Thursday, May 23, 2013

Undergrond Videos - Part Three: Weenie Roast

By Tammy

Weenie Roast

Scene is in room which is mostly empty. Another overweight middle-aged man is tied naked in a squatting position, leaning back, with his arms tied above his head, and his legs tied with his knees spread very wide apart. His (again) small genitals are completely shaved. His penis is fully erect.

Two blond young women (late teens/early 20's) wearing schoolgirl uniforms enter room and approach man.

Women stand over man talking and laughing among themselves. One woman begins rubbing man's penis with her socked foot. Man groans and women laugh. 

Woman rubbing man says "Do you like when I rub your little dick with my foot boy?" 

Man groans and nods head. 

Same woman says "Would you like to fuck me boy?" 

Man groans even louder and says "Oh yes! Please!" 

Women laugh and other woman says "Come on! Look at his dick!" 

First woman says "Sorry. I only fuck men with real dicks. I would never put your boy-dick inside me!" 

She continues to rub him with her foot and says "I might blow you, though. Would you like that? Would you like me to blow your little boy-dick?" 

Man groans and nearly begs her to. Women laugh. 

First woman says "We're going to have some fun with you. If you can keep your dick hard the whole time, I'll give you the hottest blow you've ever had! Have you ever had a blow from a girl like me?" 

Man shakes his head in an almost sad way. Women again laugh. 

First woman says "I didn't think so. Well you keep that little thing hard, and you'll get one!" 

First woman leaves scene and second woman begins rubbing man's genitals with her foot. 

First woman returns carrying large box and sets it on floor. 

She reaches under her skirt and pulls off her panties. While doing so, she says to other woman "I'm already wet!" and both laugh. 

First woman takes off her panties and holds them against the man's nose. He inhales heavily several times. First woman asks him if he likes the smell and he groans. She then pushes the crotch of her panties into his mouth, and then puts piece of tape over them, gagging him. 

First woman takes roll of toilet paper out of the box and they both giggle with anticipation.
She loosely wraps the toilet paper several times around his penis, with loose end dangling below the head. Man has puzzled look on his face but he is still very erect. 

First woman says "Now remember boy. You stay hard and I'll give you the hottest blow you've ever had!" 

She then takes a cigarette lighter out of the box and other woman says "Do it!" First woman flicks the lighter, and the man makes muffled protests as he realizes what she is going to do. Woman lights loose end of toilet paper and they cheer as it starts to flare up, singing and burning the head of the man's penis. Man is squealing as the toilet paper wrapped around his penis is afire, covering half his penis in flames. The paper burns for about 20 seconds before it is completely burned up. Women pull burnt paper off, and repeat the process, again burning the head and the upper half of his penis. 

After removing the burnt paper, second woman rubs man's testicles, keeping him erect. First woman lightly strokes man's penis, causing him to wince, but soon he starts groaning. She says "Did that hurt your little dick? Ahh. Poor boy!" Both women laugh. 

Second woman leans over and whispers into other woman's ear, and both burst out laughing. First woman again wraps toiler paper around man's penis, and then takes smaller pieces and lets them droop over the entire length. She then removes a bottle of lighter fluid from the box and douses the paper with it. Man can be heard protesting. First woman lights paper, and lighter fluid bursts into flames. While the lighter fluid only flares for a few seconds before it is burned off, it sets all the toilet paper on fire, and the man's entire penis is surrounded in flames. Man is squirming and crying, women are laughing. 

In about 45 seconds, fire is out and women remove the burnt paper. First woman asks the sobbing man "Do you want us to stop burning your dick like this?" 

Man of course nods. Women notice that man is still erect and first one says "Wow! You really want that blow don't ya boy?" Man again nods and both women giggle. 

First woman reaches into box and pulls out a straightening iron as used on hair. She clamps it on the man's penis so that the entire length of his penis is pressed into it, and then wraps heavy tape around it to hold it in place. Man is protesting, but women ignore him. Second woman plugs iron into an extension cord, and first woman pushes the selection switch to "high". Second woman leaves and then returns with two chairs. Each woman sits in one, and raising their skirts, begin to touch themselves. First woman says "See boy. Hurting your sad little dick gets us off like you can't imagine!" As the temperature of the iron increased, the man's protests turn into cries, and the women laugh and pleasure themselves. In about 3 minutes, man is yelling and squirming about. 

