Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Four Toys - Part Four

By Tammy

...continued from Part Three!

She examined the first mans genitals, who now had turned a nasty shade of black. The man didn't seem to respond to it though, and it was likely they had suffered too much damage to be fun with anymore. To confirm it, she punched them once more, and barely got a reaction out of the man. Yep, 2 down 2 to go.

The third mans testicles looked like they had dried out nicely since their first night in the open air. They did look painful though, and had clear burn marks from the knife. To confirm this theory, she took a nut in each hand and began to squeeze it. His tensing indicated that he indeed did still feel agony when this happened. She then surprised the man by suddenly releasing him from his bonds. He was not in any condition to try anything, and fell to the floor under Angela's guidance. She made sure he was back up, with his genitals pointing in the air and not covered under his body. He just lied there and Angela went and fetched her friend the pit bull. The man looked horrified as she led it to the room, and then shut the door. He was only able to sit up though, and would not be able to put up any kind of fight. 

It stood around for about 5 minutes getting acclimated to its new surroundings before getting up and began sniffing around. Eventually it found the man with the missing scrotum. It sniffed his testicles, and then began to lick them. The man whimpered in fear and in pain. Eventually it licked higher up onto his penis. Suddenly it clamped down on the man’s penis. Angela was pleasantly surprised by this. Usually they didn't go for the penis without some incentive on it. The man felt the teeth penetrate his cock. This was not enough to remove it though. The dog released it and tried biting down again a little higher up. Again, it was not quite enough, and this seemed to piss the dog off. It began to pull viciously. The man was drug a short ways by his penis, but it was not enough to remove his penis, only horribly mutilate it. The dog then settled for second best, and began to chew on the man’s penis sideways while it was still attached to his body. It eventually got enough to take off the man’s cockhead, and began working down his shaft, until it had consumed the whole thing.

The man was in severe agony during this, and was too weak to do anything about it. 

When the dog had finished the penis off, it began licking around the gaping wound in the man’s groin. Eventually, it began licking the man’s testicles again. It first concentrated on the right one, and eventually started licking it into its mouth. The first few times it fell out, and landed back on the floor with a painful smack. Eventually, the dog tired of licking and gripped the man’s testicle in the middle with its teeth. The man howled in agony as it clamped down, piercing his testicle down the middle. It then began to chew the man’s testicle in its mouth while still attached to the cord. After about 5 crunches, it finally cut the cord and the agony that was the man’s right testicle was no more. The man whimpered in pain as it began licking his left testicle. It took a while this time, about 5 minutes before it got impatient. Again, it grabbed the man’s testicle in the middle. However, this time, it was enough to cut the testicle in half. It chewed and ate the half testicle, and began licking the remains of the testicle for another good 15 minutes. The man was in total agony as the dog took its time on his doomed testicle. Eventually the dog tired though, and it just left him laying there with his half testicle in total pain. 

Angela came to get the dog, and removed it from the room. She then went to the bleeding man, and slowly stepped on his half remaining testicle. She enjoyed crushing it beneath her foot, as the man convulsed on the floor. After she was done, she went to get the guards to remove the 3 ruined men from the room, and to clean up. She really had a good deal in that she didn’t have to clean. The last man watched as the 3 other man were roughly removed from the room. He could only wince as the man with the crushed, distended scrotum was actually pulled from the room by his ruined testicles. He had no idea what fate awaited them after this, but he was sure it wasn't good. 

Many hours went by after this, and the man looked to be spending another night thinking about what fate was in store for him. As he was about to fall asleep, he heard a snap, and there was this excruciating pain in his left testicle. He looked down in teary filled eyes, and saw a small wound on his left testicle. Then there was another snap, and his right testicle was in tremendous pain. His body reacted, and pulled his wounded gonads into his body, and his scrotum shriveled up farther than it had ever been in his life. Then it had occurred to him that he had just been shot by a bb gun. Another shot came, this time it hit him straight on the top of his cock head. After he got over the shock of the pain, he noticed that the bb had penetrated his skin and was embedded in his cock. He was worried by the pain in the testicles that they might still have those vicious pellets in them. His cock started to retreat as much as it could from the pain. In its deflated state, it pointed nearly straight out from his belly. Angela liked attempting this shot. She aimed right for the opening on his penis, seeing if she could get a direct bullseye. She shot, and bam, it hit. This hit was vicious on the man. He was in total shock and the inside of his penis felt as if it were on fire. 

No more shots came that night for the man, but he was largely unable to sleep due to the wounds his genitals had taken. They were throbbing, yet he somehow knew this would probably only be a taste of the pain to come. He whimpered as he thought of this. When morning came, Angela noticed the man’s genitals were still largely in a state of retreat in his body. She decided to combat nature with nature, and dramatically increased the temperature in the room. She left for a few hours, and came back. It had worked; the man's wounded genitals were hanging in the open. His testicles were slightly swollen, and had bruised around the entry wounds where she had shot him. His penis looked a little worse. His cock head had turned a brutal shade of purple. 

She walked up to his penis and took it in her hand. She then began to squeeze it, hard. The man jerked in pain from his wounds from this new assault. She then began to examine his testicles. She was more delicate here, carefully probing with her fingers. She first felt over the right one, and felt around the sac. Soon she felt what she was looking for. The bb was freely floating around in his scrotum. It had not penetrated his testicle but surely had bruised it, judging from the man’s anguished look. The left testicle proved to be in the same condition. 

Angela then went to the back and came back with a toolbox. The man cringed in fear as she opened it. The first thing she pulled out was not a tool at all, but a syringe. She carefully took the man’s penis and injected it near the base. In almost no time, he got a raging, yet painful erection. She then took out some superglue from the box. She carefully inserted the nozzle into the man’s cock, and then spewed some out. This was Angela’s twisted form of birth control. After she had finished applying the glue, she stripped. This job was not without some fun. The man had a great set of genitals and she decided she wanted to use it. be continued! 

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