Friday, May 3, 2013

Mafia Princess

In an interview with the New York Post, Schiro describes her upbringing as ‘like growing up with a serial killer.’

Remembering her wonderful childhood, Schiro, who was known as Little Linda while her mother was dubbed Big Linda, told the paper: 'He could transform himself.

He could go kill someone and five minutes later he’d be home watching Wheel of Fortune with my brother and me.'
And Schiro reveals how her gangster father would take savage revenge on anyone who interfered with her, including one a boy who dared kiss her on her doorstep.

A particularly haunting memory dates back to 1983, when 14-year-old 'Little Linda' was assaulted by Jose Guzman, a driver who was taking her to school.

Guzman pulled over the car before tearing the buttons off the schoolgirl’s shirt and licking her hand.

Thinking quickly, she avoided further abuse by telling her attacker she would meet him after school instead.

She called her mother from the school in floods of tears. Of course, Big Linda told Scarpa who found out where Guzman lived and marched to his home – armed with a cane.

After charming Guzman into walking with him to the park, Scarpa’s gang pounced and carried out a violent attack that left the driver with a broken nose, wrist and ribs.

Scarpa himself beat Guzman so viciously that he broke his cane. Weeks later Guzman was gunned down in broad daylight by Scarpa’s oldest son, Greg Jr. No one was charged with the killing.

The so-far innocent teen found out what her father meant when she later overheard the gang, gathered in her living room, discuss how Guzman tried to run for his life before being shot in the head.

But friends of the girl who committed far less serious transgressions were also attacked by The Grim Reaper.

A 14-year-old boy, whom Schiro described as her ‘best friend’, had his face beaten in after he smoked marijuana with the mob boss's daughter.

‘How he survived, I don’t know — it was a massive beating,' Schiro recalls while giggling.

'Greg said, "See, this is what happens when you give my daughter drugs!"'

Scarpa called himself ‘The Killing Machine’ – even signing letters to his family ‘KM’  but Schiro also remembers him as a ‘loving father.’

'My father was a different type of gangster. He let us know what was going on — street business, if they need to hit someone. I especially loved knowing when he was going to kill someone. I was so much of a daddy’s girl. And he was extremely loving and caring towards us. He was my best friend,' she told the Post.

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  1. Interesting story.
    I don't approve of murder but if some greasy scumbag got my daughter into a car and then starting ripping her blouse off I'd go after him as well. I hope I would stop short of killing the guy but I certainly wouldn't have any problem with beating the crap out of him and cutting his nuts off.
    The story also shows the close bond that exists between a father and his daughter (even with psychopathic criminal types like here). This bond is often stronger than between father and son because in the latter case there is usually too much macho rivalry between them - especially when the son grows into his teens and starts challenging his father. But for fathers, their daughters will always remain ''Daddy's little girl'' even when she's all grown up.


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