Second woman says to man "You know what? This would never have happened if you had the dick of a man instead of a little boy!" Both women laugh. 

After almost five minutes, women get up and remove the iron. Man's penis is very red, and there are several blisters, two on the head of his penis. Man is still semi-erect. First woman begins rubbing his testicles and soon man is fully erect. She says to the man "Does your little weenie hurt boy?" Man is sobbing and nods. First woman says "Ahh. Poor boy! Would you still like a nice blow? Would that make it feel better?" Man nods in agreement, and again starts groaning in anticipation. 

First woman reaches into box and removes a hand-held commercial hair dryer. Man's eyes widen in fear and second woman laughs as she continues to fondle his testicles. First woman says "I told you I'd give you a hot blow! Did you think I meant I was going to suck your dick? (laughs) No way! I would never put that gross little dick in my mouth! Too bad boy!" After plugging in the hair dryer, she turns it on and holds it close to the head of his penis. She forcefully pulls back on his foreskin, fully exposing the head, and directs the hot air to that area. The man is again crying and squirming, trying to move his penis out of the way of the hot air, but because he is securely tied, he cannot. Both women are giggling. This lasts about five minutes when the dryer is turned off. Second woman stands right in front of the man, raises her skirt and pushes her groin against his face. She starts rubbing her crotch against him. First woman laughs and says "Yeah! Enjoy it boy! That's as close as you'll ever get to a hot pussy like that!" 

After several minutes, second woman kneels beside man and begins lightly rubbing his genitals. Man slowly gets hard again. First woman says to man "We're pretty much done boy. Would you like me to put some nice cream on your poor little dick?" Man nods that he would. Woman reaches into box and pulls out a tube of cream. Camera zooms in on tube and the words "Deep Heat Rub" can be clearly seen. Woman puts finger to lips and makes "Shhh" sound, then giggles. She squirts some into her hand and then proceeds to rub it over the length of the man’s penis. It takes a minute for the man to realize what it is, and as the cream begins to take affect, man again starts crying and squirming. First woman puts small amount of cream on tip of little finger, and taking the man's penis, she squeezes the head, and then pushes the tip of her finger into the opening of his urethra. While man is in great pain, women gather everything up and put it back in the box. Second woman takes box, and both walk out of view. Man is left in squatting position, knees pulled back wide, squirming and sobbing. Women can be heard laughing off screen. 

First woman comes back into room, now wearing a pair of clogs, and stands in front of man. Without saying a word, she kicks him very hard in the testicles. Other woman (who is off screen) can be heard laughing, and says "Kick him again!" Man cannot close his knees, and woman kicks him no less than 10 more times very hard. She is laughing. She then kneels in front of man and grasps his testicles. She then laughs and announces to the camera “He’s only got one now!” Other woman enter scene carrying a shallow box and an electric kettle. She sets the box on the floor below the man’s genitals, and then sets the kettle on top. She takes a small hose and attaches it to the mouth of the kettle, and then inserts the man’s penis into the other end. She tapes the hose to his penis to hold it in place. She then plugs the cord into the wall outlet. 

The woman crouches before the man and says “Do you know why we’re dong this to you fat boy? We’re doing this because you like to stick that little thing of yours in the mouths of little girls! That’s right. We know who you are, and we know you’ve hurt over a dozen girls. Well now we’re going to hurt you! That kettle will boil for 45 minutes before the water is all gone, and you’re going to wish you were never born a boy! You might even beg us to cut it off when it’s over, but we won’t. We want you to live with a burned and useless dick for the rest of your life! You’re about to find out what it’s like for the girls to have the power! 

The man began whimpering as the water began to get hotter, and soon the water began to boil, the steam burning the man’s trapped penis. The man is screaming into his gag. The women stand and watch for about 5 minutes, smiling at the man’s predicament. They then leave the scene, and for almost 10 minutes, camera stays on screaming man, while the names and ages of his young victims (including one 4 year old) roll over the screen. 

Video ends.

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  1. What I love about this story is that this loser actually thought the girls might give him some sexual pleasure, when in fact he was giving them sexual pleasure by them hurting his pathetic wiener. Surely what all inadequate males deserve.



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