Saturday, May 18, 2013

Underground Videos - Part One: Boner Breaker

By Tammy

The following are textual descriptions of three of the videos seized by authorities in the south-western United States.

While it is believed that these videos were produced by an organized group, it is not believed to be associated with the group known as LAMB (Lesbians Against Men and Boys) who are known to have made similar videos in the mid 90’s. While LAMB also targeted pedophiles, they are known to have also targeted men who did not have such criminal backgrounds, and on at least two occasions, they also targeted boys. LAMB was a dedicated “male-haters” group, and while that may be true for this group as well, the videos along with the retrieved documentation suggests that their only motivation was to punish convicted pedophiles.

None of the men in these videos were abducted or forced to the place where the video was shot. They were all convicted and repeat pedophiles who were tricked into being there under the promise of sex by one or more of the women involved.

The titles given the below videos were those found on the recordings, and were given to the videos by the group themselves.

Boner Breaker

Scene is placed in what looks like cheap motel room. There are three people in the shot, not including woman (gender revealed by voice) holding the camera. One male, mid to late 40's, very overweight, with significantly undersized genitals, kneeling on the bed, with his hands bound behind his back. Man looks very much at ease and is talking with the women. 

Camerawoman moves in for a close-up of man’s genitals, and all three females can be heard laughing, and than moves back to include the females.

Both of them are Caucasian, blondes, and completely naked. One appears to be in her early 30's, the other in her mid to late teens.
Older female speaks: “Go ahead... prepare him. Get him nice and hard.”
Younger one leans over and starts to rub the smiling male’s penis, and also performs fellatio. She can be heard saying “Good boy! That’s it. You wanna come, don’t you?”
When male appears to be approaching ejaculation, the older woman ushers younger one away and begins masturbating him.
As the male is just about to ejaculate, camerawoman zooms in. With her left hand, the older woman holds base of the penis, while with her right hand she violently bends the shaft of the penis downward, without letting go of the base in her left hand. An audible popping sound can be heard. The man screams in pain and falls onto the bed. The girl can be heard laughing and saying, “She did it! She broke his little dick!”

Camera follows him as he is squirming on the bed. There is a commotion in the room, and scene is blocked, but only for a couple of seconds.

The females can be seen holding man’s legs wide apart, so the camera can zoom in for a close-up. The man’s penis is swelling up with purple bruise across half of the shaft, where she bent and broke his shaft. Penis is severely bent at strange angle halfway up the shaft. Man is whimpering and sobbing. Younger woman is laughing and clapping her hands, while the older one is touching his penis, determining the damage. Both women share passionate kiss, and proceed to engage in sexual acts with one another. Both women frequently grab and slap the man’s penis which causes him great distress.

After the women finish their sexual activity, the younger female spreads the man legs apart and says: “That’s what you get for fucking little girls” and proceeds to repeatedly strike the man’s testicles with a beer bottle. Older woman can be seen approaching the man with a pair of scissors, and as she kneels between his legs, the scene fades.

That is the end of the first video.


  1. “She did it! She broke his little dick!” Fantastic!

    1. I love it!

      The simple facts that he was obese AND had a pathetic little dick are both good reasons for destroying his wiener. :-D



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