Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life's Not Fair! - Part Three

By Hobrigef

...continued from Part Two!

She was clearly mocking him now and Derek just wanted to leave. He'd been wrong about his wife. She didn't love him. She was a cruel little bitch and he resolved to make this the last time he saw her.

"Bet you're wishing you were back in the hospital, aren't you?" she taunted.

"You little bitch!" he spat.

"Aren't you forgetting something, sweetie?"

"Fuck off, bitch."

"Well, let me remind you then," she said, an evil smile on her lovely face. "You have no money, remember? It's all in my name, is it not? ... yes, it is, and so the thing is sweetie, if you don't behave yourself, you'll be out of that nice high end hospital and into the biggest shithole I can find before you even catch your breath ... you got that Derek, honey?"

Oh god she was right! He thought about it for a second and realised, with a sinking heart, that his wife had him at her mercy. Galling as it was, he better had "behave" as she put it.

"Um, okay Melissa," he mumbled.

"You gonna behave for the rest of the afternoon?"

"Yes, Melissa."

"And you're gonna keep visiting every Saturday until I get bored with you?"

"Yes, Melissa."

"Thought I was a little bitch?" she mocked.

"No, Melissa."

"A bitch with great tits though, right?" she taunted, fondling her breasts, grinning at him.

Derek sat silent. Despite his predicament, the sight of Melissa's fabulous tits across the table was tantalising in the extreme and his cock was stirring again. If only he could get out of this damned wheelchair and jump the teasing bitch!

"Aw, poor Derek," she pouted, knowing exactly what he was thinking, "I shouldn't tease you like this, should I? ... getting you horny again, aren't I?"

"Yes, Melissa."

"Yes what, baby?"

"You're making me horny," he mumbled, feeling completely powerless now.

"Oooo I am looking forward to all these Saturday's we're going to have together," she giggled. "Just think of the ways I can torment you ... I can do what I like, can't I darling? ... and you can't do a damn thing about it, can you? ... aw poor baby, just look at you ... stuck there like that, all crippled and paralysed and ..."

"Didn't you ever love me?" blurted Derek, not wanting to listen to this any longer.

"Loved your money, darling, your money," she chuckled. "Shouldn't have given it to me, should you?"

He knew that now, of course, but he also knew it was too late. The transaction was not reversible.

"Champagne time, don't you think?" said Melissa. "Trouble is, I need a big, strong, able bodied man ... you know Derek, a proper man ... to open it, don't I?"

Derek's eyes were glistening as he fought to hold back the tears.

Melissa, cool and amused, just looked at him for a few seconds. This was such fun!

"Oh, James?" she called out, relishing the shock on her poor husband's face, "I need you for something, baby."

And James Green strolled into the room ... a hunky looking young man, wearing nothing but boxers and a shit-eating grin.

"Hey, gorgeous," he said, winking at Melissa.

"Hiya, hun," said Melissa, winking back.

"So, who's the spastic?" said James, looking at Derek

"That's my husband, Derek," she giggled, "and he's not up to the job of opening the champagne, so I thought maybe you could do it? ... that okay, baby?"

"Sure, babe," said James, with a smug little smile.

He picked up the champagne bottle from the table and popped the cork in a fluent, practised movement.

"My hero," squealed Melissa.

"Who is this, Melissa?" Derek managed to mumble.

"James is my friend, sweetie, my ... um ... very good friend, if you know what I mean?"

Derek knew exactly what she meant and the full horror of his situation hit him full bore. He gave up the fight against the tears and he started to weep.

James poured some champagne into the two glasses, gave one to Melissa. "Cheers, gorgeous," he said, and they clinked glasses.

"Hey baby, aren't you going to give some to my husband?" grinned Melissa.

"Why not?" said James, still holding the bottle. "He looks like he could use a drink or three."

Grinning, he strolled around and stood next to Derek, holding the bottle over his head.

"Would you like some champagne, Derek?" asked Melissa.

Derek shook his head in distress.

"He says yes, baby," she giggled at James.

James tipped the bottle and lazily poured the rest of the drink over Derek's head. Melissa looked on, laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh James, you've drenched the poor man," she said, when she'd finally stopped laughing, "and it's gone all over his nice tee-shirt too."

"Yeah, well maybe he should take his shirt off," grinned James.

"He can't, baby," pointed out Melissa, "you better do it for him."

So James, who was completely in thrall to Melissa, did exactly that. He pulled Derek's shirt off and tossed it into the corner of the room.

"Do you wanna eat something, babe?" asked Melissa.

"Fuck, yeah, I'm starving," said James, and he moved Derek away from the table, pulled up a chair and sat where Derek had just been. He was about to tuck in when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

"Mel, baby, the dude's got his pants round his ankles and his dick's on show."

"Yeah I know. I was just ... er ... playing around with him a little bit before you got here."

James grinned at her. "Teasing the poor bastard's cock is what you mean, gorgeous, am I right?"

"Well I suppose I was," said Melissa in a little girl voice. "Was that naughty of me, sweetheart, doing that?"

"Mmmm baby, it was very naughty ... guy's a fucking spastic for god's sake! ... can't even jerk himself off ... fucking cruel to tease his dick, babe, fucking cruel ... fact, I might have to spank you later, gorgeous, you know what I mean?"

"Oh really," giggled Melissa, "that a promise?"

"Or maybe I just fuck you and make Ironsides, here, watch."

"Now who's being cruel?" giggled Melissa.

Derek, listening to this, felt completely humiliated and also a little afraid. He was dreading the next couple of hours ... he didn't know quite what Melissa and her bastard boyfriend had in store for him but he knew it was going to be hard to bear.

"Why don't you take his pants off, baby, if you think it'd look better?" said Melissa.

James nodded and got up from the table. He bent down and removed Derek's pants and boxers from his ankles and tossed them into the corner where his tee-shirt was lying. Then he did the same thing with his shoes and socks. Derek was now completely naked in his wheelchair.

"So, can I finally eat now?" he asked Melissa, the both of them grinning fit to burst.

"Sure, baby."

Melissa and James flirted heavily with each other as they ate lunch. They ignored Derek apart from throwing the occasional insult in his direction.

"That was great, babe," said James, rubbing his belly, when he'd finished. "What's the time, gorgeous?"

Melissa looked at her watch. "Nearly three."

"And when are they coming to get him? ... five, right?"

"Yeah, sweetie, so we've got a couple of hours."

James turned to Derek with an evil grin. "Hear that Degsy, a couple of hours."

Derek just sat there silent. He had the most awful sick feeling in his stomach.

"Can I slap him around a bit, Mel?" asked James.

"Oooh... I guess that would be okay! Tee-hee!"

James grinned and cracked his knuckles. "This is gonna be fun," he said. be continued!


  1. It looks promising. Maybe it starts to happen something in the next episode?

  2. More, need more


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