Sunday, June 16, 2013

Four Toys - Part Five

Taking notes

By Tammy

...continued from Part Four!

She rode the man for what seemed to be hours to him. Despite his wounds, he was soon approaching orgasm from this fucking. He knew it would not be a good one due to the glue though, and held back as long as he could. However, he could hold no more, and he soon felt soreness in his cock as his fluids backed up in his tube. The worst part is the erection was induced with whatever she had injected him with, and she kept riding him despite his orgasm. At first there was soreness, but then her motions began to affect him again. It didn't take long before he had a 2nd orgasm, despite his predicament. This one was very painful, as there was no place for it to go. He felt the inside of his penis stretching unnaturally. It felt like somebody had inflated a balloon in there. Soon Angela finished having all of her fun, and she dismounted the poor man.

The man’s cock looked like it was pretty sore from all the fun Angela had had. She left for the back and came back with an almost vacuum looking device. However, the end was something that looked like what you would put on a cow when you milked it. Angela had designed it personally and always had some fun with it. She turned it on, and placed it on the man’s penis. It sucked it in, and began to massage his penis. It took a while, but eventually, the thing did its job and forced him into another orgasm. Luckily there was not as much fluid to add to his backed up load, but it still hurt like hell. Angela then left the man in this condition, being milked by her machine. 

She returned an excruciatingly 12 hours later. The drugs causing the man’s unnatural erection had worn off by then, but the machine plus the backed up cum had caused him to remain erect anyhow. She then turned the machine onto extra suction. The man was taken totally by surprise as his penis was pulled viciously into the machine. This was very painful for him, and his bruised cock felt like it was being sucked inside out. Eventually, the pressure from his backed up cum and the incredible suction started to work loose the glue that was in the man’s cock. He felt a tearing sensation, and then an explosion as finally it worked free and all his cum was released. Judging by the small tinks made as well, it had also sucked the bb's right out as well. 

Angela left the machine on for 10 more minutes. This would add extra bruising, and she wanted to see the man’s cock limp and totally black and blue. She finally turned the machine off. However, the remaining suction held his cock fast into the machine. Angela grabbed the nozzle, and started pulling as hard as she could. Finally, after a minute, his cock came free with a popping noise. She started slapping it around, hard, enjoying the pain it caused the man. 

Then she abruptly left the man. This did not give him much comfort though, as his penis had been severely damaged, and was causing him pain even when kept perfectly still. It did not take long for Angela to return, and the man recoiled in horror when she walked in with a set of jumper cables. Angela had taken great care to find a set of large cables, as she had to make sure the jaws would open large enough to fit the man’s testicles. She roughly grabbed his testicles, and massaged them to make sure they were hanging nice and low. Then she took one of the grips, opened it, and placed his left testicle in side. Then she let go. The man began to gyrate as crushing force was applied to his testicle. The inside of the jaw was slightly smaller than his testicle, and it took a moment before it compressed the testicle trapping it completely in the inside. The right one went much the same way. It almost looked as if the man had no testicles, only a scrotum. 

Electrical pain then added to the crushing pain as Angela turned on her special machine. This would start out slow, doing a shock every 5 seconds. The intensity was low, but would increase over the next hour to damaging but not killing pain. Of course electrical and crushing was not enough for her. She took the jumper cables and began to pull on them. She had designed a special hook in the cable around the middle, and took a bungee cable she had lodged to the floor and attached it. This was her 3 for 1 special, and she enjoyed watching the man break down of the next hour. 

By the time it was over, the man had broken down mentally. She took off the jumper cables, and his scrotum was burnt, scraped, and his testicles started to swell. However, they were still intact which would let her fun continue. She then took the man off the wall, but left him tied up, and began to drag him outside. 

The man vaguely noted he was on a farm, and he was being dragged inside a barn. Angela enjoyed all the methods she could use on a farm, and it would be a pity when they had to move on and not use it anymore. The man squirmed as Angela drug him past some calves, but that was not to be his fate this time. She brought the man to where there was a hole in the wall. It was a little small, and Angela had a fun time manhandling the man’s genitals and forcing them through it even though ugh they didn't want to go. She then tied the man up so he had no room to move at all, much less struggle. Directly underneath the hole was a long, old board, which the man’s testicles rested on heavily. Angela then walked some distance away, took a chair, and was very quiet. For this one to work, she had to be patient and silent. 

