Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life's Not Fair! - Part Four

By Hobrigef

...continued from Part Three!

Derek looked imploringly at his wife. "Please Melissa, don't do this to me," he begged, but all she did was laugh. 

"Aw, please Melissa, don't do this to me," mocked James, cruelly impersonating Derek's pleading tone. He then slapped Derek hard across the face.

"Haha!" Melissa laughed, bouncing up and down. "Harder!"

James grinned. The poor man, he was nothing but a human punching bag. This time he really let him have it. Pow! Right into his face. Blood splattered behind him. "I could do this all day!" he announced.

"Honey, I think we should not beat him too much. I don't want too many questions, after all." She strolled sexily up to Derek with a half-eaten peach and rubbed it, casually but firmly, into Derek's nose, where the sticky juices mingled with his blood.

"Fondle me in front of him," she said, standing with her back to James and looking straight at Derek.

James needed no second invitation and his hands started to roam around Melissa. He fondled her naked breasts, slid his hands up her silky thighs, inside her skirt, stroked her pussy through her knickers.

Melissa was grinning at her husband the whole time. "Oh yeah, James," she purred, "fondle me, baby, caress me, show my husband what a real man can do with his hands."

"Look what he's doing to me, Derek," she taunted. "Mmm, isn't he lucky, having hands that work? Just imagine the pleasure he's getting, running his hands all over my luscious body... mmm....  and he'll be fucking me soon Derek, he can fuck me any time he likes. I'll pleasure him for a while first... tease him a little... and then I'll open my legs and let him slide his hard cock into my warm, juicy pussy... mmm, oh yes.... let him ram it into me until he explodes. Just imagine, Derek, just imagine how good he's feeling right this minute... bet you're so jealous, aren't you? And having to just sit there and watch him doing things that you can't do... experience pleasure that you'll never be able to have again... Aw, poor Derek! Don't you wish you could get out of that stupid wheelchair and stop this? Bet you just hate James, don't you? Bet you'd like to hit him, wouldn't you?" 

Derek was crying. He had no comeback to his wife's cruel taunting, could only sit there and watch as James carried on fondling Melissa. His humiliation was made worse by the fact that he was getting an erection again. It was impossible not to be turned on by the sight of his gorgeous, sexy wife standing half naked right in front of him, enjoying the attentions of a hunky, young man. The remnants of the peach had finally fallen off his nose and slid down his front into his lap. Some of it was lying on the end of his cock. 

James, on the other hand, was having the time of his life. It had been pretty damn good fucking a hot chick like Melissa behind her husband's back but this... Derek now a helpless cripple, making out right in front of him, forcing the poor bastard to watch ... this was ten times better. He still had his boxers on but they weren't doing much to hide the fact that he had the most enormous erection. James was well endowed in any case and this situation was turning him on more than anything had ever done before.

 "Oh my god, Mel, the poor bastard's got a boner," he chuckled.

"Can't do fuck all with it though, can he baby?" she giggled.

Melissa slipped out of her skirt so she was now wearing only a tiny pair of black lace knickers. She posed sexily in front of Derek. He tried not to lust but his cock, which had a life of its own, jumped to attention. It wasn't that big, five inches maybe, but it was fully erect now. Melissa knelt in front of him and looked pointedly at his member.

She licked her lips and grinned at Derek. "There's a bit of fruit on the end of your knob, sweetie, should I get rid of it for you?" 

Derek said nothing. 

"I'll take that as a yes," giggled Melissa. "You don't mind do you, James? You don't mind, baby, if I tease Derek's cock for a short while?" 

"Not only do I not mind you teasing his cock, gorgeous, I fucking well insist on it!" grinned James.

Melissa leaned forward and licked the fruit of the end of Derek's cock, spat it onto the floor. She did it with one slow lick of her tongue. Then she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds... just enough to drive him wild but no more. She stopped and grinned up at her poor, tantalised husband. "James loves it when I suck his dick, darling," she taunted, "Course for him, it always ends in a nice blowjob or a great fuck... bit different for you, sweetie, isn't it? ... more like torture for you, my poor darling, isn't it?" 

For a few minutes, Melissa amused herself by tickling Derek's balls with her fingertips. He could feel the spunk building up in his balls, knew that he'd explode if only he could, yet he couldn't do a single thing to help himself. He could only sit there in the wheelchair and suffer. Melissa did now take his cock into her palm and she squeezed it a few times, squeezed it until she could feel him about to come, and then stopped.

