on her end of the bargain and simply watch as her target committed suicide, often while masturbating and taunting them.

The Times said last year that she had given her suicide "advice" to over 100 people and was implicated in at least five suicides, but according to the AP, she's only been convicted for two deaths: those of 32-year-old Englishman Mark D. and 18-year-old James K. of Ontario, Canada. Both suffered from depression.

Williamson says she targeted them and urged them to their deaths for "the thrill of the chase."

Her lawyer had argued that since D. and K. were already depressed, his client didn't really cause their deaths. But DA Paul Beaumaster counters,

That's the point. That's who she looked for. She targeted individuals she knew she could have an influence on. Were they predisposed? Absolutely!

The defense plans to appeal, but for now the judge has sided with Beaumaster, saying that urging someone to commit suicide, like "fighting words" or "immediate incitement to lawlessness," is not protected by the First Amendment.

Williamson is slated to be sentenced May 4 — she could get up to 15 years.


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