It didn't take long at all, which pleased Angela. A hungry looking rat cautiously crept down the board, and started to sniff the man’s genitals. Then it started to chew at the man’s scrotum. It was slow painful work, but eventually it chewed off enough to expose the man’s left, huge testicle. The rat managed to get it's forepaws around it, and sunk them in viciously. It then began to pull backward, trying to get the man’s testicle free. It was nowhere near strong enough, but the pain it must be causing the man was priceless. 

The man’s testicle looked like it stretched an amazing 8 inches without its sack to stop it. Eventually, the rat slipped up, and the testicle bounced off the left side of the beam, and hung down the side. It then went back to work on the man’s scrotum. Eventually, it freed the right testicle as well. It must have learned its lesson though and largely avoided it. Then it got to the man’s penis. It was rather large for the rat, but the head was soft, and it found it a very good meal. It devoured slowly but steadily. This man was really hung though, and soon it found itself full. The rat left content, and the poor man was in excruciating pain. 

Angela was surprised at what happened next. Apparently rats weren't the only scavengers waiting around for a good meal. A crow swooped down and landed next to his right testicle. It gathered it into its talons, and then began to fly away. It must have been surprised as the testicle was still attached to the cords, and suddenly pulled taught. The crow comically jerked in mid flight, falling dazed. The testicle roughly smacked down the right side of the beam and hung there. Angela could not help but laugh at this maneuver, and the bird hastily flew away once it knew it had company. 

The man was bleeding a fair amount, and might not live if Angela waited the necessary
amount of time for those animals to return. So she untied the man, and dragged him out of the hole. She was amazed at how large his testicles truly were outside his scrotum, and the agony they must be in right now. They hung an amazing 8 inches below his legs outside their sack, and she was mesmerized by their pendulous swinging motion they made as she drug him to a pen. Once there, she untied the man, and locked him in. He was able to stand, but he would not be able to escape in his current condition. She then went to the neighboring pen. It contained 3 pigs. She opened the gate, and they immediately began to go in to the man’s pen. At first the man wasn't afraid of them, and simply backed up to a corner. The pigs sniffed the blood on the floor from his earlier position, and then began to lick it up. This made the man scared. They then looked his way, and started to slowly chase the man around the pen. It took about 10 minutes for the loss of blood to get to the man, and he finally fell down in exhaustion on his hands and knees. He then tried to squeeze through the bars, even though they were just smaller than his frame would allow. He managed to wedge his shoulders in, but then was stuck sideways. He then collapsed, laying sideways and stuck, as the pigs began to sniff his bleeding genitals. Rather than just simply eat them, the pigs began to ram their snouts into the man’s testicles. He felt their tongues lick up the blood around them as they were brutally smashed into the dirt. They then got to the biggest source of blood, the man’s penis. They didn't ram it though; rather one took the whole thing in its mouth, and then began to chew. 

This was exquisite torture for the man. Pigs are known for their crushing bites rather than sharp bites. His cock was slowly crushed into a pulp over the next few minutes as the pig chewed it slowly but surely right off his body. Finally it crushed it enough that it was totally removed from his body and the pain was lessened to some degree. Until the pigs realized that only the testicles were left. 

They kept ramming them into the ground for the next few minutes. They could not get a grip on them, and kept trying to reposition them to get them in their mouth. Finally one bucked the man’s legs, causing him to roll on to his back to some degree. This lifted his balls out of the dirt, and hanging there, ready for the pigs to get to. His left testicle was the first victim. He felt it enter the pig’s mouth. And then there was just pain. 

Its jaws mauled his testicle twice. Then it apparently decided the taste was not for it, and ran away. Another pig took his other testicle into its mouth, and had much the same experience. The man still had his balls, although they both had been severely mauled and were causing him extreme pain. The last pig licked around his testicles, causing the man to wince as his orbs registered unbelievable pain. Then it managed to suck both testicles into its mouth. Unlike the other two, this one just kept chewing and chewing the tough testes. Eventually, the pig pulled back, stretching the man’s testicles to their limit. It did not take long, and they mercifully came off the man. He had passed out around that point. 

Angela quickly summoned the guards. She would have them try to save this one. The thought of these men being forced to live as eunuchs pleased her greatly. She wouldn't lose a lot of sleep if the scum died though. 

Another job well done, thought Angela. It would probably be some time before they found some more criminals that needed disposing of. After all, the kind that needed this type of punishment was rare. Until then...

The End 

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