"Just look at the poor cunt!" exclaimed James, loving the spectacle. "He's gagging for it, baby, absolutely fucking gagging for it!" 

Melissa giggled, changed position slightly and shook her tits in Derek's face. She gave his cock another few tormenting strokes with her hand, stopped once more with her wretched, helpless husband on the very verge of release. She repeated the cruel tease several times until she had him grunting and groaning like an animal, shaking his head wildly from side to side.

It was only a matter of time before the begging started. 

"Please Melissa, stop," pleaded Derek, tears of frustration running down his cheeks. "Please, darling, please... either stop or let me come ... I can't stand this!"

"Just listen to him beg!" yelped James.

"Mmmm, the sound of a helpless, begging cripple of a husband," giggled Melissa, "If there's a sweeter sound in the world, I've yet to hear it!"

She stopped the cock teasing and stood up, grinning down at Derek. "If you're into begging, sweetie, I've got an idea." 

"Yeah, Melissa!" whooped James. 

"So, Derek, you gonna do exactly what I say, right?," she demanded, looking sternly at him. James had picked up a sharp knife from the table and was fingering it in a slightly menacing way. 

"Um, okay Melissa," he mumbled. He was very frightened of them now, particularly of James Green. 

"Right, so what you're gonna do is ask James - and ask him nicely, sweetie - to take my knickers off for me. C'mon, Derek, I wanna hear you beg my hunky boyfriend to remove my knickers."

"Please, James ... please take Melissa's knickers off," he muttered, humiliated beyond words. 

"Sure, Degsy, no probs," chuckled James, and he slowly slid Melissa's knickers down over her thighs and let them fall to the floor. Standing behind Melissa, he ground his cock into her arse, fondling her tits with one hand and stroking her now exposed pussy with the other. Melissa was groaning with pleasure and she was dripping wet down there.

He pulled his hand from between her legs and went over to Derek. "Here, sucker, have a sniff of pussy juice," he sneered, and he rubbed his fingers against Derek's nose. "I'll be having some of that, real soon," he taunted.

"Aw James, making him sniff it... that's so bad!" giggled Melissa, handing James her discarded knickers. "Here sugar, stick them on his head." 

James put Melissa's little black lace knickers on Derek's head. "Suits him, don't you think?" he smirked, and they both cracked up laughing at the poor wretch. 

"God, I'd love to slap him around a bit more, Mel," said James. 

"I've got a better idea," said Melissa with a wicked grin. "C'mon, baby, let's wheel him into the bedroom and I'll show you. We've still got ages yet."


Phillip Dawson, senior nurse, was bang on time returning to collect Derek. Five o'clock exactly, and he'd parked up and was ringing the bell. 

He stood waiting a few seconds before the door opened. 

"Oh, hi," grinned Melissa Campbell. "We're not quite ready, just give us another few minutes, okay honey?"

She was wearing a short silk robe that left little to the imagination, and her hair was a little muffed up. 

It was pretty obvious what she and her husband had spent the time doing. Lucky bastard!
"Sure, Mrs Campbell."

She gave him a rather knowing smile. "It's Melissa, remember?"

"Sure, Melissa," grinned Phillip, his eyes roaming where they shouldn't.

"What's your name, honey?" she asked him. 

"Er ... Philip," he replied, feeling a little tongue tied in the presence of such a gorgeous looking woman, especially dressed the way she was. 

"Can I call you Phil?" she grinned. "I love Phil as a man's name." 

"Um, okay," he mumbled. 

"So, Phil, I'll just get him ready, okay? ... won't be long, honey." 

Shit, she was one red hot chick!

 And a bit of a flirt too, he reckoned ... calling him "honey" and stuff ... the way she seemed to enjoy him ogling at her ... yeah, a bit of a prick teaser she was, no question. 

Melissa disappeared back into the house and came back after about five minutes, wheeling her husband. Fuck, the guy looked shattered! ... must have been a hell of an afternoon. Looked like he'd gotten hit, though...

"He's all yours, Phil honey," she grinned. "He got a little over excited, fell off the bed and banged himself up, but he's okay now!"

She gave her husband an affectionate little pat on the head as Phil wheeled him away towards the van.

"See you next Saturday, darling," she called, smiling and waving. 

Derek didn't seem to have heard.

"I'll be waiting," she said.

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