Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nurse Heather Does a Bum a Favor

By Nurse Heather

Nurse Heather returns - I love these stories!!

Sometimes, I am so happy I became a nurse. When I used to work in a busy urban, trauma center, not a day would go by when horribly wounded patients, often screaming in pain, would be brought in for our care. And of course, we could give them the pain medication they so desperately need. Or we could not.

My favorites were those super busy nights when everyone was so preoccupied that some patients could easily slip through the cracks. I always volunteered to care for the homeless and indigent. I got a lot of pats on the back for that. But I only did it because nobody cared about them, and I could pretty much do whatever I wanted once they were in my charge. That’s how I came to meet Phil.

Phil was quite the picture when they brought him in. He had suffered very serious crushing blows to his chest, and both arms were badly broken. He was in great distress and needed immediate care if he was to be saved. I claimed him right away and wheeled him off to a private little alcove where we usually put patients during overflow periods. It offered the privacy I wanted.

The harried physician had proscribed some pain medication, then went off to deal with other patients. I set up Phil’s IV and told he would soon feel much better. Then I began trying to find a vein. I’m very good with needles and can get an IV started in seconds. When I want to. But with poor Phil, I had to jab and jab and jab that needle into his arm for fifteen minutes before I was satisfied. Each time I stuck him and wiggled the needle in his broken arm, I felt a wonderful tingle between my legs. At one point, his screaming got too loud and I had to gag him. I used some bloody gauze I found in the bio-hazard bin. That kept him quiet so I could work.

Once he was finally properly stuck, I started his IV. But unfortunately for Phil, it was just saline. Oops. I then proceeded to examine his wounds by poking and prodding his demolished upper body. As I was doing this, I heard a voice behind me. “Excuse me. Is this Philip Martin?”

I froze. I could probably talk my way out of this, but I really hadn’t thought anyone would come looking for this wreck of a man. He looked like a homeless bum. I turned and saw a very handsome, very well-dressed young man looking curiously at me. I couldn’t figure out why such a fine looking man would care about this piece of garbage. ‘Yes, I believe it is. And you are…?”

“Just a friend. Tell me. Would it be asking too much for me to have a moment alone with him?”

I couldn’t quite make out what to do. I looked down at poor Phil and began to understand. Phil was looking at this man in absolute terror. Again, the tingling between my legs. “Why do you want to see him?”

“A personal matter. It won’t take long.”

I looked at Phil again. He was shaking his head “no.” “Well,” I said, “I don’t suppose any harm could come from it.” I started to walk out of the alcove and the handsome man walked toward Phil. If anything, the terror in Phil’s eyes grew worse. I watched them from the entrance to the alcove. I decided to take a chance. “But I should tell you,” I said, “if you are planning on hurting him in some way, then perhaps I’d better stay.”

He looked back at me. We locked eyes. We both recognized the eyes of a sadist. He nodded.

I walked back over and stood next to him. He wrapped his large hand around Phil’s throat and began to squeeze. “You recognize me, don’t you Phil? That’s what I was afraid of. I really ought to invest in tinted windshields.” He squeezed some more. Phil began thrashing around.

“Wait,” I said. He loosened his grip. “Tell me what happened.”

He explained that he was engaged in one of his favorite hobbies tonight. He was cruising in his large Mercedes G-Class looking for bums to hit. He actually used the word “vermin,” now that I think about it. He had chased old Phil for almost a full block before he was able to get a good shot. He hit him going about 45 mph and sent him flying. He was just lining up the final shot, aimed right at Phil’s head, when headlights came around the corner and he had to take off. He was worried that Phil had gotten a look at either him or his car and so he came to the hospital to check it out. 

I told him I understood. It would be a real shame for a man like him to go to jail over a worthless hobo like Phil. But, I suggested, we could probably find a more entertaining way to finish the job than simply strangling Phil here in the hospital. As I said this, I unbuttoned my blouse and gave him a good look at my cleavage. I didn’t think I’d really have to convince him of my plan, but I have always found that a quick flash of 38DDs goes a long way toward sealing the deal. He asked what I had in mind.

Fortunately, my shift was almost over. I destroyed all the records of Phil ever having been admitted and together we wheeled him out the back and into the waiting Mercedes. No one even noticed.

We drove back to the dark and deserted street that Phil had called home. We laid Phil out on the pavement. I gave Phil a quick kiss and then jabbed my heel into his face as I walked back to the Mercedes. We got in and my mystery man revved the engine. He drove up slowly, the big tire aimed right for Phil’s head. I couldn’t help myself. I reached into his lap and began rubbing. I was pleasantly surprised to feel a very large and very hard cock.

He stopped just as the wheel made contact with Phil’s head, looked at me and smiled. Then he stepped on the gas. There was one little bump and then another as the front tire raked the skin off Phil’s face and then the back tire flattened his skull. I dove down into his crotch and freed his huge erection and sucked until he exploded.

We later learned that Phil had been a hard working middle manager who had gotten laid off. Then his wife had left him and he lost his home. Poor guy. Didn’t really have much to live for. As we ate a late dinner at the best restaurant in town and then went back to his place for a marathon fuck session, we both agreed we probably did old Phil a favor by ending it for him. Like I said, I love being a nurse.

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