Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nursing Home Fun!

By Nurse Heather

I have had several jobs during my life, but since I am usually able to get all I need from any one of a number of men, I rarely have to work. This allows me to indulge my true passion; giving back to my fellow man. One of my favorite ways of doing this is to volunteer at nursing homes. I especially enjoy the overnight shift.

The great thing about the overnight shift is that it is very quiet and no one is around to disturb you, or the things you might want to do. The other great thing is that nursing homes generally provide two of my favorite things: frail, helpless old men, and well-hung young orderlies, usually black or Hispanic.

I especially like the really cheap homes. The ones where no one really pays very close attention to the inmates – I mean, patients. A lot of times, these pathetic old men come from wealthy families, but their kids simply have no interest in shelling out the kind of money it would take to keep them in a quality place. So they lock them up in places like Gladstone.

One of my favorite experiences happened at Gladstone. There was this particularly wretched old man named George. He was 81 years old and weighed scarcely more than that. He was so feeble that everyone expected him to die off each night. The staff even had a pool on it. But George’s mind was still sharp and he was totally aware of all the humiliations he was suffering.

I used to go in late at night and chat with him. I’d always unbutton my blouse and would never wear a bra. I also wore very short skirts and skimpy panties. George’s eyes would practically pop out of his head when I would sit across from his bed. I wondered if I could get him to blow his ticker out just by flashing him, but that didn’t work. So I devised another way of playing with him.

Even though Gladstone couldn’t have cared less about its patients, they didn’t want to get sued. So to guard against falls in the night, they used to strap the old folks to their beds at lights out. I went in one night and convinced George that he really needed to get up and walk, or else he would waste away to night. He was afraid at first because he was so unstable on his feet, but when I offered to help hold him up, he became eager to try.

I led him into the silent empty corridor, his head leaning against my large breast. Then, like a parent letting go of the bike as their kid learns to ride, I let go of him. He toddled on a few steps and then hit the ground. It was as funny as any fall you’ve ever seen in a movie, with his legs sliding backwards and his face planting onto the cold tiles. He tried to break his fall with his hand, and would up breaking his hand instead. Old people can be so funny.

I stood over him for a few moments enjoying his writhing. He asked me to help him back to bed. I kicked him in the butt instead. Just at that moment, Clyde appeared at the end of the corridor. Clyde was one of the orderlies, about 25. He had played football in college until he blew out his knee. Now he was just 6’5”, 320 pounds of angry young black man.

When he asked what was going on, I ran to him and said that I was taking George to the bathroom when he tried to attack me. I threw my arms around Clyde and put a touch of fear into my voice. I could see Clyde considering the absurdity of my story, as feeble George lay whimpering on the floor. But as I pressed my big tits into his massive chest, I could feel him chuckle.

“Well, we’ll have to teach that old bastard a lesson.” Clyde strode over to George’s body. Clyde looked so huge standing over him. “So, you like grabbing girls, huh?” Clyde kicked at George’s left arm until it was sticking out away from his body. The he lifted his size 16 foot over George’s bony hand, looked at me for a split second, and stomped down. George let out a surprisingly loud shriek of pain as his left hand was pulverized.

I rushed over and covered his mouth. Clyde laughed. “Nobody gives a shit, baby. You can do anything want to him.” I smiled up at him and raised my skirt. Then I peeled off my thong. I could see the big lump in Clyde’s hospital scrubs begin to stir as he caught a glimpse of my shaved pussy. I wadded up my panties and stuffed them down George’s throat. “Just to be safe,” I said. “I’d hate to get interrupted.”

I pulled George’s right arm away from his body. He struggled to pull it back in so I held it in place. His forearm felt like a bird’s leg. Clyde raised his massive foot over George’s remaining good hand and held it there. We locked eyes and I almost came on the spot. Then he sent George’s right hand to meet its maker. George’s agonized screams were swallowed up by my panties and the electricity was transmitted straight to my cunt. “We should get him back in bed,” I said breathlessly.

Clyde snickered, then grabbed George by the left ankle and yanked him around with such force that the hip popped right out of its socket. He dragged the poor man down the cold hallway back to his room. Once there he tossed his small body into the bed. George was ashen. Sweat covered his face. He had the most pathetic expression I had ever seen. I prayed he was still aware enough to realize what was happening.

I went to hug Clyde and thank him for protecting me. I told I was still afraid that George might come chasing after me once Clyde had gone. “We’ll take care of that,” he said with a chuckle. Clyde picked up a cane that was leaning against the wall, then swung George’s left leg out and rested the ankle on a chair. He shrugged his shoulders a few times to loosen up, then with sudden fury that took my breat away, he raised the cane up high and brought it crashing down onto George’s exposed kneecap. The crack of the bone sent me over the edge and I had my first orgasm. When he destroyed George’s other knee, I had my second.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I dropped to my knees and pawed at Clyde’s crotch. I soon had a foot-long black snake down my throat. As I sucked, Clyde laughed and said, “I think your patient needs some help. He don’t look so good.” I knew George was in terrible pain and most likely was dying. That only made me suck more vigorously. Finally, Clyde dragged George halfway off the bed, lifted me up in the air, and deposited me, ass first onto George’s face.

Clyde entered me and drove me hard into George’s face. I did my best to make sure that all of my weight, along with Clyde’s 320 pounds, was crushing George’s face with each thrust. George struggled feebly for a few moments, then lay still as Clyde pounded away.

After about 20 minutes, Clyde filled me with his cum and I managed to peel myself off of George. I don’t know how long he had been dead under my ass, but I came one final time just looking at him lying there, the most pathetic excuse for a man I had ever seen. Clyde laughed and told me to clean it all up, then left. I shoved George’s corpse out of the bed and snapped a quick shot of it on my phone so I could always remember such a fun night.

Gladstone determined that George had undone his straps and fallen out of bed. In the fall, he had crushed all the bones in both hands, dislocated a hip, fractured both kneecaps, and broke multiple facial bones. No one ever questioned the findings. His kids sent a letter thanking us for taking care of him, and asking that the unused portion of the fee they had paid be refunded to them.

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