Monday, June 3, 2013

Alpha Males Get the Babe!

By Tustin
I stood swaying at the cocktail table, feeling my third lemon-drop martini slid down my throat, and letting the deep beat of the music flow in and out of me. The alcohol and driving music unconsciously moved my body, and I could feel the approving and lusting looks from the boys in the room. I had mostly forced my boyfriend to come to this club with me on a promise of sex later, but he hated dancing, and looked dorky and pathetic as he sipped his girly drink. He really is nice guy, and pretty adequate in bed, but is just not that fun to hang out with. But, he has a good job, and buys me all kinds of gifts. I think he knows he is dating up. Way up.

I am 5'-5" with shoulder length brunette hair, and a nice set of perky 34C's. But my butt is probably my best feature. I do tons of yoga, and have shaped my legs and ass to have a really nice thigh gap, which I love to show off. Tonight I am wearing a pair of super tight jeans, and stand to side of the table facing the bulk of the crowd with my legs together. I know that the light flashing behind me is pulsating from between my legs, drawing every guy to look at the space just below my pussy.

I suddenly feel a deep pleasant shiver, and look up to see a gorgeous young man looking intently at my body. His eyes rise to meet mine, and he stands and begins moving to me. I look at my boyfriend, who is also watching this, and then back at the man. I make a little pointy motion at my boyfriend, but the young man just smiles and shakes his head back and forth in a dismissive way. He looks back at his table, and two of his friends, also really hunky, get up and start following him to my table.

Within seconds he is at my table, and he positioned himself between me and my boyfriend, and took my chin gently into his hand. My pussy throbbed with excitement and I felt my knees weaken as he touched me. He looked into my eyes and told me his name was Bill.

My boyfriend started to stand, but he was pushed back into his chair by Bill's friends. A double lemon drop showed up, which Bill pushed my way, and I slammed it in one gulp as Bill led he to the dance floor.

His body moved beautifully, with his loose shirt showing his ripped abs and muscled shoulders. We gyrated close together, and I could feel the firmness between his legs as my hips rubbed hard into him. Occasionally I would glance to my table, and could see Bill's friends taking turns with my boyfriend. One would hold him up straight, and the other would land a punch or two into his belly. And then they switched and the other would punch.
At least he would not be bored now. It seemed they would give my boyfriend a rest break now and then as they flirted with the women walking by. Then back to the punching. I suspect my boyfriend will not want to go clubbing again.

Bill and I were both incredibly turned on, and I could see the outline of his head pressed tightly against the fabric in his jeans. I kept staring at it to be sure, as the head seemed to be too down his leg. But, I checked with my hand a couple times, and it was real. He was just incredibly long. He pulled me back to where were sitting, and he stood close to the table with his stomach pressed into the edge. The guys had my boyfriend sit down on a stool, and then stood on both sides of him.

One of the guys took the cushion off another stool and handed it to me. Bill's hands went under the table, and from the motion I could tell he took his dick and balls out of his pants. He pointed to the floor, and I tossed the cushion at his feet and climbed under the table. His dick was magnificent and thick, and I quickly gave it a couple strokes and then took it deep into my mouth.

My head spun as I sucked on him, hearing his moans of pleasure as my lips slipped over his rim and the head slid into my throat. And then the dull thuds behind me as the guys took turns smashing their elbows into my boyfriends stomach as he sat. First there would be a little "please no" begging from my boyfriend, and then the thud as an elbow landed deep in his gut. There would be a guttural gagging sound and some laughter from the guys. After a little rest time, it would repeat.

As a little reward, I would reach back and stroke the other guys' dicks on the outside of their pants. They responded with pleasant noises, and would land even harder blows into my ex's soft tummy.

The blowjob, rubbing, and beating went on for a long time. Bill finally handed me a shot glass and told to spit his cum into it. Within seconds, he exploded into my mouth, and I positioned the glass to catch the overflow. And there was a lot!!!  After the final spurt, I drained my mouth into the glass, and got out from under the table and set the glass in front of Bill.

Bill gave me a deep kiss, and smiled widely at me. He pushed the glass toward my boyfriend and said, "Drink every drop or we'll take you outside and continue the beating."

Tears streamed down his face, but he was a beaten boy. He lifted the glass, and sipped it a couple times, and then threw back his head and took the whole shot. We all laughed at the sight, and I captured a video of it on my smartphone.

I was so horny by this time. I left with Bill and his friends and got fucked by all of them for hours. I took some video of that too, and forward them to my ex!


  1. Am I to assume that Tustin is a girls name? If so I just have to know more about your gorgeous. May I ask how old you are?

  2. Gulping alpha seed from a wine glass!! FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  3. this woman can suck a cock ..................knowing all too well that her boyfriends belly is getting tortured .....she continued sucking then the cum shot into her mouth ......she really got what she was looking for a big cock to suck and her boyfriends belly beaten kind of woman


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