Friday, June 28, 2013

Boy Bullies

I haven't had much time for fun or sex lately, so it was pretty exciting for me when I was approached by two boys at the mall the other day. They couldn't have been much older than 18, if that. I think they had dared each other to come up and talk to me, with one saying he'd do it if the other one would do it, etc. I don't know. One moment I'm sitting in the food court enjoying a coffee, and the next moment I've got two eager lads asking me my name and where I'm from, they were both so adorable.

One of them asked me if he could carry my bags for me, then the other one immediately interrupted by saying, "No fair, I was going to ask her that!" "Well, why didn't you..?" They were good friends, I could tell, but also used to trying to one-up the other one. I decided to have some fun with them. I told them that my bags were heavy, so only the strongest would should be able to carry them. 

In an instant, they were rolling up their sleeves to I could see their arms - too cute! - and I replied that they were both so manly, I just couldn't decide. Perhaps a contest..? 

It started off with arm wrestling, right there in the food court. One easily dominated the other one, so I gave him all my attention, running my fingers over his arms. I knew the other one was getting angry, and he demanded a rematch. Best, two out of three. 

My boy beat him all three times, and he had a good time taunting him about it, a real bully, he was! He called him a loser and a weakling. It made me laugh to hear such mean things coming out of his mouth, and I loved the hurt, dejected look on his friend's face. "Sorry, wimp," I said, haha! 

Well, that really got them arguing now, so much so that I told them they should take it outside... which they gladly did. Once we were outside the mall,near the back, they both had their shirts off and were talking trash. Wonderful! I clapped my hands. "Don't just talk about it, smack him!" I said. 

And there was a smack, followed by another smack. Then a punch. Then they were on the ground, really wrestling and fighting each other. The smaller one's face really started getting mashed up! Oopsie, poor loser! 

When my boy stood up, he gave the loser one last kick in the ribs - wonderful! - then came over to where I was standing. 

"You were wonderful!" I told him, running my fingers up and down his young body. "Such a fighter! Such a bully!" 

I was wet and my chest was heaving. I let him make out with me there for a while. He wanted to do more - of course! - but I told him I only opened my legs for real bad boys. Beating up his friend was one thing, but if he wanted more from me, I'd need to see some real violence. "I'll beat up anyone you want!" he told me. He was so horny, so frustrated! "I'll fight anyone!" 

"I'm sure you will!" I tousled his hair, such a cutie! I go this number and told him I'd give him a call. I feel like he's mine now, what a wonderful feeling! Any ideas what I should make him do next?


  1. Get him to fight a b/f or husband. Nothing better than a sexual rivalry cock fight.


  2. All women know how to bring the beast out in horny young males. They're young and brimming over with testostorone and sex hormones so it doesn't usually need much to turn them into fighting roosters. The gorgeous young lady here is obviously a 'natural' at doing this. It doesn't matter if the boys are life long mates when it comes to sex any girl can turn boys against each other.
    By the way I sure would like to have some more details about how she 'rewarded' him for winning the fight. I hope she gave him a chance to squeeze and suck on those big juicy breast melons she has!


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